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Article Published on: 10TH JULY 2024 |

MATRIKA HAY - Embracing the Stage and Beyond: Matrika Hay's Multifaceted Journey from Kauai to New York City, Unveiling the Tapestry of an Actor, Novelist, and Audio Storyteller's Enchanting Odyssey through Artistic Realms.

Matrika Hay, a versatile artist born in India and raised in Hawaii and Arizona, emerged as a storyteller through early experiences in theatre and poetry. From the thrill of stage combat to the delicate cadence of poems, her artistic journey unfolds in various creative realms. A decade in professional theatre and film set the stage for her debut novel, "Not What Meets the Eye," blending historical fantasy with her rich industry insights. Recently, Matrika's exploration of diverse creative mediums includes "The Foley Chronicles," a radio drama podcast series. Beyond the spotlight, she balances a full-time job in New York City, revealing a life shaped by passion, resilience, and an insatiable commitment to artistic expression.


In the tapestry of Matrika Hay's life, each thread weaves a narrative of diverse experiences, artistic a narrative of diverse experiences, artistic exploration, and an unyielding passion for storytelling. Born in India and adopted into a life of enchantment on Kauai, Hawaii, Matrika's journey began against a backdrop of cultural richness and natural beauty.

From the sun-soaked shores of Kauai to the arid landscapes of Tucson, Arizona, Matrika's childhood unfolded in a whirlwind of activities, from sports to theatrical pursuits. Introduced to the stage at the age of thirteen, she found her artistic calling, embarking on a journey that would lead her to become an actor, singer, and trained stage combat performer.

The world of Renaissance Festivals left an indelible mark, igniting a passion for historical fantasy that later manifested in her debut novel, "Not What Meets the Eye." With over a decade of bringing others' stories to life in the professional theatre and film industry, Matrika transitioned seamlessly to crafting her own tales, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Matrika Hay's journey as a storyteller initiated with the publication of her inaugural poem in 2001, a testament to her early literary acumen. Demonstrating a dynamic evolution, she has recently delved into audio storytelling with "The Foley Chronicles," a captivating radio drama podcast series. This venture underscores her unwavering commitment to exploring diverse creative mediums, blending theatricality and auditory engagement. From the written word to the immersive world of podcasts, Matrika's trajectory as a storyteller continues to unfold, showcasing her adaptability and innovation in the expansive realm of creative expression.

Beyond the limelight, Matrika balances a full-time job in the bustling metropolis of New York City. In the interludes between theatre gigs, she finds solace in video games, the thrill of rock climbing, and the serenity of kayaking, reflecting a spirit that craves both adventure and creativity.

Her journeys to Renaissance Faires across the country add another dimension to her vibrant life, connecting her with diverse cultures and immersive experiences. Matrika's love for cooking, mostly shared with others, underscores her generous spirit and the joy she finds in creating beyond the stage and page. Matrika Hay's life journey is a mosaic of passion, resilience, and artistic exploration. Each chapter, from the early days in Hawaii to the bustling streets of New York City, illustrates an artist's quest for self-discovery and the boundless possibilities that unfold when one follows the call of inspiration.


In the tapestry of the entertainment industry, Matrika Hay's career stands as a testament to versatility, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. From the early days on the stage to the recent forays into novel writing and podcast production, Matrika has carved a niche for herself, leaving an indelible mark on the world of performance arts.

Matrika's career began to unfold against the backdrop of Kauai, Hawaii, where the vibrant island culture and scenic beauty provided a unique canvas for her early exploration of the arts. However, it was in Tucson, Arizona, that her trajectory as a performer truly took flight.

As a child, Matrika's boundless energy found expression in a myriad of activities, from sports like softball and taekwondo to the grace of gymnastics and cheerleading. It was the introduction to a community theatre play at the age of thirteen that ignited the spark, setting her on a path that would lead to a flourishing career in the performing arts.

The stage became Matrika's training ground, where she honed her skills as an actor, singer, and trained stage combat performer. With a decade of experience bringing distinguished works to life, her transition to storytelling took a new turn with the release of her debut novel, "Not What Meets the Eye." This work of historical fantasy is a testament to her vast knowledge accumulated through years in the professional theatre and film industry. Beyond the pages of her novel, Matrika has demonstrated her storytelling prowess in other realms. A lifelong storyteller, her poetic talents were recognized early on with the publication of her first poem in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans Volume CLV in 2001. More recently, she has ventured into the world of audio storytelling with "The Foley Chronicles," a theatrical radio drama podcast series that showcases her skills as a producer and creator.

Navigating the bustling streets of New York City, Matrika has successfully balanced a full-time job with a thriving career in the arts. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different forms of storytelling speaks to her versatility and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.

Matrika's career is a blend of passion and dedication, seamlessly transitioning from exhilarating stage performances to the nuanced art of crafting intricate narratives, showcasing her evolution as a committed artist.

As Matrika continues to fascinate audiences with her performances, novels, and podcasts, her career stands as an inspiration for aspiring artists, a testament to the endless possibilities that unfold when talent meets tenacity in the spotlight.


In the realm of creativity, the journey from performer to storyteller is a transformative one, and for Matrika Hay, the transition from the stage to the written word is a tale of motivation, passion, and a deep-seated desire to craft her narratives.

While Matrika's early years were marked by the stage, singing, and a myriad of activities, it was the call of storytelling that became the driving force behind her debut novel, "Not What Meets the Eye." The motivation to weave her own tales emerged from over a decade of bringing other distinguished works to life on stage and screen.

The stage, with its lights and applause, became the training ground for Matrika's creative spirit. From the intricacies of stage combat to the nuances of character development, each performance added a layer to her storytelling palette. It was this wealth of knowledge accumulated through years in the professional theatre and film industry that laid the groundwork for her venture into the realm of historical fantasy.

"Not What Meets the Eye" is not merely a novel; it is the culmination of a lifelong passion for storytelling. Drawing inspiration from the worlds she inhabited on stage and screen, Matrika's motivation lies in creating a narrative that seamlessly blends action and mystery, transporting readers to a realm fueled by her artistic expertise.

As a lifelong storyteller, Matrika's motivation also stems from her earliest literary achievements. Having her first poem published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans Volume CLV in 2001 served as a testament to her storytelling prowess, inspiring her to explore the written word more deeply. In addition to her novel, Matrika has recently ventured into the world of audio storytelling with "The Foley Chronicles," a theatrical radio drama podcast series that showcases her dedication to exploring new avenues of creative expression. Juggling a full-time job in the bustling heart of New York City and a thriving career in the arts, Matrika's motivation is a beacon that guides her through the intricacies of the creative process. The pen, or in her case, the keyboard, becomes a powerful tool to shape worlds, characters, and narratives that resonate with authenticity.

Matrika draws motivation from her professional experiences and a deep passion for her craft. Transitioning from stage combat to poetry, her written storytelling journey highlights the enduring power of inspiration and the limitless possibilities it unveils.


Like her parents, Antosha Scarlett is an archaeologist. She travels the world, seeking out forgotten pasts and retrieving lost artifacts. On returning home to Avíola Viete from one such exhibition, Antosha is attacked by an assassin, only just managing to escape. After Antosha receives an invitation to work on the site of The Lost City by renowned archaeologist, Tombask Wilshire, she is torn. It is every archaeologist's dream but many years ago, it was Tombask who invited Antosha's parents to The Lost City when she was a child - and where a terrible tragedy took place. Setting out towards The Lost City, Antosha is hunted across the seas. She finds friendship and safety with Nathious Swanson only to discover that he has his own secrets, and soon, everything Antosha knows becomes threatened. With the past racing to catch up with Antosha, everyone has their own agenda and the magical powers and abilities that she and those around her have might not be enough to protect her. Will she make it out alive, or will the magical secrets of The Lost City destroy everything Antosha has worked for, and everyone she loves?



"In the moment of book signing, Matrika Hay, an enchanting storyteller, weaves dreams into ink, creating a symphony of words that dance off the pages and linger in the hearts of those fortunate enough to experience the magic of her literary world."


Q: Congratulations on being featured on the front cover of DE MODE! How much this means to you and how does it feel to showcase your novel 'Not What Meets the Eye' to a wider audience through this platform?

A. I am honored to be featured in this showcase. Being my debut novel I wouldn’t have ever thought it would make it a magazine on my first attempt. I can’t wait for more people to explore the world that I’ve made.

Q: 'Not What Meets the Eye' takes readers on a thrilling journey involving archaeology, magical secrets, and the pursuit of a mysterious Lost City. What inspired the creation of this intricate narrative?

A. Growing up reading and learning about lost civilizations and cultures has always made me wonder about the past. Watching movies like Indiana Jones, and The Mummy; games like Legend of Zelda, Dungeons and Dragons, and Laura Croft, just inspired me even more to create my own adventure. But it was Tolkien, Homer, and Shakespeare that made me want more stories.

Q: The protagonist, Antosha Scarlett, is an archaeologist facing danger and mystery. How did you develop her character, and is there any personal connection or inspiration behind her journey?

A. I had a basic outline of who Antosha was and the things she’d face throughout the book. But the character’s development really came into its own as I wrote. There is a bit of a personal connection to her since I don’t know my biological parents; it’ll always be a mystery to me.

Q: The Lost City is a central element in the story with a tragic history. How did you approach world-building for this magical setting, and what themes does it represent in the novel?

A. Building the Lost City of Shian came with a lot of real-world research. History shows the belief in mystical magic properties that were pillars to life, sometimes being misunderstood or interpreted down the line. The themes of what the Lost City was, are reflected throughout the present day of the novel.

Q: The protagonist is hunted across the seas, forming alliances and discovering secrets. Can you share some insights into the challenges and surprises Antosha encounters during her journey?

A. The biggest challenge isn’t what people think. Antosha’s had to consistently prove to the world of men she could be male-driven and hold her own, not just with assassins but people thinking the field of archeology is primarily a male driven occupation. Only those in the field know of her, and allies do anything to help her on her journey having suffered a traumatic event as a child.

Q: 'Not What Meets the Eye' explores the intersection of magical powers and personal agendas. How do these elements contribute to the tension and dynamics of the story?

A. “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Lord Acton. If you had a magical power would you use it for good, or allow yourself to be consumed by it? That question drove much of the character’s actions throughout the book. But like we see with superheroes and villains, nothing can ever be simple.

Q: Being a professional actor, singer, and voice-over artist, how does your background in the arts influence your approach to storytelling in novels compared to other mediums like theatre and film?

A. Being a performer it’s easy for me to view the lives of each character I creature from beginning to end. Like a strand of a spiderweb- how it effects the overall story. Dialogue is the hardest for some, but not for me, I can see and understand the flow. I don’t think my book would be where it is without those years.

Q: Your dyslexia is an important aspect of your journey, and 'Not What Meets the Eye' is a significant accomplishment. How has your unique perspective shaped your writing process and the themes explored in your debut novel?

A. Being told I would never be an author because the grammar was too hard to follow. Unable to grasp on to the basic grammar terms- I can’t immediately see tenses while I write. I will always struggle with it, but finding people willing to overlook that and help is amazing. There will be mistakes, I hope the story far outways those.

Q: You also write and produce your podcast radio drama, 'The Foley Chronicles.' How does your experience in podcasting inform your approach to storytelling, and do you see any connections between your podcast work and your novels?

A. My podcast allows me to explore so much more. It challenges me to write shorter stories that still makes you feel for the characters. The sounds and effects of podcasting can bring immersive elements that simple storytelling can’t. They both share in the dialogue. If the audience can’t connect with the words how can they connect with the rest of the story.

Q: Growing up on a military base and later exploring the arts, including stage combat and stunt work, has been a diverse journey. How have your early experiences influenced the themes and adventures in your novels?

A. With such a broad range of experiences and people helped shape much of my work. I draw immensely from my stage combat and stunt background for exciting fight scenes. And of course everyone I met has a story of their own that differs from my own, bringing a broader view of the world I live in and therefore ones I write.

Q: As an adoptee, your early years were spent on a military base. How has your background shaped your sense of identity, and do you find any reflections of your personal experiences in your storytelling?

A. I’ve always identified as my adopt,ed mother’s daughter. Growing up in the US, even though I look like I’m from India, it is not who I am. It is a common thing where people only care about what you look like and make assumptions based on just that. Which plays a major role in my work, on more than just one level.

Q: You reside in Jersey City and continue working on new stories. Can you offer a glimpse into your creative process and share any details about your upcoming projects or novels in the works?

A. I do have a second book coming out soon, as well as another episode of The Foley Chronicles. I always keep an open mind for anything that might strike inspiration. A line from a movie, or a conversation with a friend. I am currently in the works are two new novels.

Q: With a deep love for history, how does your passion for the past inform your storytelling, especially in a novel that involves archaeology and uncovering forgotten histories?

A. With that I needed more than just my passion for history to create. A lot of research went into the creation of this story. The field of archaeology is just as constantly changing as history. But it’s not just this one. For every novel or podcast episode I work on the past of the world always plays a crucial part.

Q: Balancing various artistic pursuits and playing video games with friends, how do you maintain a creative and vibrant lifestyle, and do you find inspiration for your novels in unexpected places?

A. It is a balance and sometimes I have to step back and rest my mind to not wear myself out. But the interesting thing about being a creative person is that doesn’t last long, it’s a drive that never leaves. Most of the time inspiration hits without warning. Surprisingly some of them are from the world of dreams.

Q: 'Not What Meets the Eye' delves into themes of survival, love, and the impact of magical secrets. What do you hope readers take away from the journey of Antosha Scarlett, and are there specific messages or emotions you aimed to convey in the narrative?

A. I hope readers see that even people with the best intentions my not always use them in the right way. And that just sitting idly by waiting for someone else to do something. But I think mainly is even if they aren’t your blood family, those who truly care will always be willing to stand beside you.



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