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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Article Prepared by Michael Foust Photo-Journalist DE MODE


Article Published on: 16TH JAN 2023 |

Aqua Blu Australia graced the runway with the ‘Enchantment’ Resort 2022 Collection inspired by everlasting romance, elegant prints, and truly wearable art for the human form. Encapsulating fashion for both Femme and Homme, the floral prints, and movement of every piece were remarkable in every way. The cuts were perfected, flawless, and emulated the perfect balance of Kristian Chase’s Resort 2022 collection. Each shape, look, and fashion style not only reproduced comfort but flowed delightfully down the runway, extenuating the romantic beauty of each piece. For the final design, hand-sewn beadwork and artisanal lace honored the timelessness and craft of the brand's signature charm and allure. I was able to contact Aqua Blu’s creative director, Kristian Chase to get her thoughts on her collection for AAFW Resort 2022.


Established in 2000, Aqua Blu has been an Australian swimwear icon for over a decade. Designed and styled in Australia with the world in mind. Known for lush fabrics with directional designs and statement prints, the focus is always on quality and craftsmanship. The fashionable chic pieces Aqua Blu creates mark a bold departure from the formality of summer fashion. AQUA BLU, is a luxurious swim, and resort wears brand with 148 points of sale across Australia, Canada and the USA.

Photo: Aqua Blu Australia


Q: Your bio stated that the brand was conceived in Australia. What part of Australia, and what was your inspiration and start to focus on swimwear and beachwear?

A: We are Sydney-based from our very inception. Australia has some of the most stunning beaches in the world and our beach lifestyle was our main driving factor. To create swimwear for the world with an Australian twist.

Q: With the restrictions finally lessening across the world, how has this affected your collections and your designs? Was there a reflection within and how to bring your light from your designs to empower women and your unique piece to fashion?

A: It has been a challenging year with all the restrictions and the state the world has been in, but we are thrilled to have Australian Fashion Week back and be the first in-person runway show. Designing this collection took me back to my roots. This collection is a homage to my past, a reflection of my present, and excitement for what the future holds. The past year has made me realize all the things I’ve taken for granted. This collection is about dressing up and facing the new world we are all walking into, with style and glamour. My collections have always focused on empowering women. The shapes and silhouettes I create are all about making you look the very best version of yourself.

Q: Sustainability and using more local sources in all aspects have really come to the forefront with the events from last year and now. How do you see incorporating these practices into your work and creativity?

A: Being conscious about the beautiful world we live in is always at the heart of what I design. We have incorporated sustainable practices from water management, waste reduction, and packing to ensure we are sustainable and looking after our environment.

Q: Your prints and style of the swimwear are graceful, confident, and stunning. What are your favorite prints and why?

A: My favorite print is called “Kismet” It means destiny. The dress in this print/collection is my favorite. It's a statement piece and after the intense year, we all have had, it exudes glamour and encourages everyone to hang up their sweatpants and dress up. The silhouettes I create for swimwear are always ahead of the trends. Where everyone is playing safe, we are going bigger and bolder. Beautiful details, lace, and puffy sleeves will have everyone even more excited for summer.

Q: Your collections and brand empower not only women, but men, and children's fashion. What do you see continuing this in the future with your brand?

A: We have a fashion focus for all. It’s not just about empowering the current generation, it’s also about empowering the next one and breaking boundaries and old-school traditions. Men love to make a statement as well. My line is focused on bold statements yet effortlessly chic regardless of if it's for men, women, or children. One should be fabulous, regardless of age or gender.

Photo: Aqua Blu Australia

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