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Article Published on: 29 MAR 2023 |

Kevin O'Farrell's fascination with the old-world process of hat-making began more than 30 years ago and led him through many years of study with hatters from Oregon to Florida.

The real history of hat-making after John B. Stetson is hard to find (or lost) - cataloged only in the minds of those who apprenticed with the masters. Among Kevin's mentors were the most respected names in the business, names you may not know: Jack Waldrip, Grady Nutt, Joe Bishop, "Tex" and Jim Jones.

Kevin chose his preferences of technique and design, applied skill and inventiveness, and honed his ability to "know" the best proportions of crown and brim for each person.

He developed his craft to the point where O'Farrell hats are known and sought after in all walks of life, by all kinds of men and women, all around the world.

Kevin passed along all of this to his son, Scott who now operates the second generation of the O'Farrell legacy.

Today, when you walk through the door, Scott and the O'Farrell staff give you a warm smile. With a wave of a hand or nod, they already know how to guide you in fitting your hat.

The O'Farrell Hat-making Team is a highly skilled and very particular group of men and women.


While the best way to order a custom hat is to visit their store in Santa Fe at O’Farrell Hat Company and let them take your measurements, which they understand is not convenient for some folk. If you can’t visit, please call O'Farrell Hat Company to place your order.

They will take a deposit from you when you place your order. This will start the process and allow them to send out a Sizing Kit containing detailed instructions on taking measurements of both the circumference and shape of your head. They can also send color samples to choose from if you are unsure of what you want.

Hatbands seen in their shop in Santa Fe, or on their website are not included in the price of a hat and must be purchased separately. However, they do include a grosgrain ribbon hatband with your custom order and there are many colors and widths to choose from.

Approximately 1-2 weeks before your hat is complete they will call to confirm your shipping address and collect the balance due on your order.

Shipping is via UPS Ground at a cost of $35 including insurance. Your hat will arrive in a sturdy O’Farrell Hat Company box and will contain cleaning tools and instructions on caring for your hat.

Photo by Michael Foust


The cost of shipping hats and other items includes insurance.

All items shipped are the property of O’Farrell Hat Company until the recipient takes delivery. Loss claims due to shipping events are the sole responsibility of O’Farrell Hat Company.


They guarantee their custom hats for fit and style. In the unlikely event that your hat is not perfect, they will arrange to pick it up via UPS and have it returned to O’Farrell for adjustment.

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