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Updated: Aug 25, 2023


Article Published on: 23RD AUG 2023 |


A Summer in Lancaster is a story about the characters finding who they are, and their forbidden desires. The story revolves around Cecilia, a woman who finds herself at a crossroads in her life as her marriage has been loveless for many years, just as her daughter is about to leave for college. She decides to retreat herself to a secluded cabin, to think about what steps to take next in life, but little does she know that this summer will change her life forever.

Then comes Damon, a widower who still mourns the loss of the love of his life. He contemplates leaving the small town he lives in and starting somewhere new. But his path crosses with Cecilia, and immediately a connection is made between them, and they cannot deny their attraction for each other.

As Cecilia grapples with her commitment to her husband while her feelings for Damon get stronger, Damon battles with his inner demons as he cannot let go of his past. The journey for them both will be bumpy, but love can conquer anything. Can it?



Yesenia Gouveia developed her love for reading after graduating high school in 2003, although at first, she did not know in which genre she was interested. One day, while at a CVS pharmacy, she picked up a vampire story by the author J.R. Ward, which is classified as paranormal romance/ fantasy romance/ erotic literature. She fell in love with the series, and so, her love for romance novels had begun.

There were a few times she had thought about writing a story, she knew it would be a romance story, but had no idea what the plot would be, or even how to get started, so she never pursued it. Fast forward to the year 2015, she had to slow down on her leisure reading due to nursing classes. In the year 2018, she graduated from nursing school but did not feel like she could read anything for a while due to all the reading she had done for nursing school. By 2021, she was reading anything she could get her hands on, including books from the Kindle app.

By this time, Yesenia also began watching Bob Ross and taught herself to paint with oils during the covid shutdown. Since she was still reading as many books as possible, it was hard for her to decide whether to read or paint, she decided to try audiobooks, so she could listen to stories while painting. It was at the beginning of 2022 when she first listened to an audiobook written by Meghan March.

Yesenia remembers how much she loved the way Meghan described her characters, how all the words flowed beautifully, and how Meghan’s characters talked the same way Yesenia’s characters would talk. One day, as she was listening to another book by Meghan March, she got the idea of writing her own story. Yesenia did not go to school for any kind of writing, so she had no idea how to go about it. So, just like her oil paintings, she began doing a lot of research. She began writing her novel, A Summer in Lancaster in November of 2022 and self-published the book on June 21, 2023.




Q: Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration behind writing 'A Summer in Lancaster' and how the idea for the steamy romance novel came to you?

A. I remember listening to an audiobook by Meghan March and loved the romance/smut she wrote. I had wanted to write for a long time and decided to just go for it. A lot of the inspiration for A Summer in Lancaster came from my own marriage (the love scenes), and real-life experiences.

Q: As a nurse and homeschool mom, how did you find the time and motivation to pursue writing, and what drew you to the romance genre specifically?

A. I have loved the romance genre since after high school, which is when I began reading books for fun. I am a per-diem nurse, which means I make my own schedule. During the kids’ school year, I concentrate on them during the day and write at night. When the school year is over, I write during the day and work nights.

Q: 'A Summer in Lancaster' features two characters facing their obstacles. Could you share a little about these characters and the challenges they encounter in the novel?

A. Cecilia is a married woman who has been in a loveless marriage for a very long time. She goes to a secluded mountain and meets Damon, a widower still mourning the love of his life. Cecilia is trying to grapple with her commitment to her husband while also figuring out what her feelings are toward Damon.

Q: Your book is set in Lancaster. How did the location influence the storyline and the development of the characters' romance?

A. My husband’s grandmother lives in Lancaster, New Hampshire, and I have always loved it up there. It is a small town, with lots of mountain scenery. I got the idea to set the story there, because, I mean, who doesn’t think that being in a secluded cabin, at the summit of a mountain is sexy?

Q: In your spare time, you enjoy oil paintings, indoor rock climbing, hiking, and reading. Did any of these hobbies influence the themes or elements in your book?

A. Hahaha, oh yes, they did. More so the hiking and the oil painting. I made Cecilia as a hobby oil painting artist, while like me, she loves to hike during the summer.

Q: The family seems to play an important role in your life. How does your personal experience with family dynamics impact the way you portray relationships in your writing?

A. I think sometimes, as a writer, we think back on the conflicts we have had with family and wish we could go back and have resolved the issue a little differently. That is the beauty of making stories, you can make them however you want, and change those mistakes you cannot change or even add more drama to it.

Q: Can you share with us the most challenging and rewarding aspects of writing 'A Summer in Lancaster'?

A. The most challenging aspect of writing the story was all the research I had to do to be able to write a good story. I did not go to school to become a writer, so I had no clue what a good plot was, or how to make strong vs weak characters. The most rewarding aspect was to finally write the story itself.

Q: Romance novels often have passionate and intimate scenes. How do you approach writing these scenes, and what do you hope readers will take away from them?

A. When it comes to the scenes, the scenes just play out in my head as I am typing. I can visualize everything that’s happening, all I have to do is think of what they want to do, and how they want to do it. I want readers to be able to visualize everything the characters are doing, how they feel, and how they think.

Q. The characters in your book face obstacles that can either bring them together or keep them apart. Without giving away too much, can you share how you navigated these pivotal moments in the plot?

A. This one is a bit hard because I had to create more drama than your real-life situation. I had to make sure that I was able to create that drama to keep the readers engaged, and not let them get bored, but also make it believable.

Q. Being from Puerto Rico and living in different parts of the United States, how have your cultural background and experiences influenced your writing?

A. Being from Puerto Rico influenced my writing in the fact I made my character Latina, and she mentions a few Spanish words. Other than that, the fact I have lived in various parts of the United States didn’t influence my writing at all. Not to mention, those various parts are actually very close together (the border of MA and NH).

Q. As an author, how do you strike a balance between your roles as a nurse, homeschool mom, and writer?

A. Just like I stated previously, I am a per-diem nurse, which means I make my own schedule. During the kids’ school year, I concentrate on them during the day and write at night, and when the school year is done, I write during the day and work at night.

Q: 'A Summer in Lancaster' explores love and relationships. What messages or themes do you hope readers will find in your book?

A. There is no need to settle with someone who does not love you. Find your self-worth first, and then, we can find a Damon in our lives.

Q: How has the support of your family impacted your writing journey, and what advice would you give to aspiring authors who are juggling multiple responsibilities?

A. My husband and cousin have been my biggest cheerleaders throughout this entire process. There were many times I did not think I should continue, and they pushed me to get it done. My advice to you, don’t give up. It will be very hard at times, but the outcome is the most satisfying and rewarding feeling you’ll encounter.

Q: What can readers look forward to next? Are there any upcoming projects or new writing ventures on the horizon?

A. At this very moment, I am writing the sequel to A Summer in Lancaster, titled, ‘A Winter in Lancaster,’ which I’m hoping to get published by the end of this year. The sequel will have more drama and many more twists, so you should hurry and read A Summer in Lancaster! Till then enjoy reading Book 1!!

AUTHOR YESENIA GOUVEIA BOOK 'A SUMMER IN LANCASTER' is listed in "Page-Turners Unleashed: 11 Engrossing Books You Can't Put Down IN 2023" in the AUG 2023 issue of DE MODE.

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