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Article Published on: 06th NOV 2023 |


Our lives can often feel like shattered glass. Once it breaks, it is impossible to put it back together on our own. We try to pick up the loose shards and debris, but we just hurt ourselves more often feeling hopeless and helpless.

We try to medicate the pain with materialism, fame, substances, and earthly love and companionship, but none of these things can fulfill or sustain us.

But there is someone who can redeem our hurts and deepest wounds, even using them to further His mission to save humanity from spending an eternity apart from Him. Romans 8:28 tells us, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." In The Quest for Family, author Jessica Clancy takes the reader through her life's journey-traveling from a path of brokenness to a place of wholeness in Christ. Discover how God made beauty from ashes and helped Jessica find spiritual renewal and enlightenment.

  • He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus - Jessica's amazing life story is a testament to our God's power and faithfulness in calling and choosing us to partake in His plan of redemption and then carrying on His work in our lives: "...for he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" Philippians 1:6. God demonstrates His power and might, using each of Jessica's circumstances to carry on His work in her life, to bless her and use her life to reach others, and ultimately for His glory. This book is a must-read if you are looking for encouragement in the Lord God! - Reviewed in the United States

  • Strength and Resilience - This story is one of extreme strength and resilience. Clancy writes with such a raw and open heart you feel like you are right there with her in the pages. She shares the struggles and pain she endured as a child, teen, and young adult. But she never gave up the hope for a family to call her own. Through the pages you see her faith being built as the lord continues to place people in her life at just the right season to help her and encourage her to never give up on herself. - Reviewed in the US

NAME OF AN UPCOMING BOOK- The Rescue Story Through the Eyes of Our Dogs




Jessica Clancy, a native Texan, worked professionally as a cosmetologist for eighteen years while completing her bachelor's degree in nutrition from the University of Houston. She worked on Oxford Street in London through the British Universities of North America Club in 1996, traveling to seventeen European countries. She completed her master's degree in nutrition with a business minor from Sam Houston State University in 2002, studying business in Pueblo, Mexico. Jessica and her husband, Adam, were licensed foster parents for five years. Jessica has been a registered dietitian since 2008 and cherishes church, family time, and RV travel.

Life wasn’t always easy for Jessica. The choices she made and followed were not free of trouble as she was driven to work hard and change the trajectory of her life breaking the chains of the past in hopes of building the family she always wanted. Everything she did built on layers from the past turning things around in a positive light and using every opportunity to learn, grow, give back, and help others. The healing she found was in fact through her faith and giving up of herself, and her own needs while surrendering to the selfless giving to others.

Author Jessica Clancy extends a heartfelt invitation to embark on a remarkable journey—a quest for family, acceptance, and the chance to discover and fulfill your unique purpose while leaving an indelible mark on the world. Within the pages of her book, you'll find a compelling narrative that explores life's challenges and the boundless potential for positive impact. Jessica's story invites you to join her in uncovering the transformative forces of faith, resilience, and the pursuit of purpose. With Jessica Clancy as your guide, you'll navigate the intricate tapestry of human connection, resilience, and personal growth. Join her on this empowering quest towards a brighter, more purposeful future.




Q: Can you share what inspired you to write "The Quest For Family," and how your personal experiences shaped this book?

A. Years ago, I was in a lonely dark place, questioning my existence, longing for family, and listening to the lies “Why did I have to be born?” In my desperation, the pastor spoke “You will write a book and it will help many.” Carrying this message of hope and growing my family I knew it was time to share a message of faith, perseverance, and finding love.

Q: Your background includes a career as a cosmetologist, a degree in nutrition, and being a licensed foster parent. How have these diverse experiences influenced your writing and your perspective on family?

A. As a cosmetologist my desire to help others was returned as they mentored and poured into my life. As a Dietitian helping others eat better and manage serious health-related diseases which gives them more time with family. As a foster parent modeling stability and security for children. In all incidences having family modeled in some non-traditional fashion to have the fundamental needs of belongingness met and shared.

Q: "The Quest For Family" is described as a deeply emotional and honest exploration of your personal journey. What was the most challenging part of sharing such intimate experiences with your readers?

A. Being transparent and letting go of the shame associated with my childhood as it brought up a lot of raw emotion. It was as if I walked back through a surreal timeline reliving the experiences first-hand. Many times I felt anxious about sharing but someone would read a raw chapter and keep encouraging me to keep moving forward.

Q: Traveling to seventeen European countries is a significant feat. How did these travel experiences impact your outlook on life and your sense of belonging?

A. Suddenly being immersed in a culture with different accents, foods, kind people and awe gripping scenery helped me remove my own thinking about my distorted body image and fringe of eating disorders. Looking through a different lens I could accept myself for who I was and how God made me. The focus was redirected to learning about others instead.

Q: Could you tell us about a specific moment or encounter during your travels that had a profound impact on you and contributed to the themes in your book?

A. During my travels to the Czech Republic, I felt a familiar connection knowing that my ancestry was part Czech. The city was an unknown inexpensive, less-traveled gem. As I reflected many times people place value on monetary things. How many times do we overlook the beauty and importance of someone because of its lesser conceived value?

Q: Your book highlights the importance of church, family time, and camping. How have these elements played a role in your personal quest for family and identity?

A. The Church and my faith have built values that I was not taught as a child. This community holds a level of accountability that keeps my family in line with the same morals and values. Camping is an escape from the distractions at home that allows us to teach our kids about quality time while exploring history and learning about others.

Q: You've been a registered dietitian since 2008. How has your background in nutrition influenced your perspective on self-care and well-being,

both physically and emotionally?

A. Learning how to eat a healthy balanced diet has taught me to think more clearly, provide energy to generate emotional intelligence, and physical endurance, and lead a productive life. Through my experience, the pattern of what is considered a healthy diet has changed dramatically and because of this, I have seen an increase in chronic diseases for young people.

Q: "The Quest For Family" covers themes of identity and self-discovery. How has writing this book helped you better understand your own identity and journey?

A. I have already done a lot of the work and hit my victory moment unlike 20 years ago. Now is the time to share and help others with this story. This was the time to write. Reflecting back I am so thankful every day for where I am and every opportunity I have to give back.

Q: Your writing has been praised for its emotional depth and evocative imagery. Can you tell us about your writing process and how you capture these emotions on the page?

A. I would say it is a form of meditation and worship as I listen to Christian melodies and pour out my soul transcribed through words on paper capturing every smile, every tear, and every defeat.

Q: What message or takeaway do you hope readers will gain from your book, especially those who may be on their own quests for family and self-discovery?

A. I hope readers can reflect on their own buried pain that resurfaces and find healing. I hope those who have been fortunate to not experience such things will have their eyes and hearts opened to others and develop empathy. I hope to challenge people to take the lead in how we treat others while changing the trajectory of our world

Q: Can you share any future writing?

A. My daughter and I are working on a children's book called “The Rescue Story, through the Eyes of Our Dogs”. It will be about rescuing dogs with an undertone of fostering and adopting. I am working on building my YouTube page with nutrition and wellness topics. Finally, working on an audiobook that will be available on podcasts internationally.

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