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Article Published on: 01ST JUNE 2024 |


Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1971, Lorena Cordero is a multifaceted artist whose upbringing in Paris ignited her passion for beauty and creativity. At the tender age of 10, she relocated to Paris with her family, immersing herself in a world replete with captivating imagery, cinema, art, and fashion. Tragically, the untimely passing of her father prompted the family to remain in Paris, where Cordero blossomed amidst a rich cultural tapestry.

Driven by a fervent artistic spirit, Cordero pursued photography at Parsons New York and Paris, where she honed her skills and developed a keen eye for human emotion. Despite facing health challenges, she seized every opportunity to learn and grow, ultimately charting her own path as a self-taught artist. Delving deep into the intricacies of human development, she explored the complexities of emotion, capturing intimate portraits that reflected the diverse spectrum of human experience.


Cordero's photographic journey has been marked by both solo and group exhibitions, showcasing her distinctive perspective and artistic vision. Notably, her second fine art book, "THE WOMAN I LIVE IN," featuring series such as "HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN" and "AURA," stands as a testament to her creative prowess. Building upon the fantastical world she envisioned in her earlier work, "LABYRINTH INSIDE THE MIRROR" (2012), Cordero's latest publication delves deeper into the essence of femininity, garnering international acclaim and recognition. In a bold departure from her photographic roots, Cordero ventured into the realm of fashion, launching her eponymous clothing brand in 2020. Seamlessly blending artistry with wearable design, her brand serves as a conduit for personal expression, inviting individuals to become living canvases for her creations. Through her innovative designs and daring exploration, Cordero empowers individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to embrace their infinite potential.

For the past four years she has been integrating her artistic background to fashion creation. She launches in 2020 her clothing brand under her own name, making it a tool and a direct link with people as living canvases. Her proposals go hand in hand with daring to explore, giving people a way to discover themselves infinitely.


Lorena Cordero emerged onto the fashion scene in 2020 with a distinctive vision that seamlessly blended art and functionality. Her debut pieces, one-of-a-kind handbags, served as canvases for her artistic expression, integrating elements like photography, metal, and resin to transform them into wearable art. This marked the genesis of her eponymous brand, which aimed to fuse her artistic background with fashion.

Simultaneously, Cordero embarked on her inaugural clothing collection titled "THE WOMAN I LIVE IN," drawing inspiration from her ongoing photographic series. The collection was a testament to the strength and resilience of women throughout history, endeavouring to reshape societal narratives by portraying women as warriors rather than victims, granting them the visibility and empowerment often denied by societal norms.

Establishing her brand, Cordero inaugurated her first physical store in Ecuador in November 2020, setting the stage for a journey marked by creativity and innovation. Over the ensuing years, she has cultivated four additional collections, each contributing to the evolution of her brand's identity and aesthetic.

However, it was the Nyctophilia collection that emerged as a defining moment for Cordero. Presented in a groundbreaking solo exhibition in Quito, Ecuador, it captured the essence of her brand with unprecedented clarity. The collection's success propelled Cordero onto the global stage, as it was featured in the closing runway of Paris Fashion Week in March 2024, garnering international acclaim.

Now, Cordero is poised to unveil her next creation during the upcoming September Fashion Week, continuing her journey of redefining fashion through artistry and empowerment. Her trajectory exemplifies a fusion of creativity, advocacy, and entrepreneurship, solidifying Lorena Cordero as a prominent figure in the contemporary fashion landscape.


Q: Your journey as an artist has included various forms of creative expression, from photography to furniture transformation. How has this diverse background influenced your approach to fashion design at Lorena Cordero Couture?

A. Photography has been my most explored artistic field. For me, art has always been a way of healing. Diversity exploring different paths in art has enormously influenced my way of approaching fashion design. It has given me a new way to shape my emotions through forms and textures and textiles.

Q: Can you share more about the process of creating each character you photograph, and how this process translates into the designs and concepts behind your fashion collections?

A. It is important to clarify that my way of working in photography has been very theatrical. My themes have required a lot of historical research, costume and makeup work, direction, and a very intimate emotional work with myself and my models.

I would say the main concept in my artistic work is the duality in human emotions. When I choose a character it’s like working in myself and working in the model as the mirror effect. This has a direct impact in my designs as I design from my emotions. That’s why I choose many layers and textures to build my pieces, as the human brain.

Q: Your home is described as a canvas where you dress the walls and transform furniture. How does your personal space inspire your fashion designs, and do you find parallels between decorating your home and creating clothing?

A. Definitely I do. I see and feel my art and creations as a whole in life. I am the same inside and outside my home. I am the same inside and outside my body. I work from my soul, which has neither an outside or inside.

My pieces speak from within. When, at some point of my life I realized that I didn’t need to please anyone, that freedom, was just being myself and that I could apply that to my art, I felt I opened a portal. It is a way of living. It is my choice.

Q: Growing up in Paris, known for its fashion and artistic culture, how has the city influenced your aesthetic and design sensibilities at Lorena Cordero Couture?

A. My time in Paris was during the 80’s. When small brands and boutiques had their own voice and space. Paris is an amazing beautiful city which has an immense power through aesthetic, design and images. I believe it’s like a religion. Beauty is a must. It either empowers or weakens a person. I would say that at that time as a teenager I definitely wanted to be the beautiful woman in the pictures, which was not always the case. Later in life I understood that beauty and hideousness were the same, depending the perspective and needed to co-exist in order to be alive. This was a magical wake up call.

Q: Your brand is described as a proposition to dare oneself to be true. How do you incorporate this message into the designs and ethos of Lorena Cordero Couture?

A. I believe that when a person becomes conscious of what he/she wants to wear and feel, the concept of dressing changes completely. My pieces are different because they carry their own DNA. I don’t try to incorporate my designs to fit society’s standards. I design with the aim of going deeper into feelings and emotions.

Q: The purses in your collection are unique handmade pieces, described as "wearing art in the street." What inspired you to create these accessories, and how do they contribute to the overall vision of your brand?

A. The purses are one of a kind pieces. There’s only one in the world of each design. Some of them have a box shape where I’ve incorporated framed photographs from my photographic series printed in canvas or transfered to textiles. Others have resin or metal objects sewn to the bags, some have metal paws. Each of them tells a story of their own. You can either use or exhibit them, or both.

Q: Each piece in your collection reflects deep work in the art world. Can you share more about the artistic influences and inspirations behind your designs?

A. My artistic influences are so many. From other artists to life itself. We are used to live in a world where blindness and lack of consciousness is normal. Breaking this habit is not easy at all but there’s where the magic is. We wonder and question life constantly but rarely take off the mask that blinds us. Being present in every aspect connects me to the world and others. My greatest influence is connecting, bringing consciousness constantly to myself and feelings. Keeping my memory awake.

Q: Tradition and innovation are solid foundations of Lorena Cordero Couture. How do you balance these elements in your designs, particularly when creating pieces that are both beautifully constructed and full of detail?

A. Tradition is history, is what others discovered before us. Tradition is a key that already opens a door or many. Tradition is the light in a path. Innovation on the other side is a tool to transform. It is alchemy. Together they become creation of something new. To innovate you need a starting point. When these two elements meet, they both become stronger and powerful. They are both important.

Q: Your brand is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Can you discuss the process of creating garments and accessories that embody these qualities?

A. Attention to detail is what builds craftmanship. It is a very important and never-ending part of the process of creating and constructing a piece. Details are the voice of a piece while craftmanship is the personality.

Q: The concept of daring oneself to be true is central to Lorena Cordero's Couture. How do you ensure that this message resonates with your customers, and what impact do you hope it will have on their lives?

A. In a world where we are shaped to be all the same and avoid to stand out it feels as an artist that this is one of my missions in life. Being true to oneself is the main key to freedom. My pieces are alive from the conscious feelings of each person involved in creating it. I am very persistent on that. Working with my team requires to be present in many aspects. The people who work with me learn to become more aware of what they are doing and feeling. What we put in each piece is what we give to our customers. And I don’t mean only the physical elements. When the energy from all of us is alive as one in any piece we create, there is no way that the person who wears it won’t feel it.

Q: Can you share any specific design techniques or approaches that are unique to Lorena Cordero Couture, and how they contribute to the brand's identity?

A. When creating a piece there is a point where it becomes alive. It has happened to me either in creating a photograph, an accessory or a dress. Many elements are present, the persons who are working on it, the materials, and of course the emotions. Sometimes the piece takes over and speaks by itself, it wants to transform in a different shape, it needs more or less of anything. The weight goes to the other side. The whole piece comes and goes from and to the upside down. It is a magical process. When we manipulate textiles for instance it is so important to let them speak, then you flow and dance with it. Then giving birth is natural, not forced.

Q: As a Parisian designer, you have likely encountered diverse perspectives and influences. How do you ensure that your brand remains authentic while appealing to a global audience?

A. I am not a Parisian designer, I grew up in Paris since I was 10 to 16. I was born in Ecuador but feel from all over. I don’t like to frame myself as only one thing or from one place. We are infinite, I am aware that there are places where I have a smaller audience. My country for instance. That’s ok. I rather keep my brand authentic to myself and the people who connect with it, than try to expand sacrifying my essence.

Q: Your brand is a fusion of creativity and enjoyment. How do you infuse joy into your designs, and what role do emotions play in your creative process?

A. As I said, emotions are one of the main ingredients in my creative process. I do enjoy designing but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to face pain in the process. Sometimes creating is slow, other times it just flows. It’s never the same. At the end it’s a healing process.

Q: What are your aspirations for Lorena Cordero Couture, and are there any upcoming collections or projects that you're particularly excited about?

A. There are upcoming collections. The next one is called LIES AND SECRETS, based on my own and people close to me experiences. We are already working on it and hopefully we will showcase it in Milan and maybe Paris fashion week in September 2024. My aspirations for the brand is to get known and be able to touch more people through it.

Q: How do you see the future of fashion evolving, and what role do you hope Lorena Cordero Couture will play in shaping that future?

A. I think that fashion is such a powerful tool of expression. It goes extremely fast which causes a big distraction into people’s consciousness. It also creates the contrary: awareness. So it is a broad spectrum which is interesting. I believe that Lorena Cordero Couture plays an important role into the awareness of being present and being yourself.



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