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Article prepared by Gary Bahra, Photography by Josh Lehrer and Published on: 08TH FEB 2024 |

Diane Gilman, the acclaimed 'Queen of Jeans' in tele-retail, transitioned from a thriving denim empire to a literary force. Her journey, chronicled in 'Good Jeans' and 'Too Young to be Old,' reflects triumph over childhood struggles and a poignant battle with stage 3 breast cancer. As a seasoned storyteller on QVC/HSN, she weaves personal narratives into fashion pitches. Facing a life-altering diagnosis on Christmas Eve 2017, she embarked on a writing odyssey, delivering an inspiring tale of courage and resilience. 'Too Young To Be Old' intertwines her youth and midlife, depicting a life marked by overcoming obstacles. With unflagging hope, Diane imparts the message: 'Never give up, never give in.' Her cathartic writing, enriched with 'insider secrets,' transcends personal chronicles to empower her female community. Diane remains grateful for the privilege of sharing her authentic story, a testament to the strength found in facing life's challenges head-on.

Diane Gilman

Penning choices: The Inspiring Odyssey to AUTHORSHIP:

Diane Gilman's evolution into an author is a narrative spun from the threads of her remarkable journey in the world of fashion. It all began with the soaring success of DG2 by Diane Gilman, a denim fashion brand that skyrocketed to become a global tele-retailing powerhouse, generating over $100 million annually. As the accolades poured in, she was crowned TV's "Queen of Jeans," igniting a global curiosity about the woman behind the brand.

In 2013, Diane penned her first literary chapter with "Good Jeans," an autobiographical masterpiece. This initial foray into authorship laid bare the canvas of her childhood struggles and triumphant battles against the barriers of the fashion industry. It marked the inception of her storytelling prowess, a skill finely honed during her tenure as the heart and soul of tele-retail.

However, life took an unforeseen turn with a catastrophic diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer on Christmas Eve 2017. This stark reality served as a sledgehammer, propelling Diane into an immediate 'call to action.' The result was her second book, "Too Young To Be Old," released in November 2022. This poignant work not only chronicled her courageous journey through mortal disease but intricately wove a dual narrative of her youth and midlife. It became a testament to facing colossal obstacles and breaking through life's formidable barriers, offering a fresh perspective on life's adversities.

Writing, for Diane, transcends the cathartic—it is a miraculous expression of truth and authenticity. The message embedded in every word of "Too Young To Be Old" is a beacon of inspiration: "Never give up, never give in to life’s hardships, and it’s never too late to create your miracles." Diane's storytelling extends beyond personal triumphs; it incorporates 'insider secrets' gleaned from the dynamic QVC/HSN celebrity community. Through her books, she imparts wisdom on ageing gracefully, coping with challenges successfully, and cultivating enduring resilience.

Being an author has endowed Diane with a powerful platform to resonate with and uplift her female community. Her gratitude towards the audience and readership is profound—having the privilege of sharing her story, her way, remains an everlasting source of gratitude. Diane Gilman's journey into authorship is not just a literary venture; it's a profound testament to the transformative power of storytelling, authenticity, and the unwavering spirit that defines her narrative.


Diane Gilman's remarkable journey from fashion magnate to celebrated author is a riveting tale that traverses the glittering heights of the fashion world to the captivating realms of literature. The genesis of her foray into the world of writing can be traced back to the stratospheric success of her denim empire, DG2 by Diane Gilman. This trailblazing brand soared to become a global tele-retailing juggernaut, raking in over $100 million annually and crowning her with the prestigious title of TV's "Queen of Jeans."

Diane's ascendancy as the foremost fashion personality on tele-retail not only marked a professional triumph but also ignited a global curiosity about the woman behind the brand. It was against this backdrop that she ventured into her first literary venture, "Good Jeans," an autobiography that hit the shelves in 2013. Within its pages, Diane fearlessly opens the door to her past, sharing the struggles of her childhood and the unyielding determination that shattered barriers in the cutthroat fashion industry.

The narrative of her writing takes an unexpected turn with the release of her second book, "Too Young to be Old," unveiled in November 2022. This poignant work emerged from a life-altering diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer on Christmas Eve 2017. The book not only chronicles her raw and courageous battle with the disease but intricately weaves a dual story of her youth and midlife, presenting a vivid tapestry of a life marked by overcoming colossal obstacles and breaking through formidable barriers.

Diane's prowess as a storyteller, polished through years as a tele-retail fashion icon, seamlessly transitions into the written word. Her television career, characterized by unique and heartfelt sales pitches for each fashion item, becomes a skill that captivates readers as much as it engaged viewers. The shift to authorship affords her the canvas to authentically lay down her story, delivering a resonant and unequivocal message from the very first page: "Never give up, never give in to life’s hardships, and it’s never too late to create your own miracles."

Beyond personal narratives, Diane enriches her literary tapestry by interweaving 'insider secrets' gleaned from the dynamic QVC/HSN celebrity community. This additional layer imparts invaluable lessons on aging gracefully, navigating life’s challenges successfully, and cultivating enduring resilience. As an author, Diane's voice becomes a guiding light for her female community, and she extends profound gratitude to her audience and readership for the privilege of sharing her story on her own terms.

Diane Gilman's career unfolds as a spellbinding narrative of triumph, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity that captivates and inspires. From the dazzling runways of the fashion industry to the pages of her books, Diane continues to leave an indelible mark, proving that her journey is not just about fashion; it's a testament to the strength found in facing life's challenges head-on.


In the realm of fashion and literature, Diane Gilman's story transcends the pages of her books and the stitches of denim. It's an inspirational odyssey, a tale of resilience that reaches its pinnacle in the face of a formidable adversary – stage 3 breast cancer.

In the captivating narrative of "Diane Gilman: A Courageous Odyssey – Triumphing over Breast Cancer," the esteemed fashion mogul and author Diane Gilman shares a profound and intimate journey through the pages of her book, "Too Young To Be Old." Renowned as the "Queen of Jeans," Diane confronts a life-altering adversary – stage 3 breast cancer – on Christmas Eve 2017, turning the trajectory of her life into a testament of resilience, hope, and eventual triumph.

"Too Young To Be Old" goes beyond medical details, delving into Diane's personal journey and indomitable spirit facing mortality. A beacon of inspiration, it offers a fresh perspective on confronting life's challenges with courage. The dual narrative elegantly reveals a life triumphing over colossal obstacles.

Diane Gilman, beyond her personal journey, shares invaluable insights from the dynamic QVC/HSN celebrity community in her book, creating a reservoir of 'insider secrets' for aging gracefully and navigating life's challenges. As an author, she transforms her battle into a platform, amplifying her voice for the well-being of her female community. Her story resonates as a guide for those facing similar challenges, embodying courage, empowerment, and the enduring pursuit of creating miracles. Diane's journey is a poignant reminder that the human spirit can triumph over life's formidable challenges, leaving an indelible legacy of inspiration and resilience.


Repeat after me: “Today is the youngest I will ever be. It’s time to embrace my radiant Act 3.” If you’ve ever stopped believing in your dreams . . . If you’ve ever said, “I’m too old. I’m too scared. I’ve made too many mistakes to get the life I want . . . If you’ve ever felt underestimated, invisible, or irrelevant.

Jean Queen Diane Gilman has the electrifying life story and the empowering life lessons you need. Diane found her greatest success at age sixty when she sparked a denim revolution: designing blue jeans for real women with real bodies. She’s sold nearly nineteen million pairs of her DG2 jeans on QVC/HSN and created a sisterhood of seven hundred thousand women who feel too young to be old. With raw candour and humour, QVC/HSN’s top fashion star reveals how she turned personal heartbreak into trailblazing success—and how her struggle with breast cancer became her bridge to love. Diane’s twenty-five secrets for a vibrant, visible, relevant Act 3 will change your life.



Diane Gilman, Home Shopping Network's #1 fashion personality, wants to help women reinvent and reinvigorate themselves as they approach the over-40 milestone, and beyond.

Like so many women who enter the second half of their lives, Diane found herself trudging along, having lost the energy that defined her earlier life. Overweight and newly widowed, she was struggling with how society had defined her as well past her prime. But she rediscovered her passion, and totally invigorated her life. At the age of 60, she has become everything she had ever dreamed she'd be. Now she shares the 10 secrets she discovered for aging agelessly and assures women that the later years can be a time of mind-expanding work, earth-moving love, foundation rocking sex, and soul-grabbing purpose.



Q: How do you feel to be on the front cover of DE MODE?

A. I feel so excited, so honoured and so grateful to be a “Cover Girl” for the first time at 78 years old! Thank You, DE MODE!

Q: Your journey into the fashion world has been an extraordinary ride, from Hollywood starlets to being the Jeans Queen at QVC/HSN. What pivotal moment in your career stands out as the turning point that launched you into the denim revolution?

A. When I started designing, in a deeply personal way for myself and my pudgy, middle-aged body. I created that first DG2 jean, made just for me. It changed not only my life but the lives of over 20 million women.

Q: 'Good Jeans' is an autobiography dedicated to the baby boomer generation. How has this generation influenced your approach to fashion design and your perspective on style?

A. Baby boomers are my generation, so I feel we share common goals and challenges. As I aged and found the fashion Industry so disinterested in us, always obsessing over a much younger consumer, I realized my design purpose- to create a fashion collection for the woman over 50. And what better place to start then with the American Icon of Fashion- a perfect jean!

Q: You've dressed and designed for iconic musicians like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. How did your experience in the music scene shape your fashion vision and your approach to denim design?

A. The chance to work with such powerful, flamboyant personalities set me free. I could use my imagination to the max. In those Rock’n’Roll years, my mantra would have been “Too much is never enough!”

Q: Creating a comfortable yet chic jean for the baby boomer demographic seems like a eureka moment. Could you delve into how this concept emerged and evolved into the successful denim line at QVC/HSN?

A. When I became middle-aged, I gained a ton of weight and a spare tire around the middle. Nothing fit anymore except baggy “hide-me” clothes. I missed the cache of a great fitting denim jean. So I created one for myself. It changed my life and I realized this new approach to denim had the potential to change millions of women’s lives, both in America and internationally.

Q: Given your success and pioneering role in the fashion industry, what do you consider the most essential element of a great pair of jeans, especially for women who feel 'too young to be old'?

A. The two most essential elements of a great pair of jeans for the 50+ woman are comfort (correct proportions) and sex-appeal! Feeling sexy again is priceless.

Q: You've been credited with introducing washable silk in the US. How do innovations like this continue to shape your design philosophy, even within the realm of denim?

A. I love forward vision, which is rare in the fashion industry. One of my favorite innovations for my jeans brand was Knit Denim. It has the comfort and the forgiveness of a legging, but the look of a structured denim jean. For the future, I would love to develop a denim that works with global warming. Something that keeps you cool in the Summer, and comfortably snug in the Winter.

Q: In your view, how has the definition of fashion changed over the years, and what role do you think baby boomers have played in redefining style and clothing preferences?

A. The definition of fashion was so strict and narrow in my youth. French Couture dictated what we would wear- period! Since then, a lot more self expression has come into play and frankly, Covid has been the biggest catalyst of fashion change. Working from home taught us we don’t need a huge wardrobe- just make what you wear comfortable and machine washable! As Baby boomers, I don’t feel any one brand or country heavily influences our fashion choices, quite frankly, because we are ignored for the most part even though we are the spending power of America.

Q: With your vast experience, what advice would you give to aspiring designers who aim to create fashion pieces that resonate with a diverse demographic, particularly in the ever-evolving world of retail?

A. My design advice would be so simple, yet so rarely used- Love the Customer! And create designs that do something wonderful and enhancing for everyday life.

Q: Your involvement in various charitable organizations like UNICEF and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is commendable. How has your success in the fashion industry motivated your philanthropic endeavours?

A. I live under an ‘umbrella of gratitude’. My life has not been easy but it has been a privilege to do what I love- design fashion for over 50 years. Quite simply, it is time and legacy to give back.

Q: Having dressed celebrities and garnered a global audience, what values or lessons have you learned about fashion that you wish to impart to the next generation of designers and fashion enthusiasts?

A. Know your customer's lifestyle. Be very aware of their needs and wants. Fashion designers used to dictate how we dressed, they designed in an ivory tower for fantasy occasions. But now fashion must incorporate an increasingly complicated reality.

Q: Your blog on Huff Post 50 and your extensive press coverage spotlight your journey and expertise. What drives you to share your experiences and insights with a broader audience?

A. My driving force is to be given equal opportunities, a voice as an aging female. I am driven to defend and elevate my female “Baby Boomer Sisterhood”, to give them the information and encouragement they can utilize to age easier and more successfully. It is my purpose and my passion!

Q: In your opinion, how does fashion contribute to self-expression, empowerment, and visibility, particularly for those who might feel underrepresented in the industry?

A. The 50+ woman is almost totally under-represented by the fashion industry. Unless you’re a celebrity who can spend thousands on anti-aging creams, and hundreds of hours with a personal trainer and dedicated fashion stylist- for the average woman, we have very few 50+ fashion icons to follow. My advice? Closet shop and start to create your own, comfortable image. Make it fun! Make it a form of self expression.

Q: Being the longest-running fashion personality on QVC/HSN, what motivates you to keep pushing the boundaries and innovating within your line while maintaining a loyal fanbase?

A. Well, it is my nature to over-achieve and honestly, it is not a purely fashion fan base, but rather a sisterhood of women all experiencing the same thing. We are aging. And we are coping with it together! There is comfort and strength in numbers. I see myself as a defender against ageism and that is the clarion call for me.

Q: You've experienced immense success across various platforms and countries. What keeps you excited and inspired about the ever-evolving fashion landscape?

A. Fashion will always be my first love. It was fascinating to create such a magical garment, the DG2 jean. No matter the country or location, it struck a chord in all women who were past the point of perfect and it is those women who give me the public voice I have today. Fashion is how we present ourselves to the world, not only who we are but who we wish we could be. I hope to always be a part of that ever evolving picture.


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