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Article Published on: 14th SEP 2023 |


Living the Dream is not another book about accumulating great material wealth and living a luxurious life by using knowledge of the fundamental law of attraction (simply put, you attract what you focus on). This book is written to awaken you to the fact that you’re dreaming now. Yes, you. Your entire life is a dream, an illusion in your mind, streaming across consciousness on autopilot without the power of individual direction from your point of observation. The Mind is All there is, and the Universe is Mental energy under laws and rules, giving it the stability to provide a “material” expression for the Mind to experience. The Mental energy takes commands for its direction and formulation from the intelligence known as the Mind.

The Mind is the pilot in control of the energy that is creating objects, circumstances, and situations. In far too many cases, the pilot is asleep, rather than awake and directing the Mental machination. The pilot (the Mind) is asleep with the energy leading the process and the Mind responding to the formation of the energy. We’re believing what we see, rather than seeing what we believe. The Mental machination is running backward, it’s upside down.Man/Woman is the Mind in its own energy having an experience of life. There is no such thing as the human mind. The Mind is not human, and the human is an energy formation designed to provide an experience for the Mind, which happens to be formless, infinite, and eternal.

As Jesus told his disciples, “Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.” The kingdom of God is the knowledge of Mental machination. The laws, the rules, and the axioms that make it work according to your will. Seek ye first, the kingdom of God (which is the knowledge of your being and Mental processes and all the spoils will be added unto you in the Mental illusion that you’re creating. Living the Dream is a book about finding your true being within the dream and deliberately, with knowledge and understanding, taking charge of and directing this mental process we call life. Go back to what it was in the beginning, “Let There Be Light, and there was Light.” Amen. The Universe is entirely mental and as such, it can be mentally manipulated to deliver whatever life you will. The Law Of Attraction is only the beginning of understanding this mental process.



One Iam was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, USA. Born in July of 1957, and raised during the turbulent times of the 1960s and ’70s. His parents were uneducated formally, and as a result, education didn’t have a high place of value in his upbringing. Basically, One Iam went through public grade school because that’s what children do, they go to grade school. There was no plan of career and success behind the weekday ritual of school, coming from the parents. Of the seven siblings in the household, only four actually graduated high school, on average or less.

Religion had a bigger impact on the parents than formal education, not saying that religion isn’t an education of any sort. During grade school, One Iam developed a special attraction to reading. He could read so well in the early grades that teachers would borrow him from his class to read to their students while they graded classwork assignments and such. As a voice within developed and wanted to be heard, his affinity for reading turned to writing in the early 1980s. One Iam always knew he had something very important to say. He just didn’t know what it was or how to uncover it from burial in the formative years and acclimation into the mental process that we call, “Life”. As One Iam struggled through the trials and tribulations of life and relationships, his search for answers to the foundational questions such as why, and how, led him away from religion to paths of esoteric information that religion is actually based on. The esoteric paths of information lead the seeker to his or her own being, hence the name, One IAM, and the book, Living The Dream.

One Iam, Master of the mental manipulation of "matter", time, and space. The second of seven siblings. Father of three, two sons and a daughter. Currently resides in Detroit, MI. A former active member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC 9+ Degrees. "The All is Mind. The Universe is Mental." - The Kybalion. The Universe is information projected under rules and laws to appear as a "physical" manifestation.




Q: In your book 'Living the Dream,' you challenge the traditional understanding of the Law of Attraction. Can you explain how your perspective on mental manipulation differs from the mainstream interpretation?

A. Well, the mainstream interpretation does not connect the reader to the entire process. It is as though the asker is attracting something to him or her, rather than understanding that he or she is the asker and the thing that he or she is asking for. If you believe, it has to take form. This is where my perspective differs.

Q: "As a former active member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, how did your experiences and knowledge influence the concepts and teachings presented in your book?

A. In the Order, there are monographs and exercises that take you through mental changes that pull you closer to the being that is observing rather than the person that is breathing. When you see the reality of yourself and the process, you naturally want to awaken others (not that there are any others).

Q: 'Living the Dream' suggests that the universe is entirely mental and can be mentally manipulated. Could you elaborate on how readers can practically apply this concept to their lives?

A. Just go back to grade school and pull out your table of elements. Look at it and understand that all of the elements are energy arrangements. The energy is mental and a product of the Mind. It’s not dead energy, it’s active, alive, and awaiting command. “The Mind is All; The Universe is Mental.” – The Kybalion - Apply your will to your energy.

Q: Your book aims to awaken readers to the fact that they're dreaming now. Can you share some insights on how individuals can recognize and connect with their true being within this dream?

A. For me, the best way is to shut down as much sense perception as possible. Just turn off the noise that you’re observing, analyzing, projecting, and just be with yourself at times. You can do this through meditation. Some people use isolation tanks. Just get away from delivering the process and be with yourself. Try my book, Maximum Meditation.

Q: The concept of mental manipulation of "matter," time, and space can seem abstract to some. How do you break down these complex ideas in your book to make them accessible to readers?

A. In the book, I go to the mental energy creating perceptions of “matter”. Have you heard from The Matrix, “There Is No Spoon?” Try to realize that nothing is really “physical”, it’s all mental and you’re the only reality. Whatever you can believe is possible, literally!

Q: 'Living the Dream' emphasizes the power of individual direction from one's point of observation. How can readers develop this awareness and take charge of their lives more deliberately?

A. You have to go against the grain. Start believing what you want internally, rather than what you see externally. Present situations and circumstances don’t determine the future, what you believe determines the future. It’s just that what you believe is based on what you see externally. It’s a self-feeding fire, or a dog chasing its tail. You have to understand yourself, the mental machination that you are, and your processes of operation.

Q: 'Living the Dream' aims to help readers find their true being. How does this process impact personal growth, relationships, and overall fulfillment in life?

A. Finding your true being gives you the power to direct growth, relationships, and overall success and fulfillment in life. It’s like having a cheat sheet with your test. Once you realize your ability, it will have to be measured to have the best life experience with the deepest lows and the highest highs.

Q: Your book challenges conventional beliefs and paradigms. Were there any specific ideas or concepts that you found particularly difficult to convey to readers, and how did you address these challenges?

A. I found it difficult to convey to readers that there is no such thing as “nothing”, and that something did not come out of “nothing”. I AM is, was, and will be, even after the energy takes a quiet potential posture.

Q: In addition to mental manipulation, your book also touches on the power of knowledge and understanding. How can readers cultivate a mindset of continuous learning and self-discovery?

A. Well, the thing about learning and self-discovery is that it’s a process that could go on for eons, or it could end tonight. You keep learning until you understand that there is nothing to learn. Just AM, and that is All.

Q: 'Living the Dream' is written to help readers gain control over their lives. How do you envision your book making a positive impact on those who read it?

A. I envision this book reaching hundreds of millions of observation points (people) and bringing Heaven down from the ether. When the Mind awakens, all will be as it will. Wake The God!

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