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Article Published on: 14 MAR 2023 |

Chloe Veitch is a fun and bubbly comedic celebrity, TV personality, activist, model a,nd influencer! Chloe's passions are linked to what she is mainly known for; her comedic abilities. After presenting Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' show, she is now looking to move into acting via Netflix originals.

The 'Friends' actor, Phoebe to Chloe Veitch! Watch out!

The Essex celebrity was a 'Too Hot Too Handle' fan favorite which lead her to be Netflix's choice to star in the famous 'The Circle' game on season two. Whilst working on an entertainment program, she also has strong advocacy where she uses her influence to have - a positive impact on the younger generations! In 2021 she appeared on 'Celebrity Hunted' where she participated in raising money and awareness for cancer in remembrance of her own auntie Debbie, who passed away in her 40s.

Photo/PR: Irena Eastington @happy_in_style Makeup: Anisha Williams @aclvisualsmua Stylist & Hair: Isa @isa_creative Outfit: Rodica Miron @miron.atelier

Before Chloe got into reality TV, she was an editorial model and traveled the world, in some places, including South Korea. Where she walked the longest catwalk in the main city, Seoul.

Chloe is extremely family orientated, and was lucky to have met a variety of people from different walks of life, which ultimately makes her incredibly personable and lovable to ...well... everyone! That’s why we love her! She has come from humble beginnings and therefore naturally give back by working with NGOs, and charity and influencing other to do so along her way!

Photo/PR: Irena Eastington @happy_in_style Makeup: Anisha Williams @aclvisualsmua Stylist & Hair: Isa @isa_creative

This is why in 2020 Chloe partnered with her dad to set up a NON- profit charity organization called 'STAND' recovery. The work of the charity is focused on helping people in active addiction to find peace by giving them a safe place to live, a safe space to help them build a brighter future, judgment-free.

HATTRICK CHLOE!! Chloe has just completed her third number-one NETFLIX SHOW (Perfect Match) she has a stunning 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million followers on TikTok! Most recently she posted about the struggle, she faced before going into the industry, she is set on inspiring young women, just like her, who don't want to do well in a somewhat broken world/society.

Photo/PR: Irena Eastington @happy_in_style Makeup: Anisha Williams @aclvisualsmua Stylist & Hair: Isa @isa_creative Outfit: Rodica Miron @miron.atelier

Chloe has captured the hearts of many as a British princess who exudes grace and charm. Her ascent to fame is a testament to her talent and hard work, and she shows no signs of slowing down. With a tenacious spirit and a passion for acting, Chloe is poised to climb higher on the ladder of success.


Q: Tell us about your experience meeting Kori at 'Eating With My Ex'.

A. I needed to give everyone what they wanted.. the tea aftermath of Kori and me, after season one of too hot to handle, the perfect opportunity arose to give people what they wanted.. an explanation and an apology! I am the type of girl who always gives second chances and forgives people, and also admits my part to play and to also apologizes, and is accountable, so that’s exactly what led me to ask Kori to eat with my ex. To be friends again!

Q: What made you get into 'Eating With My Ex'? And when you asked Kori, 'Why did he mug you off on TV', did you want an apology or a valid explanation?

A. I don’t always expect people to understand where I’m coming from my expectations of people have lowered since being more experience in the dating scene.. so when I explain to Kori, he made me feel like a mug on the show. I wasn’t expecting an apology.. however, when he gave me the apology, I felt instantly better afterward, because of Covid we had no time or chance to connect after the show, this was the perfect opportunity to make amends with him, and I understand where he was coming from. It was weird having a conversation so long after the show airing, however, I felt like it was necessary to put water under the Bridge.

Q: How has your life changed since winning "Too Hot to Handle"?

A. Since winning 'Too Hot To Handle' has opened my eyes to the big wide world. I was a small-town girl who had big dreams, and Netflix made this possible. If I was to say to anyone out there, who is from a small town or a bad background, have faith, if you put the work in you, always get the best possible result! For me, it’s really important to understand that everything in life is borrowed even time! So have fun! I and Netflix have recently worked together again… so keep your eyes, peeled!

Q: How did you feel about the show's concept of not being allowed to have physical intimacy with your fellow contestants?

A. I was always ok with not being sexual on tv, mainly because I knew my family would be watching and it was my first time on tv so I didn’t want that to be people's first impression of me.. don’t get me wrong I LOVE sex and I’m a very sexual person with the right person.. so I loved getting to know my dates first before kissing them on too hot! It really opened my eyes to the type of world we live in, getting to know someone before having sex with them is so rare!

Q: What was your strategy for navigating the challenges and earning prize money?

A. When I first filmed 'Too Hot to Handle', I was 19 years old, I had no game plan, no experience in the industry I hadn’t been on any other shows I was oblivious! Young naive, and I wouldn’t have it any other way I loved the experience of not having any pressure of game plan on too hot to handle, because of my lack of knowledge at the time! Since then it’s been a different story now I know the industry there’s a lot more pressure on my shoulders to do well and to get the air time, but I wouldn’t change it for the world and I am forever. Grateful!

Q: What was your favorite part of being on the show?

A. My favorite part of being on the show with meeting my best friend Nicole. We now live together and she is the soulmate I needed at the time. I didn’t know I needed her, but I’m glad I didn’t find love on 'Too Hot to Handle' because I came out of the show with so many longtime friends.

Q: What prompted you to make the move to the US and how has the transition been so far?

A. Well... I’ve worked over here with a visa before and it really felt like home the first time, I am a family girl so I am worried about leaving my family.. but before my grandad passed away he always told me “family is everything” but go live your dreams, Chloe. So that’s what I inspire to do! Since being in the industry, I have realized my lifelong passion, singing is definitely something I want to incorporate in the long run, but for now, the crazy wild reality TV Chloe will be on your screen very soon!

Q: Can you tell us about any up-and-coming projects you’ve been working on with us?

A. I filmed a show nearly a year ago! And it’s coming out very soon…. So keep a look out on Netflix.. you won't be disappointed!! It was one of the most mentally challenging shows I’ve done BY FAR! So it’s going to be worth it! I have had meetings with the scripted team at Netflix. So I’m hoping the presenting skills that I’ve learned by being the presenter for too hot to handle: too hot, will push me into bigger and better things. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A. You’ll see me on Netflix. I want you guys to see the real me, the emotionally funny, it’s a strong independent woman that I am! I moved to the US to follow my dreams. Also, on your Spotify wrapped;)

Q: How does the acting industry in us compare to the U.K.?

A. Honestly, I feel that the US is more positive like if I was to say I wanna be president everyone would hype me up and tell me to go follow my dreams! Haha. The U.K. is very much like “you aren’t well-known enough. Let’s take it one step at a time” which is practical but also doesn’t help with my confidence... I need to be around people who are go-getters! Who pushes me into a mindset where I can believe in myself to the fullest.

Q: How do you feel about being on the front cover of DE MODE?

A. I’m so grateful for the opportunity of being on the front cover of DE MODE, for the opportunity to speak out about coming from a tough background and making it into the industry hopefully inspires people that have hopes and dreams and remind them to never give up on what they love their passionate about!

Photo/PR: Irena Eastington @happy_in_style Makeup: Anisha Williams @aclvisualsmua Stylist & Hair: Isa @isa_creative Outfit: Rodica Miron @miron.atelier
Photo/PR: Irena Eastington @happy_in_style Makeup: Anisha Williams @aclvisualsmua Stylist & Hair: Isa @isa_creative Outfit: Rodica Miron @miron.atelier

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