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Article Published on: 24TH AUG 2023 |


So many of us go through life forcing ourselves to live our lives in a way that doesn’t work for us. We’re run ragged trying to be everything, for everything, and to everyone all the time.

And we’re really mean to ourselves while we do it.

Most of us never have a kind word for ourselves, we effortlessly find ways to admonish ourselves for all the things we could have, should have, and needed to do better, we hold ourselves to much higher standards than we do anyone else, we have a foreboding sense that we’ll never get it right and we’ll be stuck here forever. We spend our lives battling against nothing we do ever being ‘good enough’. Yet we’re propelled forward by this invisible hope that one day, we’ll be allowed to be happy.

The Economy of Enough was written because Bronwen Sciortino asked herself the question: ‘What if you could go from feeling like the worst person in the world to stepping into happily ever after?’

Answering that question led Bronwen to investigate why it is that we give love and commitment to others around us but don’t allow ourselves the same privilege. It took her down pathways that explored how we can turn an exhausted existence into a vibrant and energized life that we want to be engaged with.

What Bronwen discovered is that we’re all desperately waiting for a miracle cure to save our lives, but instead, we can do simple, easy, and practical things right now that can take our lives in a different direction.

Underpinned by the concepts of ease and grace for ourselves, The Economy of Enough is the only book you need to read this year. It’s jam-packed full of simple and practical steps you can take to create a life that’s as unique and extraordinary as you are – the life that will make you outrageously happy because it’s been designed by you, specifically for you.

The world is waiting for you to become the magnificent person you were always supposed to be. You are enough. You are brilliant. Let yourself shine. The Economy of Enough will show you the way.




Bronwen Sciortino is an internationally renowned Author and Simplicity Expert who spent almost two decades as an award-winning executive before experiencing a life-changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question “What if there’s a better way to live?”

To the outside world, Bronwen appeared to have it all. On the inside, she was secretly miserable and seriously unwell. Eventually, the effort it took to hold up the façade that life was perfect took its toll. Bronwen’s world shattered into a million pieces and in less than sixty seconds she found herself in the middle of her own personal Armageddon.

Embarking on a journey to find a better way to live, Bronwen began the mammoth task of piecing her life back together. Eventually, this brought Bronwen face to face with her terror of writing anything personal down.

Facing this fear, Bronwen started journaling, and as people learned about the topics she was writing about they encouraged her to write a book so that others in the world could heal their lives as well. So, she took a deep breath and stepped into becoming an author, and her first book – ‘Keep it Super Simple – Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’ was written. So began Bronwen’s journey as an author. Today, Bronwen creates books, online programs, and workshops that teach people there’s another way to live so they can tailor-make the life that allows them to be healthy, happy, AND highly successful.

With her books and programs receiving international critical acclaim and 5-star reviews, Bronwen is sought as a media expert globally.

She works with people internationally through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring, and in the online environment. She shares her secrets to success and inspires individuals to simplify their lives and embrace the concept of an economy of enough.




Q: Your journey from an award-winning executive to an International Author and Simplicity Expert is intriguing. Can you share the life-changing event that prompted you to explore a better way to live?

A. A country girl from Tasmania, Australia, I thrived in nature and simplicity. My career led me to hectic city life, and losing touch with myself. A life-altering moment shattered my routine, prompting a three-year journey of self-discovery. I learned to question societal norms, take control of my choices, and create a life aligned with my true self. This transformation inspired a simpler, more fulfilling, and healthier lifestyle.

Q: "Keep it Super Simple - Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist" and "The Economy of Enough - Unlocking the Secret to Happily Ever After" are two very distinct books. What inspired you to write about simplicity and the pursuit of happiness in such different ways?

A. In recovery, I confronted a fear of sharing personal thoughts, battling a belief that imperfection could be exposed. To overcome this, I embarked on journaling, leading to "Keep It Super Simple." This cathartic process birthed a healing book resonating with readers, and inspired "The Economy of Enough." Both highlight the journey to self-worth, encouraging us to find our unique paths toward happiness, free from external expectations and societal pressures.

Q: Your system of using the power of questions to direct life is fascinating. Can you elaborate on how this process works and how it can benefit individuals seeking a healthier, happier, and more successful life?

A. In "The Economy of Enough," a chapter addresses living on auto-pilot amid life's rapid pace. Breaking free from this cycle requires triggering a fresh perspective with simple questions. This conscious connection empowers deliberate decisions, allowing us to become directors of our lives, steering away from overstimulation and unhappiness.

Q: With international critical acclaim and 5-star awards for your books and programs, what has been the most heartwarming or fulfilling feedback you've received from readers or participants?

A. Witnessing the spark of possibility in others' eyes is transformative. Readers share messages of recommending the book to loved ones, praising its life-altering impact. These books offer change without upheaval, inspiring generational shifts and influencing families toward positive, self-directed living, creating a ripple of meaningful change.

Q. Simplicity seems to be a central theme in your work. How do you believe embracing simplicity can positively impact various aspects of one's life, including personal growth and professional success?

A. As humans, we have this innate ability to make things really complex when the simplest step is the best answer. Somewhere along the way we’ve bought into the concept that if things aren’t hard, they aren’t worth having. My experience with recovering after having my whole life shatter was that it was only the simplest things that gave me any peace. When I noticed this and I connected the concepts of asking questions with simple steps, my life began to flow in a completely different way. Now, it’s so simple for me to catch myself when things start to spiral. I’m so much more connected to myself and what I need and want in my life. And it’s made it so much easier for me to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the opportunities, requests, and situations that arise in my life.

Q. As an expert in simplicity, how do you help people overcome the complexities and overwhelming nature of modern life to find a more fulfilling path?

A. My experience with fulfillment is that it comes when you’re completely connected to what you are doing. When you don’t care about the things you’re associated with, or they’re not important to you, it takes so much more energy to get them done. If you spend your entire time doing things you don’t like or have no interest in, then you’ll end up exhausted and disengaged from your life. Life is only as complex as we allow it to be. That can be really confronting for people to hear because we have a lot of excuses for why things have to be the way they are. The reality is, we can get stuck in all the things we can’t do, or can’t change or we can take simple, easy, and practical steps to find the things we can do and can change within the situation we find ourselves within. My work helps people find their own answers and then develop the simple steps that allow them to create a life that is healthy, happy, AND successful.

Q. You've been sourced globally for media comment and have worked with various platforms, including corporate programs, retreats, and professional mentoring. What do you find most rewarding about sharing your insights and teachings with different audiences?

A. I’m often asked who my audience is for my books and programs. Even though it makes every marketer in the world cringe, my answer is always anyone and everyone who is experiencing stress, burnout, and exhaustion. I’m rewarded every time someone finds a nugget of information that lets them create a simple step that opens up their life. I’ve been to the bottom of the pit that comes with a breakdown, I don’t ever want anyone else to have to experience that. So, I create my books and programs so that they can tailored to the personal circumstances of whomever is reading them, and that way they are the perfect solution for that person, at that time.

Q. “The Economy of Enough” hints at the idea of contentment and finding fulfillment within oneself. How do you guide individuals to discover their own version of “happily ever after”?

A. The Economy of Enough was written so that everyone can understand that there is no happiness while you’re chasing someone else’s dream for your life. It’s not until you discover who you are that you can pinpoint the parts of your life that aren’t working for you and those parts are almost always where you’re out of alignment with the truth of your soul. It encourages you to put all your options back on the table, dip your toe in the water, and give things a try. There’s no pressure of success and failure, just an outlook of adventure and exploration so you can find the things that bring you happiness and joy in your life. When you reconnect with the truth of who you are, moving forward becomes a completely different proposition.

Q: Many people struggle with the pursuit of perfectionism. How do you coach them to break free from this mindset and embrace imperfection as part of a fulfilling life?

A. Perfectionism, while seeking to avoid failure, paradoxically leads to it. Complexity arises from its pursuit, a topic explored in "Keep It Super Simple." Overcoming perfectionism involves self-compassion, transforming the inner voice into a supportive ally. Embracing life's experiences, rather than riding emotional rollercoasters, fosters growth and resilience, a key theme in breaking free from its grip.

Q. Simplicity can sometimes be misconstrued as a lack of ambition. How do you address this misconception and show that simplicity can coexist with ambitious goals and dreams?

A. Living a simple life has nothing to do with being a minimalist, missing out on doing or having things or denying yourself love, laughter or things. Simplicity is about knowing who you are, understanding what is important to you and then finding the simple steps to give yourself what you need. Doing so allows you to move past the speed and noise of life and instead be connected to things, people and places that matter – for you. We’re each of us unique and extraordinary beings and we deserve the unique and extraordinary life that matches that. So, have your goals and create your dreams and then find the simplest and easiest way to make sure you have them in your life.

Q: Your expertise extends to various platforms, including the online environment. How do you adapt your teachings and principles to effectively reach and impact a broader audience?

A. My teachings remain relatively similar no matter the environment. I guess the main difference between a book or an article and an online or face-to-face program is the ability to share information via video or a presentation/conversation. I don’t believe in creating a resource in one format and then just duplicating it in another format. I want every interaction someone has with my work to provide them with something new so if you were to buy a book you’d have a different experience than if you enrolled in an online program or saw me speak in person.

Q: In your personal life, how has embracing simplicity and purposeful living affected your own well-being and happiness?

A. Embracing simplicity empowers confident decision-making and standing firm in personal truths. Self-understanding shields against external influences, fostering resilience. Prioritizing what aligns with individual needs cultivates a harmonious daily routine, even if unconventional. This personal flow positively impacts others, creating a simpler, balanced environment that honors individuality.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who feel stuck in their current life situations and are unsure of how to take the first steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life?

A. Initiate self-reflection through probing questions: Are you following others' paths? Are you enjoying your current pursuits? Prioritize self-care and desires. Questions in both books foster fresh perspectives. Act now, avoiding stagnation by embracing change before inertia becomes more uncomfortable than adapting.

Q. As an International Author and Simplicity Expert, what exciting projects or endeavors are you currently working on or planning for the future?

A. I’m always creating something. I’m currently working on writing a corporate training program to help organizations implement health and wellness in the simplest way possible. I’ve also started working on my next book, have just launched an online program for busy, working women, and will be launching a mini-program on self-care shortly.

AUTHOR BRONWEN SCIORTINO BOOK 'THE ECONOMY OF ENOUGH' is listed in "Page-Turners Unleashed: 11 Engrossing Books You Can't Put Down IN 2023" in the AUG 2023 issue of DE MODE.

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