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Updated: Jan 29, 2023


Article Published on: 17TH JAN 2023 |

Nkema Model Agency (NMA) is a Dubai-based company and its directors are Stella John and CONSEC International Pty Ltd. NMA is a trading subsidiary of the CONSEC Group of Companies headquartered in Australia with 4 other trading subsidiaries based in the UAE.

Nkema Model Agency is specialized in casting and booking the best local and international male, female, and child models/Actors Entertainers. We already have a reputation for providing top-class personnel to our growing list of clients. Nkema Model Agency also provides high-quality services including model training and Personal Empowerment.

Stella John is a Nigerian national and has been based in the UAE for 9 years. Stella has been working in the entertainment industry as a fashion/fitness model and actress. In that time Stella has completed a Diploma in Business Management and Strategy. To this day Stella still is actively involved in the entertainment industry.

Michael Nicholas is the CEO of the CONSEC Group of Companies and is also based in the UAE. Michael, who is also an entrepreneur, has been the sole owner of all CONSEC Companies since 1994 and brings Business acumen, and commercial and administrative support to Nkema Model Agency.



Q. What was your first thought when you started NKEMA MODEL AGENCY?

A: It was to be the best Model Agency in the UAE, especially Dubai.

Q. What motivated you to start your company?

A: Normally wealth creation is the driving factor to start any business, but my motivation was my passion to try and remove, as much as possible, racism and inequality within the industry. To strive to bring out the best in new models, who have natural talent, but don’t know where and how to show it to the world.

Q. Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

A: Diva Model Agency, FLC Model Agency, Bareface Model Agency, and Cover Page Model Agency. We strive to ensure that our models are given the best chance to further their careers within the industry. Our models are treated as human beings, not numbers, we make our money from the services we provide NOT from our employees. We aim to make all of our models feel like 'family’ and guide them into, for most of them, this whole new world. The success of our models is our success.

Q. Why did you choose UAE to start NKEMA MODEL AGENCY?

A: I chose the UAE as it is a very fashionable place within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country. In line with the growing cultural influences, Dubai has been touted as an emerging fashion capital for some time now.

Q. What opportunities and benefits, as a company, you saw in UAE?

A: It is easier and more commercially viable to start a new company here.

Q. What is the biggest risk facing your company?

A: The ongoing changes within the industry, the digitization of advertising, the erosion of the delivery of professional services, and the lack of commercial respect from clients are just some of our risk factors.

Q. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

A: Enjoyment of what I do, the mutual respect that all members of our team have, and my passion for success I have for our models, myself, and the Nkema Model Agency.

Q. What are your company goals over the next 1, 3, 6, and 12 months?

A: Covid is having a big impact on our industry at the moment but, considering that our goal is to continue to train our team to be the best they can be, increase our client portfolio and all going well hopefully make enough money that we don’t need to release any team members or worst of all ‘’close our doors’’ for good.

Q. Talking about professional development, how does your company develop talent?

A: Once we identify potential in prospective models, we teach them the skills and traits required to have a long and successful career within their chosen sector of the industry.

Q. What transcendent skills will I learn in the first 3 months at NKEMA MODEL AGENCY?

A: Dependent upon which sector our models are aligned to, skills such as posing, facial expressions, catwalk techniques, public behavior, and self-confidence are some of the skills learned.

Q. What kind of person will succeed at your company, is there a skill set I should already be working on developing?

A: Passion for what you do, very good punctuality and communication skills, and a willingness to always learn.

Q. Do you empathize with the problem being solved?

A: I see it as one of the keys to success, lessons learned from the outcomes, and escalation of concerns if problems aren’t addressed are a couple of reasons why I see problem resolution as very important.

Q. Do you believe that this start-up is unique in comparison to its competitors?

A: Yes, unique in the UAE, in that, our loyalty and respect for our employees are unquestionable and mutual which enables a “’ Team Feel’’ and a happier and friendlier workplace.

Q. Would you be able to develop your skills in line with the company's processes for developing employee talent?

A: Most definitely, as stated previously, we see that as one of our keys to success.

Q. How do your personal goals fit into the company goals over the next 1, 3, 6, and 12 months?

A: My willingness to always learn, to lead by example, and to understand all of our team members, I believe, will truly assist Nkema Model Agency in achieving our short-term goals.

Q. How do you feel about being featured in DE MODE?

A: I feel very honored and overwhelmed to have Nkema Model Agency featured in DEMODE Magazine. I am very thankful for this opportunity to showcase Nkema Model Agency and some of our team members, we all appreciate it.

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