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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Gigi and Zayn's new group will be a girl. Family sources reveal to world that, indeed, GH and ZM have been educated that the sex regarding their expected kid together will be female. Expecting moms can ordinarily locate this out at about the 16 to 20-week point, which is correct where Gigi's at. Also, obviously, that implies there'll be another excellent lady in the Hadid family.

There's additionally been a great deal of discussion about whether Gigi's 25th birthday celebration party festivity from this previous end of the week - where she paraded huge 2-5 inflatables that likewise had blue and pink strips joined - might've been a sexual orientation uncover party across the board.

It's conceivable she was dropping insights to her a great many supporters and fans. Presently, she can presumably let that blue-lace expand fly into the sky ... 'cause we comprehend what's coming.

Family hotspots for the couple told that Gigi is 20 weeks along. It's hazy in the event that they know the sex of the child yet, however both of their families are energized. The supermodel shared some celebratory photographs with the previous One Direction vocalist this previous end of the week, yet they weren't infant related ... they were birthday pics. Her sister, Bella, was also in the shots, and Gigi said she had the "sweetest day celebrating my 25th birthday with my quarantine family."

She's been remaining at her family's Pennsylvania ranch during the coronavirus lockdown, and clearly Zayn's there as well.

The couple purportedly revived their relationship in December and were seen together in NYC in January, powering bits of gossip they were completely back on. Zigi fans got affirmation on Valentine's day when Hadid posted a photograph of Malik from December subtitled, "Hello VALENTINE ... Z on the ranch."

The 2 previously began dating in 2015, preceding declaring a split in March 2018. The quite a while after that as of not long ago included incalculable bits of gossip about reuniting ... be that as it may, presently it's legitimate.

We congratulate them for a baby girl.

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