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Updated: Jan 19


This Fashion Week Season for FW2021 was wonderful for many different designers and pushing creativity as we are all experiencing these restrictions internationally. As we look forward to this coming Spring and Fall, designers are upbeat and hopeful for us as a planet recovering as one. Trends such as prints, neutral and almost pastel colours adorned the season. Sustainability, local artesian focuses, crisp detailing, and contemporary with hints of classical designs evolved further.

A mix of both Homme and Femme were also prominent showing that designers are now combining in order to reduce consumption and waste. International fashion has united not just in Paris, but in New York, Milan, and Shanghai Fashion Weeks.

Visuals from both film, lookbook’s, and editorials were presented as virtual coverage continued due to travel restrictions and variations in restrictions. Up and coming designers to more established fashion houses made the SS2021 and FW2021 season incredible to watch and to be involved in.

"Catwalk shows are typically the headliner, this time around the first column was primarily supplanted by the rocker as brands either live-streamed their far off catwalk shows or broadcasted creative short films to exhibit their collection. Paris Fashion Week AW21 womenswear report, featuring Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Loewe, Hermes, Rick Owens and Issey Miyake."

Explore the extremely ravishing collection from the Fall-Winter 2021 and Spring-Summer 2021 wardrobe of famous brands.

Balmain Paris

Balmain for the Femme FW2021 collection had glimpses of travel, flight, spaceflight, modern textiles, and the profiles of the couture were perfect in every way. Bright colours and earthy hues, the shimmering fabrics, and the aviator look graced the designs. There is only one way forward from this time; looking into a bright future with enthusiasm and hope for we all in this together, and Balmain with Olivier Rousteing at the leading edge is pioneering this elegantly.


Maria Grazia Chiuri has continued to create magical designs for Christian Dior with creative insight she has brought a nice balance of what it is to be female at its essence and merged it with the vision of Christian Dior past and present. The classical lines of the golden age of flying with Amelia Earhart, a woman pioneer in the field, was present in some of the styles which was a fine touch. A school like styles, warm and cosy outerwear, and defined strong and purposeful outfits, also graced the collection. The prints, colours and lighter than air materials in the designs fly effortlessly across the floor as the models walked.

KidSuper Studios

Colm Dillane’s FW2021 collection for his brand KidSuper Studios, carries the NYC attitude, approach, and also a modern perspective in fashion sustainability. Using the inspiration around him, and a bit of a retro feel; his compositions are unique and styled with original upcycling. The colours are bright and motivated by the NYC demeanour and climate that attracts international attention and love.

Mossi Paris

Another local Parisienne designer, Mossi, presented his FW2021 collection rebirthing his brand. The harmonious details of his own contemporary canvas had an elegant placement on the styles. Bright and expressive colours he used both as accents and for the overall garments, created agility to the textiles.

Kristina Fidelskaya

The organic, modern, and graceful lines of the collection from Kristina Fidelskaya was absolutely perfected. The western looks, along with a contemporary style balanced together beautifully. Her attention to the precision in the overall look and gorgeous styles made the AW2021 collection "BIBI" stand out as the models gracefully walked.

Mark Gong

Shanghai is producing magnificent fashion styles and Mark Gong with his Chapter 6 presentation; has evolved and matured into a new chapter from the previous five seasons collections. Unique handbags, hiking type shoes, and intense fashion have melded perfectly with the modern woman. Alluring artesian leatherwork with crisp lines, while other looks of comforting materials create a competitive landscape of style. Refreshing flow and balance like that in nature of the overall pieces was not only graceful and feminine but holding a bold and confident attitude of New York where he spent his younger years.

Margaret Selection Paris

A premiere collection from Margaret Selection Paris for their SS2021 collection: “Faubourg-Saint-Martin” which the family of three generations has brought fresh air to Parisienne fashion and style, with their alluring vision. Made 100% in France, with sustainability and local artesian connection throughout the making of these clothes, they have established dazzling pieces. Their collection elegantly is feminine, sensual, confident, and graceful, and smooth, a perfect match for this season.

Margaret is reinventing herself in 2021 with her first Spring / Summer collection: “Faubourg-Saint-Martin”. Address of the House, where it all began. The “Faubourg-Saint-Martin” collection is a breath of fresh, modern and sensual air. As elegant as they are easygoing, this season's dresses and blouses reflect the desire to return to our former lives!

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