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Article Published on: 11TH JAN 2024 |


Prepare to be captivated by a thought-provoking journey that challenges our perceptions and confronts the consequences of our actions. In this gripping tale, we are reminded that despite our existence being a mere blip in the vastness of the universe, our theories of evolution have perpetuated the notion of human superiority. Yet, within the pages of this remarkable story, we are compelled to acknowledge the grave consequences of our limited imagination.

Set nearly two centuries into the future, humanity is about to face a harsh awakening. It becomes painfully clear that every action we have taken, whether virtuous or wicked, carries a weight that cannot be escaped. The repercussions, whether inflicted by our fellow humans or something beyond our wildest imaginations, loom ominously. The time for regrets has passed, and the opportunity to sow goodness has slipped through our fingers. Now, we must confront the inescapable consequences of our wilful ignorance—a reckoning we can no longer evade.

Embedded within this cautionary tale are the unmistakable signs of our impending fate, lurking in plain sight, urging us to take notice. Alas, we, as a collective, have opted to avert our gaze, selectively blind to the impending storm. But heed this warning, for the consequences of our heedlessness are no longer deferred. The ledger of negligence must now be reconciled, with each member of our species bearing the weight of our apathy. The price we must pay, long overdue, looms ominously on the horizon, demanding restitution for our failure to act in the face of impending crisis. It is a reckoning we can no longer evade, a bitter reckoning, unforgiving and impartial, awaiting each of us, as humanity grapples with the consequences of its collective indifference.


“The Agarthians” by Munaa Al Fazea is a thought-provoking book that emphasizes the importance of positive change in people’s lives. The author, a Middle Eastern woman, has spent many years working for non-governmental institutions and charitable organizations. This book is a testament to her belief in the power of transformation and the potential for individuals to effect change in their own lives and the world around them. A must-read for those seeking inspiration and motivation to make a difference.




Munaa Alfazea's journey as an author began her career two decades ago, collaborating with non-governmental organizations, the United Nations, and the media, all with a deep focus on labor issues and gender equality. She dedicated her career to empowering marginalized communities through education and skill development, which fueled her passion for addressing social inequalities. As she delved deeper into this work, her commitment to advocacy and justice intensified.

Alfazea's experiences honed her understanding of global dimensions for various issues and broadened her personal and life horizons, fostering a deeper comprehension of how local struggles intertwine with international policies.

"Through these experiences, Munaa Alfazea discovered that writing was not merely a means of communication and entertainment; it was a catalyst for change. The worlds she created became a vehicle for advocacy, fostering dialogue and sparking the change she hoped and worked towards throughout her career. Al-Fazea's deep interest lies in exploring philosophical perspectives and breaking free from conventional boundaries. She actively engages with diverse forms of imagination to craft a unique style of writing that seamlessly merges the realms of philosophy and creativity. Her unwavering belief is that, within this creative synergy, the realm of the impossible ceases to exist, and limitless possibilities emerge. Munaa Alfazea is a visionary author with an exceptional commitment to creating transformative narratives. Her literary journey spans over two decades, characterized by a fervent dedication to social justice and empowerment. She weaves intricate tales that transcend conventional boundaries, blending philosophy and creativity into a unique and captivating style. With a profound belief in the power of words to drive change, she leverages her storytelling prowess to inspire dialogue and advocate for positive transformations. Munaa Alfazea's work is a testament to her boundless imagination, where the extraordinary becomes possible, and limitless opportunities await exploration.



Q: Your book, "The Agarthians," takes readers on a journey set nearly two centuries into the future. What inspired you to explore the consequences of our actions in such a distant future, and what message are you hoping readers will take away from it?

A. I believe that the decisions we make today have the power to shape not only our immediate future but more than that. I aim to highlight the enduring impact of our actions on the world, the environment, and our descendants.

Q: The story seems to confront the concept of human superiority and the consequences of our actions. Can you share more about the central themes and ideas you wanted to convey through this narrative?

A. I wanted to explore the idea that human beings often perceive themselves as the dominant species on earth, which can lead to a sense of entitlement and a disregard for other species including our own species as all creatures live in some hierarchical structure or pray and predator systems hence leading to humans oppressing other humans. Ultimately, the story aims to promote a greater understanding of how we interact with the world around us.

Q: The book alludes to the idea that humanity is facing a harsh awakening. Could you give us a glimpse of the challenges and conflicts the characters in your story must grapple with as they confront this awakening?

A. In the narrative, the characters are indeed faced with a harsh awakening. So, they face conflicts related to ethics and responsibility. Some characters may be reluctant to acknowledge their role in the world, while others feel a deep sense of guilt and urgency to take corrective action.

Q: ”The Agarthians” is described as a cautionary tale. What compelled you to write a cautionary story, and what kind of reflection or discussion do you hope it sparks among readers?

A. I wrote this cautionary tale to provoke critical reflection on the potential consequences of our actions. By exploring a future marred by our choices, I aim to inspire the next generation to take steps to prevent such a future from happening and to have the reader consider their role in human society as a collective.

Q: The story seems to carry a weighty message about the price of our negligence as a species. Without giving away too much, can you share how this reckoning unfolds and affects the characters in the books?

A. We live and die without thinking about the future, without thinking about the consequences of our - at times - disastrous ways, and we expect the future to be sunshine and rainbows and that the next generation will take care of the long overdue bill, at some point the bill is going to be too big to be paid and that is the start of the story. In addition, the characters themselves grapple with this harsh reality with no fault of their own at times and yet it happened in their time and now they must do a task of unimaginable importance testing their moral and ethical resilience in the face of their bleak reality. to sum it up neatly, how far are you ready to go to do what must be done?

Q: The book is described as "thought-provoking". What specific questions or thoughts do you hope readers will contemplate after reading it?

A. The book aims to make you think. After reading it, I hope you'll consider questions like, "How do our actions affect the future?”. It's all about making you wonder and maybe even inspiring you to make a positive change.

Q: Describe the process of creating the futuristic world of "The Agarthians"? What were the key challenges and rewards of world-building for this narrative?

A. Creating this futuristic and at times dystopian future was a thrilling but intricate endeavour. The key challenge was ensuring the world felt both imaginative and realistic, a delicate balance to be maintained. The reward came from crafting the story itself within the threads of this possible future and making it come to life and making you think of just how important everyone is to the progress of human civilization while at the same time making the readers jump – if even briefly- to live in that future.

Q: In a world filled with various genres ” The Agarthians” offers a unique blend of speculative fiction and philosophical exploration. What kind of reader do you believe will resonate most with book?

A. Every author who writes a book hopes that their book will be able to attract a myriad types of readers. however, the reality is not so simple, but we aspire to bring as many readers as possible who enjoy the fantasy genre, readers who enjoy a not-so-straightforward story, readers who want something fresh and well thought out, and readers who feel like they do not belong in the usual templates of societal norms. I hope that any reader who reads the book gets a sense of enjoyment as in the end that is the goal that I hope any reader of my book gets.

Q: Please share a bit about your future writing projects or any other themes and stories you're currently exploring or planning to explore in your upcoming work?

A. In my creative endeavours, I'm embarking on a compelling prequel to "The Agarthians," with a narrative that may delve into the enigmatic year zero. My fascination with time travel and artificial intelligence fuels my exploration of profound ethical dilemmas within these realms. Recently, I introduced "The Broken Vows," a thought-provoking book that delves into the intricate world of genetic mutation. These projects are a testament to my unending quest to unravel the mysteries of science, and imagination.

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