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Article Published on: 07th NOV 2023 |


Our spirits were meant to be in total harmony with God; we were meant to have a relational and special fellowship with God. That is who we are, that is how we were created to be. Yet our physical, our carnal self, is in complete and constant opposition with God. In order for us to find our true meaning and spiritual self, we must be brought down low to grow and go up with him. We cannot learn to run without learning to walk first. One cannot know who or why we are until we are forced to ask ourselves those very questions. When one hears the truth, we simply know that it is; we do not know how it is that we know, however, we simply do. That is how God is. He is the truth. We are because he allows us to be and we are to walk in complete harmony with him, anything less is in complete opposition; therefore, we are never fully at rest. I used to think that happiness came from the outside in and not the inside out. Life had to teach me some seriously difficult lessons for me to finally comprehend what it was that I was getting wrong all my life. Humility is at times a brutal teacher; however, it is how we become our best selves. We must let go of our ego, and simply, “Let God.”

  • Very interesting. She's a hometown girl, grew up here in Tucson, and works at the VA here today. As a child, she grew up in an area of big floods and miraculously survived being in THREE. The monsoon flash floods here are no joke. She was a hard worker, and high achiever, and actively worked her big life plan (get great grades, join the military, become a doctor). She was working on her plan with honours when disaster struck. Hard on her luck, disabled. She ended up in a room with nothing but a mattress, no hope, and a Bible. It's an inspiring story of being reborn and the talks she had with Jesus and the understanding of his plan. She is a Latter-Day-Saint, but while that is part of her personal journey, that is not what the book is about. This book is for everyone. I highly recommend it. - Reviewed in the United States

  • If looking for an inspirational, refreshing, and easy-to-read book -look no further. Jeanette's struggle in life and questioning her faith happens all too often. I am so thankful she is willing to share her failures, successes, and her amazing journey to find God.




Jeanette had always known that she would write a book someday. Writing a book was Jeanette’s dream. What started as mere thoughts, slowly became reality. Writing has been very therapeutic for Jeanette. Jeanette was willing to make a book that was very dear and personal to her through much encouragement from family and friends. Jeanette’s daughter, Veritas, (she is kind and loves God), was such a wonderful support system along with her daddy, Jesus Velarde, who is the best support system ever!

They made her realize how important it was to have a close-knit family because writing was such a sacrifice. She learned her shortcomings, patience, and the lengths that it takes to truly become an author. Jeanette’s resilience increased due to long hours and disappointments that occurred while trying to put her thoughts into words in her story. Jeanette grew by leaps and bounds personally, mentally, and grammatically. Jeanette found peace and a safe space by simply writing.

She is forever grateful and thanks the Lord daily for making her stronger, better, and more tolerant through her journey. Becoming a writer solidified her relationship with the Lord, as she received many revelations, while she was completing her amazing journey. Jeanette’s soul is on fire for the Lord and this journey allowed her to realize that she wants others to also feel alive and be liberated from feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, just as she was freed from upon discovering God. Her writing talents and storytelling abilities only truly became known to her through her journaling, delving into her past, and embracing who she was, all the while growing into an author. She gives glory to God, who makes all things possible to those who believe. (Matt 19:26 ESV).

She holds two associate degrees and is currently working on her third. She holds degrees in Liberal Arts, and Radiologic Sciences and working on a Bachelor’s in Theology. She is also a mother, Latter-Day Saint, United States Marine, and a proud veteran. She loves to read, write, paint, make jewelry, and spend time with her beautiful family.




Q: Can you tell us what inspired you to write "An Everlasting Truth"?

A. I have to give credit where credit is due. God inspired me to write this book. Jesus Christ and his life, his example, and the special revelation that he gave to me inspired me. He filled me with clarity and capacity. I knew in my heart of hearts that he desired his message to spread throughout the world. I am humbled.

Q: Your book explores themes of faith and spirituality. Could you share a defining moment or experience that led you on your spiritual journey?

A. I have lived quite an interesting life! I had a moment where I lost my vision, not my sight, my vision. I was in darkness and in a very low moment, I hit rock bottom something broke in me and I pleaded with the universe, anyone to help me. I didn’t know then that God actually heard me.

Q: In your book, you mention the importance of having faith, even when life feels chaotic. How do you maintain faith during challenging times?

A. Faith is my foundation. I know that God lives and that he is aware of all. I understand that everything works in his timing, not mine. I also know he gives us what we need, not what we want. My faith grows with my knowledge of him. I stop talking and start listening to him and I always pray.

Q: Can you describe your cultural heritage and how it has influenced your spiritual beliefs?

A. My heritage is a strong one, I am of Aztec descent. I am Mexican American and being Mexican, I know there is a higher power. We didn’t just spontaneously become. We are not easily broken, that is how we are raised. My spirituality stems from that, our power comes from a higher, unseen source. We understand it is there.

Q: As a bilingual author, do you find that your ability to communicate in two languages has enriched your writing and your spiritual journey?

A. Absolutely! Being bilingual has given me the best of both worlds, I can communicate with my readers with ease and without barriers. I feel privileged to have been raised in a bilingual household. My spiritual journey crossed both worlds, making it even more rewarding. I love being able to communicate my thoughts, all while embracing my cultural heritage.

Q: You've had a diverse career, from serving in the United States Marine Corps to working in healthcare. How have these experiences shaped your perspective on faith and spirituality?

A. Becoming a Marine gave me an immense opportunity to see different places and meet people from all walks of life, as well as work in a hospital amongst veterans. It is very rewarding and also gave me a glimpse of how diverse and unique people are. I always felt a deep reverence for serving my country and others.

Q: "An Everlasting Truth" emphasizes the idea that we each have a unique purpose. How did you discover your own divine purpose, and what advice do you have for others seeking theirs?

A. Yes, we have all been given a special purpose that is unique to each and every one of us. I found my purpose when I received clarity from God. We need to dig deep and start soul-searching and genuinely asking, “What is my purpose here on earth.” I promise you; that it will be made known to you.

Q: Could you share a specific story or moment from your book that you believe will resonate most with readers?

A. There is a part when I testify. I testify that we were meant to live, not necessarily survive. These two ideas are very different. We need to be able to see outside ourselves and realize that this mundane, daily existence is a metaphoric illusion, and our best lives are waiting for us just around the corner.

Q: How has being a mother influenced your spiritual journey and your perspective on faith?

A. Being a mother has been the greatest gift that God could have bestowed upon me. My daughter’s very life reminds me daily that God lives. I was told for over 20 years that I would never carry a child or become a mother. God and his infinite mercy proved everyone wrong, and He strengthens me daily. She’s my living miracle.

Q: You're currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Theology. What sparked your interest in theology, and how has it deepened your understanding of spirituality?

A. I did not start wanting to return to college after a 15-year hiatus! However, after my life was so drastically altered after I accepted God, I felt compelled to share my story, and then Covid sealed the deal. Witnessing so much death and fear saddened me, and I needed to share that we need not fear death.

Q: "An Everlasting Truth" was released on International Women's Day. Was there a specific significance to this date for you in sharing your spiritual journey?

A. You know, this was purely a beautiful coincidence, I like to say, “There is no such thing as a coincidence.” It was God, and as always, in his timing. Women’s International Day crosses all barriers and celebrates women; our diversity, abilities, gifts, and talents, and we are sustainers and givers of life. What more reason could there be to celebrate?

Q: What message or takeaway do you hope readers will gain from reading your book, especially those who may be on their own spiritual journeys?

A. My greatest takeaway is that people need to understand that we are not alone in this world. Even when we can’t see God moving in our lives, he is there.

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