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Article Published on: 11TH JAN 2024 |


Do You Love HER is a book written about LOVE. In essence, love between a husband and wife. Love from a woman’s perspective on how a husband should Love his wife. Although this book was written for married and engaged couples, this book should be sought out for those who are single and desiring to be married as well. His book describes love in a way that has never been described before, and compared the woman to someone that had never been described or written in any other book before. Do You Love Her, will change lives, change marriages and change the way Love has been projected upon men and women throughout life.

Do You Love HER goal is to cause men to understand and appreciate women. It was written to inform, empower, and inspire men to first understand the true meaning of the word love. It was written to teach men their true identity in the Earth. It was written to uplift women who have given up on Love and feel there is no hope. After reading this book, when he seeks to find her there will be no misunderstanding. He will, in fact, know that Yes, he does love her. He will know that Love is not just a mere word, but certainly should be acted upon.

Do You Love HER provides effective communication strategies for couples to better understand each other’s love language. The contents would cause women to be proud of their strengths and all that they bring to relationships. After reading this book, women would know what their true purpose is as it relates to being in a relationship and realize just how important their role shapes the family dynamics. Do You Love HER is the question on every woman’s mind. Love is the catalyst for a long-lasting relationship and the only word that can heal brokenness and bitterness. Love, it bears all things, believes all things and endures all things. Love, the answer for your relationship today.


Amazing book! This is definitely vital reading for anyone in a relationship or contemplating a relationship and if it's genuine connection! It makes you ask the hard questions and makes you think beyond the surface. Great read and definitely recommend!




Ambassador Dr Henderson is the Founder and CEO of the Survivors’ Global Ministry (SGM), a non-profit charitable organization that has programs such as Help for the Homeless, Intervention on behalf of Suicidal Victims, Help for Abused Women and Children, and several Outreach Programs. She is also the Founder and CEO of DeWaElle, LLC, Virtue Consulting Company and Dr. DTH Ministries, Inc. She is a Radio Personality hosting her show “Straight to the Point”, a broadcast that is aimed at dealing with real issues and offering real solutions that face our society domestically and internationally. She is a Television Personality and Executive Producer of the TV Show, “The Right Now Word” which airs on the Eternal Life Network. She is an Author that has authored several books, which include, Do You Love HER?, Eating Healthy To Live Wealthy, Master Your Distractions, Conquer Your Emotions, Your Best Self Yet, Misguided Affections, When A Prophet Cries Something Happens, and I Give You Keys. She is the originator of the “Moving Mountains” Conference Line. She Founded the SGM Bible College and School of the Prophets. She built from the ground and served as the Co-Founder & Vice President of The Rhema School of the Prophets (RSOP) Largo, MD. She served as a Business Consultant and Advisor to the International Alliance Ministry of Servants (IAMS). Ambassador Dr Henderson holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree with honors, an MTS, MBA, and a BSBA in Business Administration. She's pursuing a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership and serves as a Global Chaplain. Dr. Henderson's global travels empower people in the USA and various international destinations, from London to South Africa. She began writing as a child, focusing on poetry, and achieved success with her debut book, "I Give You Keys," motivating her to further her writing journey.

Dr. Delores Henderson is a multifaceted entrepreneur and visionary leader who has made a significant impact in various fields. Beyond her impressive credentials, she is a dedicated philanthropist and a beacon of inspiration for many. She underscores her commitment to making a positive difference in people's lives.




Q: Tell us more about the mission and work of the Survivors' Global Ministry, and how it led to your passion for writing and advocacy.

A. The Survivors Global Ministry, Inc. was implemented to provide programs to help abused women and children, feed the homeless, intervene and provide counselling for children who are suicidal, and be a beacon of hope for the lost. I have always had a passion for writing, but what gives me inspiration is to witness and be able to write about those who have overcome obstacles in life, and have ultimately triumphed over pain, hurt and discouragement.

Q: "Do You Love HER?" focuses on love within marriages. What inspired you to write this book, and what unique perspective does it offer?

A. Do You Love HER? is a book about LOVE. This book focuses on LOVE as a whole, particularly in relationships, those who are engaged, married, and would like to be married or divorced. I was inspired to write this book based on the misconceptions of what people, particularly men thought women were looking for in a relationship. Many men write books for women on how to get a man or keep a man, but there are few books that teach, communicate and empower men on how to LOVE their woman. This book, Do You Love HER, was written with every woman in mind, simply to teach him how to Love HER?

Q: Could you share some key insights or advice from the book that could benefit married and engaged couples? In addition to your writing, you also host a radio show, "Straight to the Point," where you address real societal issues. How do your radio discussions tie into the themes in your books?

A. Some insights from the book would include: 1. Know your woman’s love language, 2, Never have her trying to figure out if you love her, 3, Never make her last, 4, be sure she is the one, and make a move when you know, 5. Crown her with your LOVE.

In Straight To The Point, we deal with real issues facing our society and individual lives. I have a segment in which I allow authors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to shout out their products, shows and or authors to give a 3-minute or less description of their book(s). The show inspires, empowers, encourages, and motivates its listeners to be all that they can be as if they were reading any of my books.

Q: Your TV show, "The Right Now Word," has a broad reach. Can you tell us about the goals and impact of this show, and how it complements your ministry and writing?

A. The Right Now Word's objective is to inspire the millions of viewers who tune in every Thursday night. It is a television ministry that provides direction, inspiration and encouragement for those who are desiring encouragement, motivation, and uplifting in the moment. My writings do the same. Every book written does one or the other: empowers, motivates, inspires, encourages, provides insight, and equips.

Q: Your book "Misguided Affections" touches on relationships. What are some of the common misconceptions or challenges you address in this book?

A. Yes, Misguided Affections was written with every kind of relationship (business, married, friendship) in mind. Many relationships fail due to misconceived notions, unspoken expectations, imaginations gone wild, or simply one not being upfront about his or her true feelings about the other person. Misguided simply means, something that has been thought of in a person’s mind, but no evidence of truth. For example, he or she said hello, and now you think he or she wants to marry you, that’s simply misguided.

Q: You've authored several books related to faith and relationships. What role does spirituality play in your work, and how do you balance this with real-world issues?

A. Spirituality plays a major role in my life. I am guided by my beliefs. Faith plays a major role in my life. I am a true believer that FAITH is the epitome of obtaining everything your heart desires, along with LOVE of course. I balance Spirituality and real-world issues by not forgetting that I am still in the world, and in order to be an agent of change, I have to not be like the world, but not judge it either. I am to simply love regardless of my personal beliefs. I’ve learned that you win people by love and not hate or judgment.

Q: Could you share some memorable experiences from your "Moving Mountains" Conference Line, and what kind of support and guidance it provides to participants?

A. Yes, this line intercedes in prayer on behalf of anyone (all are invited to come on the line), who would like prayer or would like to discuss a problem or issue. I simply pray and give direction and comfort to those who desire it.

Q: As the CEO of multiple organizations, how do you manage your time and balance your various roles and responsibilities?

A. That is a good question, I believe in work-life balance. I work 7 days a week; however, I ensure to take days off and go on vacations throughout the year. I know when to take time off.

Q: In "Do You Love HER?" you mention a unique perspective on women. Could you elaborate on this perspective and its importance in the book?

A. Yes, Women were created for more than just to have children for their husbands, they were created to help him meet his vision, and if the woman is not included to do what she was ultimately created to do, the relationship will not be as productive as it was intended to be.

Q: What's next on your writing journey? Are there any upcoming projects or books that your readers can look forward to?

A. My book, Do You Love Her? Was just released July 2023. However, I am gearing up to write my next book that should be out by the end of 2024.

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