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Article Published on: 11TH JAN 2024 |


To an outsider looking in, on the over-arching subject of economics, one is either curious about the contents, looking forward to breakthroughs, or merely dismissive about the subject, as a whole.

Well, having very briefly established that all humans are affected by this subject despite their relative interests in how it governs their destinies, the readership of this monograph is then like the electromagnetic spectrum, where only a small portionis discernible to the humaneye.

The author, ad nauseum, does not claim to educate the entire community on the subject. What is intended is just to open one’s mind-space up to any ideas of local integrations which, when stitched together, it is hoped will serve larger and larger portions of humanity without clash and with minimum impact on the environment.

  • “eCONomics: An Outsider Looking In” by Samridhhi Mandawat is a concise yet insightful exploration of economics from an outsider’s perspective. In the blurb of the book, Mandawat states that she does not claim to educate the entire community on economics. Instead, she aims to open one's mind-space up to new ideas and perspectives. And she does this admirably. Along the way, she also challenges some of the conventional thinking about economics. For example, she argues that economics is not just about money, but also about people and the environment. She also criticizes the current economic system for its focus on growth and consumption, at the expense of sustainability and well-being.

  • Mandawat's book is not a dry or academic treatise on economics. Instead, it is written in a clear and engaging style, and it is full of interesting examples and anecdotes. She also writes with passion and conviction, and her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. Overall, "eCONomics: An Outsider Looking In" is a valuable and insightful book that is sure to make you think about economics in a new way.




Samridhhi is an ordinary girl who used to go to school every day to play with her friends. She was very fond of comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Bal Ganesh, and Twinkle. This is how her interest in reading developed, “I didn’t want to become a writer or poet from my childhood days. But gradually, when reading books and attending a couple of workshops, my interest further progressed."

My father always told me – ‘do something worth remembering, something that immortalizes you.’ I became more inheritable by his thoughts on leading life so I decided to write books, in the anticipation that my books would immortalize me.

Mandawat enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction books. Her favourite fiction books are ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green and ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini. Now, as a strategy consultant, she is majorly into reading non-fiction books; a few of them are ‘The World Is Flat’ and ‘The Commanding Heights,’ and the list continues.

A World Record holder for being the "Youngest Female Author to have Donatedall the Royalties for Women's Upliftment", Samridhhi is nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri Award, the fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India by the Indian Government for Republic Day 2021. She also served as the first female CA student to take up the chair of Secretary at Ahmedabad CA Students’ Association, an association that caters to the needs of more than 30,000 CA students across Ahmedabad and its adjoining towns and villages. Apart from this, Samridhhi is a national speaker on topics related to Finance, Economics, Management, and Taxes and has delivered lectures to more than 13,000 CA students, across India. She performs evening poetry recitals "Para’dise" across India and is a regular speaker at Ahmedabad International Literature Festival, Gujarat Literature Festival, Jaipur BookMark, and various others. Listen to her podcast "Satyakala" on Spotify and Google Podcast.




Q: In your explorations of different subjects within your books, what aspects fascinate you the most, and have you noticed any personal transformations or impacts on your life as a result of your writing journey?

A. It is the intricate interplay of ideas and concepts that fascinates me the most. I find myself captivated by the complexities of the topics I delve into. It has enabled me to engage with a diverse range of perspectives and individuals, from experts in their fields to everyday people who share their stories and insights.

Balancing my role as an author with other aspects of my life - the hat of consultant that I wear, running marathons, going on long-distance cycling trips, and gardening, has made me more resilient and adaptable.

Q: Writing and publishing multiple books is undoubtedly a significant achievement. Could you share some of the challenges or struggles you encountered throughout this creative process?

A. Undoubtedly, writing multiple books and getting them published has been a significant achievement, however, yet it came with its share of challenges, including time constraints due to my multifaceted roles, extensive research demands, the need to balance various responsibilities both personal and professional, occasional writer's block, navigating the publishing process, and maintaining a work-life balance. Despite these obstacles, the rewards of contributing to societal progress through my books have made the journey immensely fulfilling and transformative.

Q: While you're recognized for your remarkable literary achievements, could you provide insights into your life outside of writing? What other interests or passions drive you?

A. While my literary achievements have been a significant part of my life, I'm equally passionate about various other interests and pursuits outside of writing. As a management consultant, I thrive on solving complex business challenges and helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. It's a dynamic field that constantly fuels my curiosity and problem-solving abilities. Beyond the professional realm, I'm an avid fitness enthusiast, often seen running marathons, cycling, and decorating my garden. Additionally, my family plays a central role in my life, and I cherish spending quality time with them.

Q: Is there something about your background, experiences, or personal philosophy that you believe would resonate with your readers and that you'd like to convey?

A. One fundamental aspect is my passion for making a tangible impact on society and my commitment to addressing real-world issues. My writing is driven by genuine desire to contribute.

Moreover, my journey as both an author and a consultant underscores the importance of versatility and an ability to adapt to diverse roles and challenges. Lastly, my dedication to simplicity, humility, and a positive outlook on life is something I believe can resonate with many. I strive to lead by example in maintaining a balanced and grounded approach to success, emphasizing the importance of maintaining relationships, staying true to oneself, and finding joy in the everyday.

Q: Collaborating on books like '1000 Women' and 'Whisper of Hearts - 1' is a unique experience. What motivated you to co-author these works, and what was the creative process like?

A. Collaborating on books like '1000 Women' and 'Whisper of Hearts - 1' has indeed been a unique and fulfilling experience. What motivated me to co-author these works was the opportunity to synergize diverse voices and perspectives, creating a richer tapestry of stories and ideas. In both cases, co-authoring was a journey of shared inspiration, mutual support, and the joy of crafting stories that transcended individual perspectives. It was an enriching experience that reinforced the power of collaboration in the world of literature and storytelling.

Q: How do you maintain your creativity and inspiration when working on a diverse range of literary projects? Are there any specific techniques or sources that keep your creative well flowing?

A. Maintaining creativity across diverse literary projects involves a multifaceted approach. I achieve this by reading widely, engaging in meaningful conversations, and keenly observing the world. Diverse reading exposes me to various writing styles, while interactions with people and cultures provide fresh perspectives and ideas. Research and continuous learning keep my mind agile, and travel broadens my horizons. Collaboration with other creators and setting clear goals also play a role in sustaining inspiration.

In addition, I prioritize mindfulness, self-reflection, and self-care to clear mental clutter and prevent burnout. Embracing change and staying open to new experiences allows unexpected creative twists to emerge. By combining internal reflection and external exploration, I ensure a continuous flow of creativity and inspiration across a diverse range of literary projects.

Q: Could you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming literary endeavours or projects that your readers can anticipate? Are there any new themes or genres you plan to explore in the future?

A. I find myself in an exciting phase of seeking new ideas and topics for my upcoming literary endeavours. To ignite my creative spark, I have embarked on extensive travels, crisscrossing diverse landscapes in search of inspiration and compelling stories. However, I'm planning to perform my poetries as poetic renditions across India by the name of Para'dise.

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