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Updated: Jan 9, 2023


Need to read more books? Perhaps you're attempting to begin an understanding propensity and are searching for extraordinary books to peruse for fledglings. This rundown of simple perusing, unputdownable books will help you make perusing a propensity and a pastime.

Starting to read again can feel daunting if you haven’t read a book in a while. It’s hard to know what books are worth reading, how to find the time, and whether you’ll be able to stick with it. DE MODE has helped you with a list of 10 amazing books written by young Indian authors Sheetal Bhadauriya, Anjutha Ranganathan, Vijayalakshmi, Sonal Srivastava, Deepti Sharma, R.V. Dadhe, Bobanga Bhim and Radhika Kawlra Singh that you should read this season.



The book is a collection of verses, poetries with which any reader can easily resonate. One should not cage their thoughts into their minds. Our thoughts are like wild horses. Let it out, let them be free and breathe. The mood of the poems has been brewed between the bitter to extreme joyous moments of life which should be celebrated often. There will come a day when you'll feel unbothered like I do. As a writer, I have tried to introduce a new way to interact with the reader to pave the way for them to understand what exactly I want to convey. I call it “Conclusive Poetry” cause the reader kept on reading thinking about something else and then the title, which I give is at the end, actually directs them where to look from my perspective. A lot of people loved this kind of poetry so far and I got multiple positive reviews.

All the poems in this book “Feral Thoughts”, I believe, is my responsibility, as an author to show a reader the right direction. I cannot just leave the reader hanging, that’s what I feel.

This book is a beautiful palette of emotions, a comment on society for kicking some taboos and a voice for readers who are still searching for their place in this world. This book is Me. I am on every page and every word.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format and has a global rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Sheetal Bhadauriya is an Indian Author of the Book "Feral Thoughts: Poetry for the Untamed Soul" launched worldwide in 2020. She has completed her graduation from Kamala Nehru College and post-graduation from Symbiosis, she kicked off her career pretty well from a well-known MNC and good pay before she hit the rock bottom in 2018 when she was diagnosed with epilepsy and lost quite a lot of memories. She started writing back in 2019 to vent out when she was bed-ridden, bruises all over her body, her family, very few friends by her side as in India, Epilepsy is still something only an exorcist can cure. She is fighting her epilepsy to date. She is connected to many support groups worldwide like Epilepsy sparks, Accept Epilepsy and GOHE. She gives mental health education as well as teach kids who wants to learn more about the world. Clearing such taboos is what she aims for. Her book, “Feral Thoughts: Poetry for the Untamed Soul” inspired by experiences she has gone through as well as of the people around her. A deep thinker, poet and music lover by nature, Sheetal Bhadauriya works as Head of Practice (Research & Development) in Kerala. Other than her full-time job, she follows causes for animal welfare and child education.



“Even when you hate them,

You can’t deny the fact that

The hate in itself comes from

An Unquenchable Excess of Love.”

Love, a four-letter word that rules the world, is the ultimate source of immense pleasure as well as the deepest pain. It creates magic as well as havoc. This collection of poems looks at love from every angle, to paint an honest and beautiful image of what it means to fall in love.

Let’s take life as it is. We are all humans and love is inevitable to us. ‘The Falling’, ‘The Breaking’ and ‘The Healing’ is what’s supposed to happen to us. Otherwise, if lucky, we only fall in love and forever.

An Unquenchable Excess of Love is for someone who has loved so passionately and has faced tremendous destruction by it and ultimately grown, become wise and shone out of it.

An Unquenchable Excess of Love" is my debut poetry book and a dream come true. I had never imagined that people would be showering their love and support so much on my book. And when a random person texts me and says, they loved the book, it’s an epitome of a modern poetry book, please release the next book soon, etc-- It feels so grateful and blessed and beyond the world.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format and has a global rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


My journey as an author has not been a cakewalk. It is a long journey of ups and downs. Honestly, when I started writing, I had never imagined becoming an author. There were many times, I completely thought of giving up and never write again. But only later I realized, that it’s normal for every writer to feel this way; to have “Writer’s block.” So I started to embrace my imperfections slowly and started to gear up the confidence to write more and more. “I wrote when I was sad, I wrote when I felt lonely, I wrote when people pulled me down, I wrote when I was so happy, I wrote when something bothered me...I wrote all of my feelings” and that’s how everything started. So, I've been writing since my UG days, but I wrote mostly for my love for writing and to purge my emotions out. Never intended to publish a book back then. I usually shared my writings on my social media handles, where slowly people started to like and support my work. It motivated me to write more. My journey as an author so far and definitely there’s a long way ahead. And I’m looking forward to it with all my heart.



This book contains the life work of Vijayalakshmi Sundar, she dedicates her whole life to her writings and her family and this book is a collection of all her works yet. MY MUSINGS AND ME - A Scribbled Tale will take you on the journey of a women's life via the road of literature and arts. A women's life from her birth and love for her mother to being a mother herself is not pretty much easy yet beautiful in its own way and this book is an attempt by the author to express it all. This beautiful and inspiring book contains some beautiful poetry covering the different context of her life, basically about all women's lives and also some quotes and thoughts that we muse about all day long. Index of this book is ranging to the number 57 containing poems, one-liners and quotes referred to as musing which will make you smile sometimes even cry and wonder about life. It will change your perspective towards life, if you've lived through it you'll smile and gather your moments and if you don't you'll start living it.

"You'll learn a lot about life from it, more than even a self-help book because here you'll walk with someone who has already walked through life and this will make you feel alive and happy."My Musings And Me" is among the best 10 books DE MODE recommends to read this 2021."

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Vijayalakshmi (Viji) is a passionate writer whose passions revolve around a variety of topics involving nature, human relation, love etc. The author has gone extraordinary miles to pen down her thoughts to words which you can feel in her book "Musings and me". Viji is a woman of many hats. Apart from writing she spends her time in art, singing, cooking and house decor. She is the proud mother of a 3-year-old girl whom she cherishes above her writing. Despite being an engineering graduate she wanted to pursue her childhood dreams of becoming a writer. She is greatly inspired by her mother to follow her dreams. According to her writing is a mix of emotions and art which makes her feel next to god in terms of creativity and the words she pens downs should make the readers feel their uncharted emotions. Everyone in their life has a hard phase, but the author chose writing as a way to overcome it. Writing is the hat she had chosen to prove to the world that nothing in life can bring you down. Her passion for writing can be seen in her book "Musings and Me" which talks about life, humanity and emotions. She takes out the inspiration for writing from her day to day life. The author is more inspired by human behaviour and relationships which is more evident in her works.



With failed expectations in success and relationships of people, Sonal found herself drifting in thoughts of situations that could branch out cracks in persistence, determination, and loyalty to our thoughts. The negative perceptions compelled her to flip the coin and explore how they can encourage us to chase our passion. ‘Winning Your Demons’ emphasises on how we tend to get tangled in soul-dampening thoughts, which impacts our emotions and eventually blocks the progress toward success and determination. With this, we often feel scattered mentally and struggle to juggle between too many problems of life. The book encourages readers to find their determination and be persistent to achieve success and progress in their life. It highlights how one can transform their negative emotions into positive ones and channel them to achieve our short and long-term goals. The book delves into the relationship of inner growth of the mind and soul with respect to the outer growth and progress in the world.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Without the taste of struggle, success means nothing, says Sonal. She sees herself as a harbinger of tales and poems garnered with hopes, dusted with positivity, and peppered with self-confidence to overcome the emotional lows that life often throws at us. The author of ‘Winning Your Demons,’ and the face of Caroling Pen Publishing, Sonal Srivastava aspires to be a self-made woman and help her readers fight their inner demons. She is a lady with wings that seek untouched heights to attain the depths of her passion and dismisses the bounds of incapabilities. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdown, she has utilized her time to follow her passion and write poems. The alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhekanalhas learnt to count the romance of uncertainties and determination as the most certain stepping stone toward progress and success. She believes that words won’t tell a tale unless you want them to. Her ventures to the aisles of soul-lifting tales began when her interest in exploring the thoughts of people and their soul-dampening emotions increased. She would often delve into dynamic conversations with people and her friends about different aspects of their lives, and their perspectives and decisions on complicated situations. Her monotonous routine, the situations of people surrounding her, and her love for Victorian English encourage her to introspect and write. Over three months, she realized that her collection of poems had crossed the target of 60. On sharing some of her poems and thoughts with family and colleagues, she was encouraged to publish a motivating book.



Every teenager thinks they will lead a better life than their parents. Nida is no different. Coming from a broken marriage, she dreams to spend her life in the arms of her lover. The reality, however, has other plans for her. As she goes through different phases in her life, she encounters various heart-wrenching experiences along the way; all in her journey to be a rebellious author. Turning to comfort in everyone she meets, trying to cope up with the betrayals of her most trusted friends, Nida understands what it means to be independent when it’s her against the world.

From the late-night escapades with her boyfriend in the chills of Shimla to attending her mother’s wedding, to write about all the outrageous books, to adopt an orphan child; join Nida in Litany of Woes as she searches for love in all forms and to the realization that it is indeed just a word after all.

Teenager - a phase where's everything temporary, experimental, and full of curiosity. Things either turn over the top amazing or extremely worse. This story is of such a teenage girl who had seen the worse. It's an emotional roller-coaster. The book is a good attempt of the author in bringing many societal unjust norms into the limelight. The storyline is interesting but the way it was executed could have been better. The writing style was good and connecting but lacked the gripping narration - which makes the reader hooked to the book. It felt a bit off and stretched at moments. The plot was good. Some incidents are beautifully portrayed. The character development was nicely done. - a reviewer wrote.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Deepti Sharma is a fiery assortment of languages, colours, cultures and all things eccentric. Having donned many hats, this is her first as an author and Litany of Woes is her first book. She is a full-time Math trainer for GRE, GMAT & SAT. She aspires to create raw, crafty and authentic content through her books and the Indian film & television industry. Sharma hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan, where she lives with her family, her parents and two younger siblings. It’s her literature-oriented upbringing she regards as instrumental in her journey. Her favourite authors are Ruskin Bond Sadat Hasan Manto, Khaled Hosseini, Jhumpa Lahiri & Mirza Ghalib. She loves to teach, read books, write, learn languages and play the guitar!

Deepti's writing is a mix of her intuition, observation and imagination. Startled by a sight, intrigued over a piece of melody, delighted over a scrumptious meal; a funny conversation, a nightmare, a bare thought, a newly learnt word, anything could trigger a writing idea. Everything becomes pretty much the part and parcel of writing once you begin with, including your personal sorrows and pain. The writer is always at work.



Set in contemporary Canada, Accidentally Educated, a fictional novel by R.V. Dadhe, follows the lives of three childhood friends who get selected for the Ontario India Exchange Program (OIN) at a Canadian University. As they brace themselves for some life-changing experiences in liberal university culture, the odds are stacked against them. These young men navigate various challenges as their deeply rooted perspective towards education evolves. Set in contemporary Canada, Accidentally Educated, a fictional novel by R.V. Dadhe, follows the lives of three childhood friends who get selected for the Ontario India Exchange Program (OIN) at a Canadian University. As they brace themselves for some life-changing experiences in liberal university culture, the odds are stacked against them. These young men navigate various challenges as their deeply rooted perspective towards education evolves.

The novel is peppered with all the fun stuff of college life. Well-constructed with a captivating plot, every bit of ‘Accidentally Educated’ is as entertaining as it is inspiring. Humorous, relatable, and narrated in a very lucid language, this phenomenal book is a must-read for all young adults. The book is a mirror to all that is wrong with the education system which no longer focuses on learning but only earning. It emphasizes the lack of financial education at the school level.

This eye-opening and stimulating book is already fast-selling with the first hundred copies being sold within 2 days of its release. The book has been restocked. If you love fictions don’t miss this fun-packed book.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Rhushikesh Dadhe is the author and publisher of the books "Accidentally Educated" and "The Purpose". Pen named as R. V. Dadhe, the ingenious author, published his first book at the age of 21. A market researcher by day and a novelist by night, Dadhe is a full-time storyteller and a freelance publishing consultant for aspiring authors.

He was among the 25 scholars from India to get selected for the OIN Student Exchange Program during graduation. Accidentally Educated, his recent book, is based on the experience of the exchange semester in Canada where he comprehended the importance of financial know-how in daily life. Penned in a light-hearted and humorous way, this book is a must-read for all young adults.

Dadhe believes that it is a privilege to have the freedom to live your life as you want, and one must earn it. He understands the importance of education and technology in one’s life and runs his very own NGO called 'Pune Student’s Initiate of Helping Hands' to help children and many others who don’t have enough means and easy access to these facilities. He is a strong proponent of education for learning, not just earning. He hopes to inspire people to pursue their passion.

Pampered by an over-caring mother, guided by a spiritual father, and supported by an elder brother, Dadhe lives in Pune with his family. He is a hard-core Punekar and a German language enthusiast with various certifications from Goethe Institute in Pune.



The ‘Disappointing 5’ is a story of 5 teenagers who have finally entered their 12th grade. Akash Malhotra is a friendly neighbourhood...scratch that, he is not friendly. He hates his life, hates people, and hates where his life is going. There are only very few who can tolerate his cold dead eyes. One of them being Dhruv Kapoor, his childhood best friend and his partner in crime. Dhruv is also notorious for his bullying. He prefers to swing first and think later. Crossing his path, pissing him off, or messing with whom he considers friends are genuine health hazards. The final person to complete their trio of friendship is Sunayna Mahapatra. She is the sole force that has been saving their behinds from failing miserably. She is their mother-from-the-other-mother, who helps them with their homework, revision for their exams, and also helps them escape the wrath of their teachers whenever they get into trouble. However, Akash and Dhruv are probably the only ones who like her because she is known as the ‘snitch’, or the ‘teacher’s pet’.

This book is reality fictionalized that highlights various contemporary issues that haunt many young adults of the Indian society. This book provides an unfiltered depiction of some of those issues such as depression, bullying, teenage pregnancy, suicide attempts, and the question of homosexuality.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Bobanga was born in the small mining town of Barbil in Odisha. Throughout his life, he has constantly moved from one place to another, courtesy of his father who had an All-India transferable job. As such, he never found himself belonging to a particular place or be able to make a lot of friends. But he did learn to find solace in his own world of imagination. He would star in his own imaginary episode of Shaktiman. He would become the forgotten hero of Mahabharata who decimated the enemy lines and single-handedly brought the war to an end. He would become the latest superhero to fight alongside other Indian superheroes like Parmaanu, Naagraj, Shakti, and Doga.

His debut novel, ‘The Disappointing 5’ marks the beginning of his literary journey. There are way too many stories for him to tell and he is already in the process of writing his upcoming novels. His ambition is to create a universe of his own, where all his stories collide and interact with each other. But consistent with his nature, he refuses to be restricted to a particular genre. He may have started with a book centred around young adults, but his next book could be a thriller, or supernatural, or horror book. There is no telling what theme he may write next on, for uncertainty and spontaneity is the only way of life he has ever known.



People meet, fall in love, make commitments, break commitments, sometimes easy but at times too complicated is their journey of love life, but in the so-called happy ending, they finally meet. That is why they are called “Love Stories”. But is that all? Can ‘’Love’’ that is like an ocean on the planet deserves this confined definition for it?

Absolutely Not!

This ocean is wider, limitless, endless, and deep beyond imagination. The novel “Can You Love This Way?” by Sunayana Khandelwal is all about experiencing love from a different perspective. The sentiments that will melt your heart and the countless emotions you will feel for the extraordinary true love stories of three ordinary women is what “Can You Love This Way?” is all about.

The book was published worldwide on 22nd September 2020. Life is not as easy as it looks. So is of Kaashi, Hunar & Suhanaa. The book ‘Can you love this way?’ is the true story of the unconditional love of three women and the rare path they chose in their life. The path that is less travelled and mostly such paths are travelled alone. But was it the same case with them? DE MODE recommends you read this book if you are curious about the real meaning of love in your life.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


Sunayana Khandelwal was born and brought up in Delhi. She is an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and has gained certification in marketing from IIM Lucknow. She has an interest in working towards constant self-development and strongly practice mastering the 12 categories of life. Her flair for learning more about how we evolve as a person gave her a reason to learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). This knowledge has helped her to understand the various perspective of people which also reflects in her writing. Sunayana has a flair for writing since her childhood. She has a FB page as ‘Expressions by SNYN’, where she shares a brief collection of her poetry, expressions, and thoughts.

Sunayana is a debut writer, ‘Can you love this way?’ is her first novel, which is based on the extraordinary true love stories of ordinary women. Other than writing, Sunayana has an interest in travelling, reading, photography, graphology, and music. She has travelled to various beautiful destinations in India, Europe & United Kingdom and her wish list includes travelling to the beautiful North Pole Arctic region and South Pole Antarctic expedition.



This remarkable book is a pioneering voice on affirmative thinking - it helps you unlock your subconscious mind's expansive powers to help you cope with the current times. The author unveils both unreliability and reliability by helping you recognize the role that focused attention on a task - can play.

Radhika triggers you to transcend the littleness in things and move onward, feeling unambiguous as you embrace a new kind of melodiousness by becoming sensitive to the needs of others. Given that unprecedented times occupy our every now moment, the book encourages you to re-size your projections using simple mind exercises. As you begin to work through your unknown variables, you spontaneously dismiss your growing vulnerability. The book enables you to move past your current time, employing it to make a shift in your relationship with everything—people, things, perception, ideas, and projections—leaving you with more appreciation for your life and the Universe’s journey.

In this exclusive preview, Radhika shares with us some of the most significant perspectives offered in the book: chapter by chapter – as below. Later, when you procure your copy of the book, it will guide you more fully.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


‘YOU will be Okay: Embracing Social Distancing’ creates an inescapable space of personal introspection. It takes you through the various processes: first bringing you to acknowledging and anticipate the chaos that is within you and, after that, offering you a detailed methodology to dismiss all known and unknown irrelevance.

The book utilizes the colloquial word ‘okay’ repeatedly - to direct the reader to find a greater connection with feeling okay. Using this simple technique gradually converts the ‘okay’ feeling into a robust anchor within you for handling excellent. Thus, the book enables you to feel confident in every way, guiding you to live by a newer kind of courage and fortitude for life. In this stage of troubled existence, Radhika’s most honest belief is that when people can resolve their chaos within - they make healthier journeys outwards.

Her writing compels you to bring rationality to the forefront of decision making. While she empowers you with new learnings—you grow into self-knowledge such that the changes you make stay relevant. The process is so thorough that it triggers the most profound faith within. With continuous use of the powerful, affirmative questioning technique, you not only chance upon endless new possibilities of knowing yourself as worthy—you discover a heightened level of good in others as well. This transformation is so thorough because her writing demonstrates her trust in the spirit's strength and deepening its link. Her mission to eliminate the divide between people becomes evident.

In this exclusive preview, Radhika shares with you a particular technique that will help you curate the key takeaway shared through the book, as below. You will be driven to get yourself a copy, so you may use the lessons to guide you towards an unconditional spirit of being.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback format. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.


To the best of my belief, while the universe is handcrafting the process of precipitating providence, just like the rest of you, my spirited inner being is moving forward in a customary momentum. As far back as I recall, I chose to align with a more significant state of awareness, to find resonance with the one greater state of consciousness with much more intensity.

To describe my journey as an author, I would like to bring you to the opening line of my first published book ‘It’s easy to be YOU’ and I quote, “The Aim of this book is to enable you to rediscover the Absolute self so the Universe may become liberated, finding itself released from its inherent desire to know itself fully.” This statement, by itself, demonstrates my urge to understand the human realm in me, so I may fully decipher my role attached to the human journey. This quote also indicates that the only way that this universe will complete its journey is when each soul will bring itself into a state of higher awareness - through the choices they make on its trajectory.

Having established my purpose of becoming an author above, the central idea that is explicitly obvious in every book is increasing self-awareness. It also means that each human needs to further their understanding of the intelligent entity that each of them constitutes and requires the tools to manifest that awareness.

Having established my purpose of becoming an author above, the central idea that is explicitly obvious in every book is increasing self-awareness. It also means that each human needs to further their understanding of the intelligent entity that each of them constitutes and requires the tools to manifest that awareness.

Ever since I was a little girl, I didn’t need to use my imagination to guide my path. I would know with more certainty if the way felt right vis-à-vis things that felt out of sync. There was either a right feeling or a wrong feeling. It’s hard sometimes to use the mind to make decisions - when intuition guides - you have to move all mindfulness out of your way. Yet, that information does not come to you as pockets of descriptive norms. I did not know I would write and publish my work. Becoming an author happened by chance - It just felt right to share the tools and techniques that I use as a therapist in my practice so that people would find it a lot easier to feel healed and in a better place in the safety of being alone.

When I wrote my first book, I worked long days as a therapist; some work with children, some with battered, neglected women, and a large chunk of my time at work was working in a technical capacity with the Indian Olympic athletes. As a result, I was turning down a lot of sessions. The only recurring thoughts I dwelt on were addressing the concerns of all the people I could not take the time out for.

As a first-time author, I was expected to make myself look larger than life to create a fan following and market the book. I was required to create narratives around who I was and what I did with my time. My book was encouraging people to surrender to the divine entity hidden underneath the exterior. If I glamourized myself and appeared as the new guru, I would take away from directing people inward to discover they were their best guides. Writing a book to share your perspective is one thing and marketing the book is another ball game. I have remained conservative in marketing my work and instead have been unconventional and remained insightful in letting my books speak for themselves. This kind of moderate indulgence paved the way for the two books that have been published together in a short period. While the first book took many sittings and ideations, on the contrary, both YOU and YOU WILL BE OKAY, I wrote simultaneously between mid-March and mid-June – with so much more tenacity and inner sureness of word, meaning, and spirit.

My truest belief is that there are no coincidences. The universe perceives each one’s projections as symbols of information - that get embedded if they align with the correct vibrational frequency. The trilogy of ‘YOU’ books is a simple manifestation of divine occurrence. My first book, published in November 2018 with Bloomsbury Publication India, titled 'It's easy to be YOU,' had three celebrated launches between 2018 and 2019.

No matter what interests you, there should be at least one book here to get you started and help you fall in love with reading. Get yours now.

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