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Article Published on: 25TH JAN 2023 |

If Poiray was a letter, it would of course be a P. P for Parisians, Precious Stones, and Prestige on Rue de la Paix, where the firm established itself in 1975 and disrupted a world - that of the Place Vendôme - sometimes as set in its beliefs as in its traditions.

Since its creation, Maison Poiray has worked with one absolute certainty: a precious jewel must be both elegant and creative, as well as suitable to be worn on a wide range of occasions, suiting our changing moods.

The world of Poiray continues to grow by maintaining this direction and developing collections centered around these values.

Today, a new chapter is being written, which could also begin with a: P for Paradise. A paradise that every woman is invited to dream up at Poiray.


Between tradition and modernity, Maison Poiray translates its vision of unrestrained luxury through timeless classics. Based a the heart of Place Vendôme for more than 45 years, it has reinvented this location’s creative and luxury codes. From the beginning, Maison Poiray forged links between the expertise of jewelry and the elegance of couture. Patterns such as the Tresse were created, directly inspired by the turbans designed by the famous couturiers of the early 20 century. Before becoming a Mecca for jewelry, in the 1930s, Place Vendôme was the epicenter of Parisian elegance, bringing together many couturiers and milliners. It was sal soothe flourishing era of Art Deco, which resulted in the firm’s familiar patterns, including gadroons, scrolls, and filigree motifs.


Since its creation in 1975, Maison Poiray has been part of the daily life of modern women living a thousand days in one. Its creations are immediately recognizable and desirable: an elegant accompaniment for any occasion. Changing, mischievous and chameleon-like, its watches go from Roman to Arabic numerals, playing on colors and materials in their straps. They are interchangeable throughout the day, shamelessly moving from exotic skins to neon calves’ leather or metal bracelets. In stainless steel, yellow, or rose gold, decorated with 2, 4, 8, or 12 lines of diamonds, they have become Place Vendôme icons. As for the rings, these range from garnet to topaz, rose quartz to chrysoprase, and are embellished with yellow, rose, or white gold, or diamonds, to suit the desires of the women who wear them.


The story of Maison Poiray and colored gemstones is one of love at first sight, in the heart of Paris. It was the first jewelry establishment on Place Vendôme to refuse to limit itself to precious stones alone, introducing the rich palette offered by semi-precious stones into its collections. By combining colors, shapes, and modulable details, women who wear Poiray can endlessly reinvent their look. Ma Préférence, Indrani, and Lolita ring come in deliciously joyful hues. Designed to be worn on their own or in combination, they become a stylish element for a charm offensive.


For over 45 years, Poiray has been the mainstay of women who wish to express their personality and reveal their style through an item of jewelry or a watch. With its expertise, knowledge of semi-precious stones, and mastery of settings, the House offers innovative creations to satisfy every desire. Maison Poiray affirms its unique style through a limitless chrome on the palette, generously - dimensioned collections, and beautifully clean lines. The Company has always been surrounded by leading French workshops, enabling it to innovate and create new, ever-bolder pieces. Ma Préférence plays on colored stones and diamonds and is perfect for any occasion. The Flower Poiray collection and exceptional jewelry know-how are real technical achievements. Finally, Ma Première and Rive Droite watch collections use a unique ratchet system, enabling the wearer to change her watch strap in line with her desires.

  • 1975 Maison Poiray is founded by François Hérail and Michel Ermelin. As the two men bring their vision of modern, uninhibited luxury to bear, Maison Poiray becomes the first jewelry company on Place Vendôme to work with semi-precious stones, while its neighbors continue to offer just the four precious stones.

  • 1985 Nathalie Hocq joins the creative management of Poiray alongside François Hérail. Many of her designs, such as the Deux Griffes and Symbole rings, will go on to mark Maison Poiray’s history. Creation of the Tresse collection, inspired by the turbans designed by the famous couturiers of the early 20th century. With its intertwined gold ribbons, beautiful curves, and volumes, this collection symbolizes being bound by love.

  • 1987 Creation of the iconic Ma Première watch collection, which would meet with a success that remains undiminished to this day. Its sleek, elegant shapes and interchangeable straps go on to make this an icon of Place Vendôme. Ma Première is loved by all generations, something to be treasured and passed down from mother to daughter.

  • 1993 Creation of the Cœur Entrelacé Collection. The heart is the symbol of Maison Poiray. First appearing in the collections in the 1980s, it would evolve over time, embellished with gold or diamonds, semi-precious or ornamental stones, but has always retained its place as a favorite in Poiray’s creations, with its pure, graphic lines.

  • 1994 Launch of the ultra-feminine Ma Première Mini. This watch, with XS dimensions, completes the Ma Première collection.

  • 2013 Maison Poiray experiences new momentum as part of the family-owned group AMS, managed by Jean-Paul Bize. The AMS group aims to develop its brands by respecting the charm and assets of French heritage creations.

  • 2015 Creation of the Ma Préférence collection. This ring combines three interchangeable parts that click together: a ring body, flange, and fine stone, which can be assembled to suit its wearer’s mood. Infinite combinations to experiment with and enrich over time, treating yourself to new elements. Creation of the Flower Poiray collection, with its generously-dimensioned daisy, set entirely with stones. Its petals evoke a flower in bloom.

  • 2016 Creation of the Rive Droite watch collection. Its round shape and interchangeable straps are evocative of the most beautiful squares that have made Parisian history.

  • 2017 Creation of the Attrape-Coeur and Lolita collections. They feature the delicious curves and pure lines so dear to Maison Poiray.

  • 2018 Creation of the Dune de Poiray and Perles Précieuses collections. Dune de Poiray’s twisted gold makes the skin glow, paying tribute to beautiful summer days. Perles Précieuses reinvents a jewelry classic, embodying the essence of Poiray: a playful taste in jewelry and an everyday homage to modern femininity.

  • 2019 New edition of the Indrani ring. These generously dimensioned cocktail rings, set with fine stones, are also available in stackable versions to be worn together.

  • 2020 For its 45th anniversary, Maison Poiray is reinventing its iconic watch in an elegant and precious version thanks to a unique dial made of wild and gold leaf. A true watchmaking achievement, the result of a long process of creation, Ma Première - Editions Soie Précieuse continues to shake up codes.

  • 2021 Our emblematic Flower Poiray collection, designed around the daisy, has now been extended to new creations. Rings, earrings, and necklaces with a yellow sapphire or diamond heart and yellow or white gold petals, set with diamonds, combine Maison Poiray’s expertise with the freshness of this symbolic flower. The Dune de Poiray collection has also been enhanced with a new arrival

  • 2022 To celebrate the 35th anniversary of its “Ma Première” watch, the house of Poiray launches “Ma Première “Cadran Tressé”.

Photography : Benjamin Vigliotta | Creative Direction : Atelier Franck Durand

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