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Article Published on: 01 FEB 2023 |

Daniel firmly believes that everything we do should be made with passion, if we really love what we do we would be motivated to grow, to improve day by day. He also believes that getting out of our comfort zone is another way to improve, also receiving critics from others makes you have a different perspective of your work.


Daniel discovered his passion for photography at 20 years of age. He never thought he was going to enjoy it that much, less that he would make a living out of it. When he first bought his camera, his parents were not happy about it. They thought he made a poor investment and that his new toy would only be part of a hobby. Months passed. He started enjoying his new toy, learning everything about it thanks to his good friend Lissandro Agurcia. He published some photographs on social networks and later was surprised when a friend of Daniel asked him to take her wedding pictures.

His answer was an immediate YES! Since he never did photography professionally, the first thing that came to his mind was that he was not prepared. He cannot thank enough, his friend, for insisting, she ultimately managed to convince him. Just a couple of days before God put on his way a childhood friend who also shares the same passion for photography and whom he has been sharing as his business partner for 7 years now, Daniel Nuñez.

Daniel is grateful to the different online platforms, where he shares his work with different photographers from Mexico, the USA, and of course, his country which has helped him acquire more knowledge that resulted in developing his workflow.

Looking over time, Daniel had the honour to work with recognized brands such as Pepsi Co. Ltd. and their different brands. Also, he had the opportunity to work in international events such as Thailand Fashion Week through the support of DE MODE Magazine, which has been a valued occasion. Daniel is thankful to the support of Asael Talavera for his collaboration in this project, and to Anushka Singh, C.E.O of DE MODE Magazine in India for being that connecting bridge. He will continue to look for more opportunities beyond his 5-star country.

Daniel will continue to grow as a photographer and will continue to give his best to keep transmitting emotions, ideas, and stories through what he is more passionate about and continue to show the great potential and artistic value that can be found in his country, Honduras.


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