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Article Published on: 21TH JAN 2023 |

The tall reeds softly rustle back and forth in the sultry breeze as the deep vermillion sun makes a hazy descent, bidding a long farewell to a lingering day. The last rays of warm light ripple through the horizon, creating a soft pearlescent sheen across the savannah. It is THE BEGINNING OF TWILIGHT, the last instance of suspended calm before the stars begin to flicker awake. She too finally rises, bringing with her a midnight mystique and a compelling change of tides.

Like the vibrant movement of dusk, the ELIE SAAB HAUTE COUTURE Fall Winter 22- 23 stirs an enchanted moment of possibility where fantasies and mystery can manifest. For the spirited woman and the young modern man, a first for the Maison, each imperial piece is a distinct impression of a disappearing sun. Ethereal hues, opulent textures, and curvaceous lines embody the subtle in between day and night where, if only for a brief instant, the real and imaginary are one.

Sumptuous fabrics marvelously overlap with intricately embellished embroideries into fantastical dreamscapes that embrace the body in figure-defining forms. Crepuscular rays paint the clouds in sweeping gradations of vibrant red, pink, blue, and grey intensities. Shimmering beads swirl together through nude tulle, as large silver sequins glow like moonbeams illuminating fields of gazar. A spectrum of feathers dances with tapestries of black velvet, and streaks into bodices that alternate between opacity and transparency. Lace tresses rush across overstated collars and exaggerated necklines, while beaded fringe swishes and sways down sleeves, captivating the gaze with glistening movement.

Each awe-inspiring silhouette personifies the power and grace of the ever-changing setting sun. A mosaic of braided silk threads and mirrored gem embroidery come together in voluminous jackets that soar high above the shoulder like a billowing crown.

Grand, floor-sweeping satin capes with majestic shoulder lines exhibit a masculine dominance in layers of wispy multicolor plumage. Gemstones and beads cling to the skin like elusive stardust and are given definition and shape by contouring chiffon cutouts. Large braids of gold beads snake around colored stones, morphing into neck ornaments collars, and sculptured waistlines of simple off-white mermaid gowns. The indefinable bride shines forth, herself a vision glimmering in a tantalizing pastel spectrum. Cloaked in a fluttering veil of crystals, she ushers in a mesmerizing night full of wild intrigue.

Enveloped in mystery, ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Fall Winter 22- 23 is captivating, exhibiting a brilliant allure that captures the eye in a moment where everything is familiar, yet nothing is quite as it seems. As light gently flows into the dark, there is breath for the enchanted.

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