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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Article Prepared by Michael Foust Photo-Journalist DE MODE


Article Published on: 16TH JAN 2023 |

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week with their Resort 2022 collections kicked off the more recent fashion season with restrictions lifting across the world. Getting back to the roots and cultural heritage of Australia, the indigenous fashion was strong and created a confident start for the Resort 2022 season. Brands from all over Australia, descended upon Sydney to present the first live shows for the summer. Beautiful prints, fabrics, cuts, and styles were not only empowering but delighted the runway with a breath of fresh oceanic air. Designers that debuted their post-corvid collections, as well as evolved brands, graced Sydney with glamorous imagery and designs, and here is just a look at what was presented.

MacGraw’s Resort 2022 collection, ‘Porcelain’ was absolutely stunning on the opening day of Australian Fashion Week. This two-sister fashion design team from Sydney has reflected on the previous year of lockdowns and liberated their styles with a well-thought-out collection in every way. The airy, organic, grounded, and classical designs were accentuated with balance and flow in every piece and look. Colorful pastels, comfortable textiles, and locally made artisanal cuts, prints, and work graced the natural blooming background of their mode. Fashionable accessories such as hats, scarves, and a touch of shimmery shoes rounded out the styles that are elegant, and confident, and complement the feminine form.

Photo: MacGraw 'Porcelain' Resort 2022 Collection

The sustainable and locally made luxury leather bag brand from Adelaide South Australia, Katya Komarova, debuted her gorgeous handbags at AAFW with the Resort 2022 collection. The sleek, contemporary, and chic leatherwork revealed the beautiful craftsmanship of the shapes and styles of the bags. Warm confident colors of chocolates, wine, olive, and felt set off the collection stunningly. Katya Komarova not only has made her debut at AAFW, along with a recent collaboration with the brands Morrison and Banded Together earlier this year set the bags apart, ensuring the presence of her fashion brand on the luxury market for the years to come.

Photo: Katya Komarova Resort 2022 Collection

Ginger & Smart presented their ‘Luminesce’ Resort 2022 Collection yesterday at AAFW with incredible looks and unique styles. The Sydney-based sister designer team, Genevieve and Alexandra Smart, with their focus on sustainability, graced the Resort 2022 collection with comfortable, luxurious, and confident feminine fashion. The pastel, earthy, and warm colors used, complimented the silk and the modern shapes that flowed effortlessly down the runway. Signature quilted bags, minimalist strapped sandals, local hand-glass blown artisanal jewelry, and bows adorned the designs and completed the evolved styles. Watercolors and ink flowery transparent prints balanced the natural organic connection that the brand is known for. Sleek shapes and refined artistry were prominent in each piece which really catches the eye and stands out in the crowd. The ruffles and cuts of the pantsuits were also very contemporary, confident, and feminine rounding out their collection.

Photo: Ginger & Smart ‘Luminesce’ Resort 2022 Collection

Another strong debut with Beare Park and their Resort 2022 collection was classical and beautiful. Using natural sources of natural fibers of silk, wool, and cotton textiles adorned each style and shape of the collection. Artisanal tailoring techniques for the longevity of the designs are part of the core of the brand and its refined construction. Bold, contemporary, androgynous, and exquisite looks emerged dazzling the runway with the fashionable looks of each piece. Shimmering materials and confident materials created a presence with each piece. The warm and organic looks of the coats are incredible and graceful.

Photo: Breare Park Resort 2022 collection

KITX by KIT WILLOW presented her collection ‘Underworld’, with inspiring viable practices and an environmental message. Australia is known all over the world for its precious ecosystems in its surrounding waters and lands which inspiration danced elegantly with the collection. With these critical and irreplaceable environmental habitats, KITX has integrated these important issues into her collection and practices at all stages of her work. Materials taken from recycled fabrics and using sustainable construction are at the core of the brand. The colors, fabrics, and shapes of her designs perfectly mimicked the flow of the ocean waves. The balance between the feminine shape, and the heart of the brand’s vision, were not only stunning, but made an empowered, confident, and responsible comment.

Photo: KITX 'Underworld' Resort 2022 collection

NON-Plus, a collaboration with Maurice Terzini and Gareth Moody, presented their surf punk-inspired Resort 2022 collection at AAFW. Designed in Australia and produced between Bali and Australia, the clothing is made with Indonesian leather, some denim, and premium Italian wool. Androgenous, sleek, bold, and confident meshed with the traditional menswear cuts and style, the collection has evolved into a broader unisex design. The shape and lines were mixed and balanced with a surfer and punk look for the modern-day. Cuts were minimal, and the colors are strong and masculine, producing a classical and comfortable fashion for all.

Photo: NON Plus Resort 2022 collection

White Sands swimwear Resort 2022 collection was incredible in every way, and I loved every piece! Bright colors, shimmery materials, and well-executed floral prints fashioned each piece in the collection producing splendor and elegance. Balancing the flow in the designs, the cuts were constructed in such a way as to conceive the feminine form entirely. Confident and gorgeous accessories such as hats, sandals, and bags are perfect for a day strolling at the beach or a casual walk in town in luxurious fashion. The patterns and construction of each piece were nothing less than polished and will complement the style of the summer heat.

Saving the best for last for AAFW Resort 2022 Collection coverage was the impressive six First Nations designers that showcased their individual collections together on the runway. The First Nations designers included both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fashion that was represented and presented at an international level in Sydney. Styles that truly captured the First Nations were sensational and brilliant. From swimwear to casual summer wear was all styled and presented in the designs. Bold and incredible prints that were ornate, and chic, and enhanced the shapes of the model. Shimmering fabrics, earthy and oceanic colors, creative cuts, and drapes created a gorgeous style in each individual piece. The collections interlaced with the heart of the First Nations and graced the AAFW Resort 2022 season. Creativity, uniqueness, and exquisite luxurious fashion not only represented them well but made a lasting impression on the international fashion community.

The six First Nations designers’ brands were:

  • Maara Collective by Julie Shaw.

  • Native Swimwear by Natalie Cunningham

  • Ngali by Denni Francisco.

  • Liandra Swim by Liandra Gaykamangu.

  • Indii by Nancy Pattison.

  • Kirrikin by Amanda Healy.

Photo: White Sands Resort 2022 collection

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