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Published on: 10TH JAN 2023 |

The fashion season of 2022 has started! First in Milan, and now here in Paris with Homme FW 2022. To start off this exciting new year’s fashion coverage, I had a lovely conversation with the local brand Margaret Selection Paris. This brand is new to the fashion world and has a unique and creative approach to woman’s style. The fashion houses' origins stem from 1951 and extended into the seventies right here in the streets of Paris. The new fashion designer Christine Arnaud procured the original designs and clothes from this small brand that was almost lost to history in 2014.


Christine with her gifted vision and the encouraging support of her sister; decided to move forward with the heart and feel of this brand which she feels inspired by. Moving into the modern woman and era with the feel and love of the very Parisian style that is the brand Margaret Selection Paris. Using viscose, a plant-based jersey fabric, she has brought sustainability and organic responsibility to the forefront of the brand. Like many brands' posts Covid, she has re-evaluated the supply chain, construction, fabrics, and process in which they are made for her collections. This looking forward approach is bringing things more local and creating a Parisian fashion brand that stands out. Being a family business, it promises to carry on the legacy of her mother’s fashion influences and passions of growing up with their own clothes shop just outside Paris. The prints are unique, and colorful, and represent the spirit of the contemporary woman, she has succeeded in the re-launch of the brand in the SS2021 collection presented last year. New colors, beautiful pleats, feminine cuts, and styles that are classy and sensual, capture the brand's roots perfectly for the present and future. She is currently working on the next collection, which is already creating a positive buss in the fashion world. This conversation with Christine of Margaret Selection Paris, was a great way to start off the feel of 2022’s fashion seasons, looking forward to the future while following your heart’s passion and desires in the present.

Homme for FW2022 was the first of the physical shows for the year here along with some incredible digital presentations. Études, Lukhanyo Mdingi, KidSuper, Steven Passaro, and Rains were many of the highlights of the season. The colors were bright, and uplifting, using some incredible fabrics and techniques for the cuts and styles. Staying confident and strong the fashion for men’s wear also included woman’s fashion and all ages and genres. Sustainability was also a focus of the season by thinking out of the box. Brands such as Apple Luxury Goods by Guillaume Larquemain are using apples to create alternatives to create new textiles with sustainable fashion. KidSuper a brand from New York, constructed a humorous, creative, loving, and heartfelt visual story “The misadventures of KidSuper” with a cameo with Marc Jacobs. Études followed this trend by creating the short film “Twenty” which also was a super success with a very emotional view of the FW2022 collection through views of Paris and France and a live music performance. The meta-universe is also a coming focus by such brands as Steven Passaro, and Injury out of Australia by making wearable fashion for your icon in the metauniverse. This fantasy of the inner world and what that means is even translating into haute couture. Yuima Nakazato for his SS2022 Haute Couture collection; revealed a presentation that was beautiful and touched on Asian fantasy and mythology. Having a runway presentation in a church with theatrical dancers, the styles included intricate pleating, flowing garments, striking rainbow colors, and asymmetrical cuts. The fashion is graceful and confident and complimented the mood of the runway show perfectly. Overall, the fashion of 2022 is powerful and overcoming the last two years of being in restrictions across the world. The excitement is now building as woman’s wear for the season is about to kick off and hopes to continue the trends of excitement and joy for 2022 here in Paris.


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