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Article Published on: 23TH JAN 2023 |

Julien Fournié is happy to finally find the podiums. Without forgetting the past and recent crises, He now offers his way of seeing the future. Faced with the inanity of fashion trends, cut, refinement, and beauty can still make it possible to transfigure our vulnerabilities into weapons and to change perspective in our approach to the world.

The French couturier's "First Creatures" suggest aesthetic avenues to overcome gloom. In a world where hope seems to be becoming scarcer, Julien Fournié's creatures do not give in to pessimism. It is in their vulnerability that they draw the strength that makes them heroines. They straighten their backs, assume their femininity, and induce their saving authority.

Julien Fournié draws his inspiration from the open sea:

  • The manta ray stands as a standard symbol of grace. It appears in delicate necklaces, the fruit of the collaboration of Julien Fournié with Adrian Colin, a glass artist. The futuristic and organic cutting of the animal formerly called "sea devil" is part of new inlays of organza or tulle. It is also cut into the bottom of some jackets, it insinuates itself even on the fall of the kidneys. Everywhere, she emphasizes the anatomical forms and lengthens the bodies of this half-woman, half-alien creatures who integrate in a graphic purity the virtual legends with physical appearances.

  • Jellyfish arouse both fascination and dread. Julien Fournié uses their umbrellas and tentacles as splendid and venomous embellishments.

  • Cephalopod tentacles and marine mammal rostrums sensually highlight the means of perception of the ecosystem and the exchanges with its inhabitants, whether or not they are of the same species, in the borderless environment of the oceans.

In his color palette, Julien Fournié first makes blacks and midnight blue sing. He also chooses to weave together the metallic colored threads, molds the bodies in a relief silk jersey, and evokes the skin of oceanic creatures that he cherishes here in the pattern forming the mesh of a fine jersey, thereby highlighting transparent scales a tulle sheath "nude," elsewhere by using a calendered organza to exalt the iridescence of light reflected in pelagic space.

"Over the past two years, we have been exploring new means of expression through films. originals" says Julien Fournié. "But nothing replaces the face-to-face parade in front of a select audience... to experience the same emotions together. Finding our models on the catwalk is essential, especially for Haute Couture. The form here does not go without the substance: that of a personal story told to those who know how to read appearances, that of a resolute purity aimed at highlighting the rough edges that make a person. »

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