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Article Published on: 23TH JAN 2023 |

Upcycle Solution is an Upcycling laboratory, a platform for generating concrete and creative solutions, and a new source of processing of unsold goods from Veepee, its partner brands, and their second-hand items.

Upcycle Solution is the meeting between Maroussia Rebecq, artist, activist, pioneer of Upcycling, and Jacques-Antoine Granjon founder of Veepee, a specialist in destocking and a giant of e-commerce, expressing itself in a project to radically transform our clothes.

It is the union of creative know-how, the power of technology, and entrepreneurial strength in the service of a sustainable and inspiring vision of inventory processing.

It is a new way of recreating, it's the desire to bring as many people as possible along on an ethical odyssey, without any aesthetic concessions.

It is the power to transform our models, transcend ourselves, and expand our horizons.

Jacques-Antoine Granjon founded his first company, Cofotex S.A., in 1985, specializing in the wholesale of end-of-line products. In 2000, he and his associates saw on the Internet "the possibility of bringing the whole world into a virtual store with digital catalogs". He then designed a totally innovative concept: a web platform dedicated to the private sale of branded products, which became the 1st French unicorn in 2014.


For 20 years, Veepee has been developing a business model that offers a second chance to unsold brands held by its members. More than 1.2 billion products were put back into circulation with our members. By creating the model of event-based sales, over a limited period of time, of a wide range of products and services, Veepee allows its members to access branded products, offered at significant discounts. The quality of the shopping experience and the careful staging of each event awaken the spark of desire for products that have become hidden from its 66 million members in 10 countries in Europe. For its 7,000 partner brands, Veepee has become a powerful channel to address their inventory, special offer, and traffic issues. Offering a second life to products, and tangibly forming part of a sustainable and responsible development model, is the essence of Veepee's business.

A pioneer of upcycling, a cross-disciplinary artist of elegant simplicity, a woman committed to her "sisters", and an eco-feminist activist, this innovative stylist has one obsession: "transcending the norm". And to achieve this, Maroussia Rebecq lives her life as a form of art, the art of deconstructing in order to better reconstruct. The art of speaking as well as inviting others to speak. In short, the art of turning "dross into gold", as she puts it. And when we ask this mother of two young children about her vision of existence, she explains without compromise: "What interests me is breaking down social barriers to create new identities. I’m a radical artisan and an artist of the people".

Maroussia Rebecq transforms, invents, and reinvents. Starting with herself. By creating, in 2002, Andrea Crews, a collective dedicated to upcycling and a brand of designer clothing. By placing herself at the service of younger generations with Wise Women, a group of women active in culture and creation which has been active since 2017. And by opening her heart and the hearts of others with the Le Coeur gallery in Paris.


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