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Updated: Jan 25, 2023


DAC NGOC is to become the first Vietnamese designer to showcase at THAILAND FASHION WEEK Powered by ASTON MARTIN in Bangkok. Designer Dac Ngoc will be opening the show at one of the most beautiful venue in Bangkok, VARAVELA. He also owns a design studio "Dac Ngoc Designer House" in Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Photo: Designer Dac Ngoc | Instagram: @dacngocdesignerhousehn

Dac Ngoc Designer House has always desired to bring Vietnamese children's fashion to the "big sea". Established in June 2018, Dac Ngoc Designer House is an international children's fashion brand belonging to N - Group Multimedia Joint Stock Company with 4 product lines: Evening dresses, Vest, Dresses and Princess skirt.

During the past 10 years, N-Group Media is known as a reputable company operating in many fields such as talent training, beauty and style in Vietnam with the brands Dac Ngoc, Sao Style Academy, Đắc Ngọc Media, Kids World Magazine. In particular, fashion with the Dac Ngoc Designer House brand is one of the areas that N-Group cares about, invests and reaps a lot of success on the domestic and foreign markets.

Although it has only been launched for nearly 2 years, Dac Ngoc Designer House has risen to become one of the leading luxury fashion designer brands for children in Vietnam when it was continuously called and appeared on many international catwalks like London Fashion Week 2018 - House Of Ikon, Malaysia Fashion Week 2018, Vie Fashion Week 2019 in Dubai, International Kids Fashion Week 2019 in Russia and Bangkok Kids International Fashion Show 2019 in Thailand. With collections designed differently, using high-quality materials, Dac Ngoc Designer House's costume has become a highlight of the Vietnamese child fashion industry and is highly appreciated by the international fans and media.

Photo: Dac Ngoc wearing his beautifully crafted design

The products of Dac Ngoc Designer House both bring the soul of national culture, just breakthrough by his own marks. On the journey "Confirming the difference", Dac Ngoc Designer House not only affirmed the brand in Vietnamese fashion village but also put the first footprints on the world fashion map.

Thailand Fashion Week Organization will soon be announcing their new dates & releasing thefull runway schedule on their official Instagram, CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW TFW. Also, for more information, visit their official website,

Dac Ngoc designer Kid's collection at an international fashion week in Dubai
While speaking to DE MODE, Designer DAC NGOC unveiled the star kid models who will be showcasing his collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK.

The star kid models have already walked in many international shows who will now be seen walking at the world-class runway of Thailand Fashion Week in Bangkok.

Photo: Designer Dac Ngoc working on his collections for THAILAND FASHION WEEK

To explore more of Dac Ngoc beautiful designs, follow him on Instagram. To buy his show tickets at THAILAND FASHION WEEK Powered by ASTON MARTIN, stay tuned to TFW Instagram and turn notifications on to get immediate update when the tickets go live.

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