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Article Published on: 08th NOV 2023 |


Hawaiian Dreams….Close your eyes and imagine you are on a tropical island. You’re sitting out in the lanai, attached to a high-end restaurant, called the Hawaiian Lanai. Looking out at the beautiful landscape of Oahu, Hawaii, you can see the beautiful Pacific Ocean, with palm trees swaying in the breeze, and it takes your breath away. As you listen to the waterfall cascading down into a pool of water, you relax and let your troubles disappear.

Inside the restaurant, Mike and Mark TreVaine, twin owners of the Hawaiian Lanai, were sitting in the conference room waiting for the intern whom Mark brought in from the University of Hawaii. Mike looking at his watch was irritated that she hadn’t arrived yet. “Mark, I have a 1:45 meeting with the staff. What did you say her name was again?” “Jenna Hathaway. I’m hoping she can give us some insight into the problems we are having with the liquor inventory. Maybe with new eyes, she’ll find something I’m missing. I would hate to think it was one of our employees stealing.” “I agree Mark. I’ve always prided myself in hiring good people, but there is always a chance I missed something in their background check.”

Sighing, Mike looks at his watch again. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. As the door opened, both men rose from the table. Kalea, one of their hostesses introduced them. “Gentlemen, Jenna Hathaway.” Jenna stepped into the conference room and stared at the two men before her. She couldn’t believe it! Identical twins! Which one was which? “Hi, I apologize for being late. It’s nice to meet you both, but can you tell me which one of you is Mark?” They both grinned. Mark stepped up and shook her hand. ‘I’m Mark, and this is Mike.” When Mike took Jenna’s hand, she felt the electricity traveling up her arm as she gazed into his deep blue eyes. Mike smiled, but when he felt the electric current going between them, shocked, he dropped his hand. During the meeting, Mike couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She was one sexy woman! Will Mike let his guard down to find love? Will Jenna be able to concentrate on getting her degree working so closely with him? Hawaiian Dreams is the perfect blend of excitement, romance, passion, and suspense that will keep the reader glued as the mystery unfolds.




Sheri Lynne is the author of three thrilling romance suspense novels. Her journey as an author began when she wrote her first book Hawaiian Dreams. The idea for her book came to her when she was sitting in her living room during the Covid-19 lockdowns. She called her daughter Wendy Janca to see what she thought, and she was fully supportive. With the help of Wendy’s research and editing and continuous encouragement, this book was made possible. Hawaiian Dreams also pays homage to her late husband’s dream of owning a Hawaiian restaurant.

Along with writing, Lynne is an owner of a small business in Michigan. She also cares for her adult son with special needs. She has been passionate through the years in healing her son through nutrition and various treatments to free him from pain and live a more independent life. During this time, she has learned a lot about organic foods and the benefits they provide in natural healing, along with helping her daughter who has battled various health challenges over the years.

Her professional experience includes working at a restaurant as a waitress, and a manager in her early years, owning her own business, and working out in the community with her contracts. Lynne’s contract with the Michigan State Police helped her to learn about crime and how criminals are apprehended. All of these experiences helped her to put these exciting new novels together.

Lynne is currently involved with Compassion International, where they help children in third-world countries out of poverty, providing them with food to eat, education, and medical assistance, and teaching them about the love of Christ. She is also a part of many Christian organizations in her community.

Lynne has suffered through the loss of her oldest son, and the loss of her husband, but through her faith she has come out a stronger person, relying on God’s strength and not her own.




Q: Can you share the inspiration behind your novels, "Hawaiian Dreams" and "Hawaiian Flames," and how they pay homage to your late husband's dream?

A. My late husband Gordon, and his identical twin, Gil, served in the US Air Force, along with their older brother Greg, who served in the US Army at the same time during the Vietnam War. I drew my inspiration for both novels from the early events in their lives and the time they served in the armed services.

Q: The Hawaiian trilogy is a unique concept. How did you decide to explore this theme in your books, and what significance does Hawaii hold for you?

A. Since my late husband and his twin were stationed at Hickam Air Force Base, (now Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam,) Gordon would share with me, his and his twin’s events while serving there, the beauty of the island, and what they liked to do on their off time. I decided to do a Hawaiian trilogy starring each one of the brothers.

Q: Your background includes managing a restaurant and owning a small business. How did these experiences influence your writing and storytelling in "Hawaiian Dreams"?

A. With my experiences of working in a restaurant, managing one, and owning my own business, I could use them all together in my novels to bring the characters and stories to life.

Q: Hawaiian Flames is the second book in your trilogy. Could you give us a glimpse into the overarching storyline that connects these novels?

A. “Hawaiian Flames” brings in Peyton, the older brother, coming home after serving twelve years in the Army. After finding out about the major crime that was committed in his brother’s restaurant, he joins forces and helps them and the police departments to bring down the biggest drug lord on the island. Romance begins when he meets Detective Sergeant Stacy Rayland!

Q: Your dedication to healing your special needs son through nutrition and natural treatments is remarkable. How has this personal journey of caregiving and healing informed the themes in your books?

A. Throughout the years I have tried many special diets with my son Bryan. The most successful ones have been through organic foods. He has a lot of chemical sensitivities. These foods have also helped my daughter Wendy with her health challenges. Since my novel takes place in a restaurant, I incorporated these foods into the storyline.

Q: "Hawaiian Dreams" explores the concept of pursuing dreams and passions. How have your own life experiences and challenges played a role in shaping the themes of your novels?

A. Throughout my life, I have had dreams of owning my own business, and maybe writing a book. When I decided to do something about my dreams, I would always put my best efforts forward, whether it was successful or failed. All these challenges helped me to put these themes into my novels.

Q: As an author, how do you balance your commitments to running a business, caring for your son, and writing novels? What strategies have you found effective in managing these responsibilities?

A. It can be a real juggling act! Three days out of the week are spent on my commercial business along with caring for my son with special needs. The rest of my week I concentrate on research and development of my novels. It can be time day or night whenever I can fit it in.

Q: In "Hawaiian Dreams," your characters likely undergo personal growth and transformation. How do you develop and evolve your characters throughout the course of your novels?

A. As the crime evolves in my storyline, my characters have to work together in developing a plan to apprehend the criminals involved. Their ideas and careful planning, help to bring growth to each character, not only in the criminal sense, but to the romance parts of the book as well.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or novels you might be working on after your Hawaiian trilogy?

A. “Hawaiian Embers,” the final book in my trilogy, will launch sometime this fall. This book delves into Mark becoming involved with one of his waitresses, after rescuing her daughter from a human trafficking ring. My next book, “Two Hearts, One Quest for Freedom,” takes place in 1910. A young couple who flees their country to come to America.

Q: Your novels explore themes of love, loss, and resilience. How do you approach weaving these emotional elements into your storytelling, and what message do you hope readers take away from your books?

A. My books are filled with love and sacrifices. My hope for my readers is that these books will take them away to a tropical paradise, filled with twists and turns, and how each one of the TreVaine brothers finds true love in the midst of incredible danger.

Q: The Hawaiian trilogy is a unique concept. How did you decide to explore this theme in your books, and what significance does Hawaii hold for you?

A. Since my late husband and his twin were stationed at Hickam Air Force Base, (now Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam,) Gordon would share with me, his and his twin’s events while serving there, the beauty of the island, and what they liked to do on their off time. I decided to do a Hawaiian trilogy starring each one of the brothers.

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