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Article Published on: 06th NOV 2023 |


Wet Dreams is an eclectic mix of erotic poetry that is mild, medium, and spicy to fit everyone who has a side of them that others may not be aware of. It is a poetry journal for you and someone special to engage in an element of eroticism that is by no means plain or mundane. The rhymes will send your senses into revolutions of raunchiness to keep you entertained and desire to re-enact what is read in fantasy and in reality. Wet Dreams is for mature audiences only.

This poetry journal is not just a collection of verses; it's an invitation for you and a special someone to embark on an exploration of your sensual selves. It provides a safe and intimate space where your hidden desires and fantasies can unfurl, free from judgment or inhibition.

As you delve into the rhythmic verses and evocative words, you'll find your senses awakened, your imagination ignited, and your desires kindled. "Wet Dreams" has the power to transport you to a world of unbridled passion and pleasure, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur, leaving you with an irresistible yearning to bring these words to life.

Please note that "Wet Dreams" is intended for mature audiences who appreciate the art of eroticism and are ready to embark on a journey of sensuality that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to explore the extraordinary.


Nicole S. Brown's Wet Dreams is an overly erotic book of poems that touch on the themes of love, infatuation, and sexual activities. The tone of the narrator is fierce as she narrates her ordeal with love, her fantasies, her urges, her sexual performances, and many more. I see that some poems in this collection are specific in the sort of themes that they expound on. For instance, the poem titled Beautiful Chocolate Man talks about the narrator's admiration for black men. Then came, Late Night Creep, this took the style of narrative poetry as the narrator tells the story of how her past haunted her, and how she found comfort and peace in love and romanticism. - Reviewed in the United States




Nicole S. Brown is the author of School Days, Holidays, and All Days That Lie Between, More School Days, Holidays, and All Days That Lie Between, Who Do You Love? Love Story in Poetry, Who Do You Love? Love Story in Poetry (clean cut), God's Calling You to Live a Life That's True, All About Slime, All About Slime (clean cut), Trials of a Northeast Louisiana Child, her first novella, The School of Hard Knocks, Life Support, The Refusal to Return to Slime, Are You Still in Love With Who?, and Wet Dreams.

Author Nicole S. Brown hails from Monroe, Louisiana, and her diverse background is as rich as her literary pursuits. In addition to her passion for writing, Nicole is a highly certified K-12 educator, having obtained teaching certifications in several states, including Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi. Her certifications span across an array of subject areas, showcasing her versatile expertise, including Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Music, and Reading.

Nicole's educational journey is a testament to her commitment to fostering knowledge and learning. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education from the esteemed University of Louisiana-Monroe. Her academic pursuits continued with an MEd in Reading Education from Alcorn State University, where she delved into the intricacies of teaching and literacy development. Furthering her dedication to education, Nicole achieved an EdS in Educational Leadership from Delta State University, equipping her with the skills to lead and inspire in the field of education.

Nicole S. Brown's remarkable talent lies in her effortless fusion of literary excellence and educational expertise, a testament to her unparalleled versatility and unwavering commitment. Her passion for writing and teaching radiates brilliantly, casting her as a luminous beacon of inspiration. Through her exceptional abilities, she not only excels in crafting words but also imparts profound knowledge, leaving an indelible mark on the literary and educational spheres.




Q: Your book, "Wet Dreams," explores erotic poetry in various degrees of intensity. What inspired you to delve into this genre, and what message or experience do you hope readers take away from it?

A. I was a guest speaker and singer at many adult parties in my hometown, Monroe, Louisiana, after being on a 7-year exile in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I had regained effort into my book business and in entertainment as well as teaching. People enjoyed erotic poetry and desired it all in one book. I had been drafting the book prior to the Mississippi exile but my mom and others who saw the writing shunned it because of my being in church ever since I was in the womb. Many will believe that I only penned this book to entertain but I really did so in order to inform, expose, and clear my name.

Q: You have an extensive background in education and hold multiple certifications. How has your teaching career influenced your writing, particularly in "Wet Dreams"?

A. Wet Dreams incorporates my scientific knowledge, musical knowledge, emotional aptitude, etc. You can only have a great erotic experience that will yield a lifetime of Wet Dreams if you put your all into it. Eroticism involves emotions, sensations, the five senses, intellect, the spirit, just all of you if you want that real-deal thrill that sends chills and heat to your body simultaneously.

Q: "Wet Dreams" is described as an eclectic mix of erotic poetry. Can you tell us about your creative process in crafting these poems and selecting the themes to explore?

A. I really had to look back on a lot of my own experiences with someone special because I haven’t been in a relationship in almost 4 years and in a relationship I was really 80 percent valued in 14 years. Love has not been nice to me in my life, so I gave up on it in 2019, but all things are possible. So maybe I shouldn’t give up. Most of my Wet Dreams experience was in a relationship in which I was 80 percent valued but it was not morally right but in all other ways it was. That Wet Dreams experience was not fully depicted in one book and perhaps never will be because that relationship lasted for 10 years. It’s impossible to describe that many experiences in one book.

Q: Eroticism in literature often carries a degree of controversy. How do you navigate this space, ensuring that your work is both engaging and respectful of diverse readers' sensibilities?

A. I write from my heart. I am myself unapologetically. I can accept that many may not accept Wet Dreams. That is why I also write on other topics so that I can have something for everyone. I can understand totally that Wet Dreams may be controversial but entertaining and insightful. That’s why there is a disclaimer for this book and others that I authored that have content of this nature.

Q: The book is noted as being for mature audiences only. What advice would you give to readers who might be exploring erotic literature for the first time?

A. Dive in deeply and unapologetically. You don’t get a second chance for a first impression. Explore and brainstorm what subjects you desire that you want to expound on and what you do not want to express in writing in this genre. Don’t be shy or ashamed to express yourself. If you are, write under a pseudonym.

Q: Poetry can be a powerful medium for expressing emotions and experiences. How does the poetic form enhance your ability to convey the sensuality and intimacy found in "Wet Dreams"?

A. I chose poetry to write Wet Dreams because it’s my favourite form of writing. I also chose it because it is rhythmic, lyrical, and musical. It paints a pleasurable picture in each verse and line to pour sensuality down the reader’s spine.

Q: "Wet Dreams" is described as a poetry journal for readers and their special someone. What kind of conversations or experiences do you hope the book sparks between couples?

A. I hope that couples become more open in their intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. I hope that they have a better understanding that intimacy is not a chore but fun for both parties, and there is nothing wrong with trying new fantasies, discussing what you like and dislike, and pursuing extreme pleasure for your mate and yourself.

Q: You've authored a wide range of books, from educational to erotic poetry. How do you approach the different genres and themes you explore in your writing?

A. I derived a plethora of my writing from personal experience, some from music, and nature, and even writing prompts.

Q: As the founder of Poetry at Best, you have multiple locations where you operate. Can you tell us more about your organization and its mission?

A. My organization started in Baton Rouge in November 2009. I have many locations: in Louisiana: Monroe and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Poetry at Best’s mission is to serve the global society the best literally and socially. Fun fact: The inspiration for my business name came from a harsh comment that I turned into a positive phrase.

Q: "Wet Dreams" is a book that embraces sensuality and desire. How do you view the role of desire and intimacy in our lives, and how does your poetry reflect that perspective?

A. At times, this is a taboo topic that shouldn’t be at all in appropriate settings. Desire and intimacy keep the fire burning in relationships. In my opinion, my poetry points all who seek desire and intimacy in the right direction so that one’s love life will get closer and closer to pleasurable perfection.

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