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Updated: Jun 22, 2023


Article Published on: 02 FEB 2023 In Collaboration with Times Of India (Times Talent) |

Adline Mewis Quadros Castelino is an Indian model and beauty pageant titleholder. She was crowned as Miss Diva Universe 2020 and will represent India at the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. Castelino was born in Kuwait City to Mangalorean Catholic parents Alphonse and Meera Castellino. Her family hails from Udyavara in Udupi, Karnataka. Castelino attended the Indian Central School in Kuwait. At the age of fifteen, she returned to India and moved to Mumbai, where she attended St. Xavier's High School. Castelino later attended Wilson College. There she graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

OUTFIT- Avani Agrawal (House of JADAU) | MAKEUP & HAIR- Mamta Bhatt | STYLIST- Sonali Gadia | PHOTOGRAPHY- Navin Dhyani | JEWELRY- Vaidaan (PR: POP Publish) | FOOTWEAR- Sole Head | LOCATION- The Westin Mumbai


Adline has always been a goal-orientated person, but her pageant journey made her realize that it’s much more than just attaining goals. She worked towards bringing a change in society and worked as a goodwill ambassador for Smile Train in India. The charming queen has also been the face of the PCOS Free India Campaign and simultaneously focused on her work. This organization works to provide women with access to affordable healthcare.

She has worked for the welfare of farmers and is actively associated with the welfare organization ‘Vikas Sahayog Pratishthan’ (VSP). In addition, she has raised funds for various organizations like the Child Help Foundation (CHF) and Agricultural Resource Center. Even amid the pandemic, she supported the people in need by providing food, sanitizers, and face masks in association with the NGO Desire Society.


Q: After winning the Miss Diva Universe title, what were the opportunities you received?

A: A platform like the Miss Diva opens up a plethora of opportunities, especially in terms of meeting people in the same area of work and getting a chance to learn from people with different experiences. Also gives you recognition and a voice to connect to people and use the same to educate or make people aware of the change you want to create.

Q: What are other beauty pageants you won before entering the Miss Universe pageant?

A: I entered pageants because of the aspiration of being a Miss Universe and everything that this platform stands for, from supporting confident women and championing their goals to advocating causes. However in order to represent my country I participated and won Miss Diva Universe 2020 which makes it possible for me to do so.

Q: How much did your family support you before winning the Miss Diva Universe 2020 crown?

A: I am really grateful to have such a supportive family that has always believed in me and understood my circumstances. However, I always wanted to financially support myself in the journey hence I started modeling in college to make things work out.

Q: How did your modeling career start?

A: I never planned on becoming a model ever. It all started while preparing for Miss Diva. I felt that it was important to build a profile and gain experience so I reverted back to the agency that contacted me while I was in my first year of college and worked with them.

Q: Life is tough before winning a title that everybody in India or worldwide recognizes. Was it the same for you?

A: Yes living away from family for quite some time now, it gets challenging and difficult to navigate but I'm really lucky to have roommates that taught me everything from cooking to cleaning and other tacts of survival whilst in college and the years I started preparing for the pageant.

Q: How did you feel when you had your first live interview?

A: It was overwhelming but I was really excited about it since I have been looking forward to media interviews to share my views and experiences with a young audience.

Q: What should the amateur models do to get observed?

A: I believe social media platforms like Instagram have become inoffensive portfolios to showcase one's work, so it becomes crucial to keep reinventing and trying something new to get observed. If you are starting out then collaborating with different photographers and artists can be a really good idea to build networks.

Q: These days young energy dreams to win a beauty pageant and live life queen-size. How real is real life?

A: I believe there is a huge misconception that once you get to a level, the obstacles or problems you face will be gone. Every new position that you reach will have new challenges to face and the zest of life is to navigate through them. Before you choose a way of life ask yourself if the pain took for it is worth it to you.

Q: What makes you different from other models?

A: I don't think I'm different, I'm just as relatable and go through the same processes as other models. Due to Miss Diva I have been able to work with the best in the industry quite early on so there is a lot that has been taught to me and I'm grateful for that.

Q: Are you involved in social work? If yes, what was the last activity you took part in?

A: I have always used the platform to voice for my farmer community, for affordable Healthcare for women, and also for the rights of LGBTQ communities. I am currently working on raising awareness on clefts working along with the smile train.

Q: How religious you are?

A: I believe I'm a good combination of a religious yet spiritual person because I think religion helps me to follow a good lifestyle and spirituality helps me not to pride myself in that and realize that there are many roads to reach the highest power.

Q: How do you turn negatives into positives?

A: Thinking emphatically and professionally helps me change negatives into positives. I realize that criticism is very normal in the field and you can make the best of it if you think very professionally.

Q: How was your experience shooting the DE MODE cover?

A: Shooting with De Mode was the most relaxing, working with the amazing Navin Dhyani, he is great at what he does and Mamta has done a really good job with the hair and make-up. Would extend my gratitude to the magazine to give me this opportunity to talk to your audience and talk about my journey and causes.

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