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Article Published on: 16th SEP 2023 |


The Soul on Fire is a practical guide to a life of true fulfillment. It helps you break out of many roles and responsibilities weighing you down so you can reconnect with yourself, your vision, and your purpose in life.

Do you sometimes feel like you're living somebody else's life? Do you need to push yourself just to get out of bed in the mornings?

Are you tired of always being in a rush, and never having enough time? Never getting enough sleep? Juggling so many roles and responsibilities? Is your body exhausted from living in stress and overwhelm, looking for solutions for your life, trying to hold it all together and make it work? And when was the last time you experienced truly nourishing sex?

Do you feel like you are always searching and missing something? Have you had enough of waiting for happiness and ease to finally come around the corner – the next job, the next step, next paycheck, the next partner, the next seminar...?

The Soul on Fire invites you to a transformative 12-step journey to rekindle your passion for life and ramp up that "O" factor again! What if your life can be orgastic? Original? Outstanding? Overabundant? One-of-a-kind? This book is full of practical tools and exercises with which you can finally make the time for yourself, have ease with money, have nourishing relationships, and create the life you were truly meant to live!

An orgastic life can be exciting, joyful, blissful, playful, fun, and easy... What will it be for you? You can do it!


You can finally break the stress and overwhelm cycle, get out of the survival modus, and stop running behind your life trying to make it all work. You'll learn how to go beyond depression, anxiety, mood changes, empty or disharmonious relationships, constant tiredness, and any other symptoms that might be bothering you, by using simple and practical everyday tools. Most importantly, you'll master an approach of actually using all your 'problems' to your advantage and turning them into possibilities for more ease and joy in every area of your life! This book offers a powerful process to reconnect with yourself, your power, and your passion for life, and create a fulfilled orgastic life beyond your wildest imagination!




Katherine Bihlmeier, a French-Austrian transformational coach, speaker, and enchantment creator, possesses a remarkable talent for unlocking personal potential. Her work is a catalyst for profound change and empowerment, leaving individuals inspired to embrace their own magic and pursue transformative journeys.

Twenty years ago, she found herself on the edge of choosing to leave her life. Even though she lived what looked like 'a perfect life' to everyone else - having a family, a good job, a big house, and financial well-being - she was dying inside. But her inner spark wasn't willing to stifle. She set out on a journey of discovering her capacities and creating a life of joy, miracles, and possibilities.

She is now working with people from all over the world, facilitating them to reconnect with their potential and soul purpose, so they can create happy and magical lives for themselves. Thousands of happy clients speak words of praise and gratitude for her.

Katherine's heart comes alive in the presence of youth, children, and those who wholeheartedly seek their own truth, embracing the journey to manifest their deepest desires. Her profound dedication to nurturing personal growth and self-discovery radiates warmth, leaving a lasting imprint of empowerment and fulfillment on all she encounters.

Every single thing you call a 'problem' in your life holds the gift of a possibility.” - Katherine Bihlmeier

Katherine Bihlmeier, an acclaimed author, emanates a captivating presence, exudes genuine warmth, and embodies boundless compassion. Her exceptional ability to uncover untapped potential within individuals and rekindle their inner spark empowers them to embrace their full power, rediscover their innate enchantment, and navigate life's journey with newfound confidence and purpose. Through her transformative words, she continues to uplift and inspire, leaving an enduring and positive mark on those fortunate enough to experience her work.




Q: Your book, "The Soul on Fire: Live Your Absolute Best Life Now," is described as a revolutionary journey. Could you give us an insight into the core message of your book & and what inspired you to write it?

A. The inspiration came from the experience I've gathered by coaching people worldwide for over 20 years. When I work with people, tools come to me through channeling, which is very powerful, and you can see immediate changes by using them. My wish to share these simple methods with the world inspired me to write “The Soul on Fire” so that people can empower themselves anytime and anywhere. Change doesn’t need to be painful, it can be joyful and easy. You are only one step away from choosing your absolute best life now. You can do it.

Q: The title suggests a powerful transformation. How did you come up with the concept of "The Soul on Fire" and what does it signify in terms of personal growth and living life to the fullest?

A. There are two ways the Soul can be on fire: either by burning with the pain when one is not living their truth — or by glowing and being lit up by joy, fulfillment, and happiness. Unconsciously people tend to choose suffering instead of living their truth. I wanted to create this book as a road map to their fulfillment, where everyone can be guided back into their heart space anytime they lose themselves. Being happy is what God wants us to be.

Q: Your book is filled with practical tools, exercises, and journal prompts. Could you share a few examples of these tools and how they help readers embark on their own transformative journey?

A. There are many distractions in today's world. In this jungle of information, we often forget that we are the captain of our ship — and what is our truth and where shall we find what we are looking for? What we are searching for can only be found within ourselves, and we can reveal this truth by asking the right questions. The "Soul on Fire" book guides the readers with an abundance of questions that gently empower them and open them up to living their own truth. Also in this busy world, thoughts, feelings, and emotions can often drive us crazy. However, there’s good news: all these upsets are a symptom of not living your soul truth. In the book I share many exercises, and here is one that you can do when you have a lot going on: take a few deep breaths into your heart and ask to feel the divine love. Lean back, relax into it, and feel what is showing up. Ask and you shall receive.

Q: In your book, you address various areas such as stress, communication, money, relationships, and more. How do these topics contribute to an empowered and fulfilled life?

A. We often carry unconsciousness around these topics, with a lot of misinformation, various trigger points, and reactive behavior. By addressing these topics throughout the book we bring in more light and consciousness. The more conscious you are, the more ease you have for choosing differently in all these areas of life.

Q: Being a French-Austrian transformative life-changer, speaker, and magic maker, what inspired you to transition from your personal transformation journey to guiding and empowering others on their journeys?

A. I must say that I didn’t choose that consciously. It was more that god was calling for me and offering to lead me into that journey of self-healing. Through that, more and more new possibilities and clients showed up, doctors wanted to work with me, healers invited me to gatherings and asked to work with them. And that is how this journey began.

Q: Twenty years ago, you faced a challenging moment when you contemplated ending your life. How did you find the strength to turn your life around and embark on this remarkable journey of personal growth and empowerment?

A. At that time I had tried everything I could do on the outside to get better, yet nothing changed. I was stuck and didn’t know what to do anymore. In this very hopeless and dark moment, I turned inwards and asked god for help, giving myself completely up and surrendering to his greatness. With that, everything started moving again. Doors suddenly opened up, leading me to possibilities I never dared to imagine.

Q: What can readers expect next from you? Are there upcoming projects or plans that you'd like to share with your audience?

A. I’m creating online classes/courses every month on different topics. These classes have one thing in common: bringing people back to their hearts and empowering them to live their wisdom and heart potential. Also, there are plans to create a place for children. Children are the future — and what if we could create spaces that empower them to tap into their potential at a young age and keep their connection while growing up? And also I will soon start working on a new book about MAGIC!

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