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Updated: Jun 14, 2023


Article Published on: 04 APR 2023 |


A woman with a mystery whose aura intoxicates you. Enigmatic, fascinating, charming, elusive. An angel - or not at all? Only she truly knows. Optional Seduction is always a mystery.

Captivating more than just your attention, her charm is as hypnotic as the moon. Unknowable and with a hint of danger her appearance (at least) is purely angelic. Her fragrance is mesmerizing. With a spirit that is both dark and light, this is an Oriental Floral with a troubling sensuality and an indecipherable signature. Haunting and enticing all at once. Rare ingredients are encased in a tear-shaped talisman, a crystal almost plucked from a chandelier, translucent, yet dark and secret.

Offers some great flexibility yet it is most appropriate for evening wear. Ange Ou Demon opens with natural zest from saffron and a light lively orange note. At that point, it advances into something creamier and better with tonka bean and vanilla. This stuff can be a flat-out force to be reckoned with, with its power, and life span. Ange isn't a fragrance for everyone, significantly more specialty, than different aromas on the rundown. It has an extraordinary kind of profile, yet one you may need to figure out how to adore. Notes of tonka bean, saffron, ylang, vanilla, and others.


Amarige, a generous floral Eau de Toilette for a radiant and fulfilled woman.

Feminine, soft, sublime: Amarige is the symbol of femininity, radiant and bursting with happiness. This Eau de Toilette reveals the pleasures of life and the simplicity of joyful moments with its sweet notes evocating the shores of the Mediterranean.

A particularly great fragrance from the mid-1990s which includes an awesome blend of natural products, botanical, and zesty notes. It is a rich and layered scent that gives it a quality of multifaceted nature and makes it perfect for a mature lady. Amarige opens with its organic product/botanical blend before it inclines more toward the floral end. You get succulent peach and tart plum, particularly solid at the top, yet they stick around all through the wear. Gardenia, ylang-ylang, tuberose, and mimosa all appear to get their chance at bat. Be that as it may, they eventually arrive at a dazzling bunch period, which is featured by the basic sweet organic products. This is a remarkable entertainer and a generally beautiful scent.


Rose essence with star anise and elegant round, soft patchouli. French, sensual elegance with a deep, daring glamorous twist. Very Irrésistible, French style and elegance meet America's spontaneity.

Surprising, stunning, and spontaneous. At its heart, a deeply feminine floral. A unique mix of five roses and the star anise signature amplified in the Eau de parfum with sensual, vanilla, and patchouli. The art of elegance that makes the best of life inevitable. Very Irrésistible, French style and elegance meet America's spontaneity.

A deliciously seductive fragrance by Givenchy. It mixes rose and peony among different notes, to make a durable and lovely issue, which adds a touch of flavor to the botanical notes. It opens with the rose note and anise, which gives a new zest supplement, to the botanical smell. As it dries down, the peony makes its mark and removes Very Irresistible from being, even more, an unadulterated rose scent. This one will last an entire 8 hours, isn't a sillage beast, and works very well in the spring/summer months.


Another force brimming with courageous appeal. Energetic and magnetic, the Eau de parfum plays it free-form for men who move to their own beat. A woody-flower Oriental plays a hazardous beat as it so happens.

Peppery effervescence riffs with the delicate and aromatic lavender. Differentiating notes based upon a pulsating flower heart. Heated up with Tolu demulcent, the iris heart plays a performance, brimming with quality and delicacy happening with a manly pitch. The base echoes with woody patchouli and the exotic nature of dark vanilla. Oriental and addictive. A cadenced fragrance to accompany you through the night.

Givenchy Gentlemen is a great fragrance to wear during the winter and fall. The scent of this fragrance is spicy and sweet and those types of scents work better during the colder months. It's best suited for younger guys.

The top notes of Givenchy Gentlemen are pineapple, pear, and cardamom. The middle notes are geranium, lavender, and iris. The base notes are leather, patchouli, and vanilla.


Warm and intense, Xeryus Rouge is a classic, Woody-Oriental designed for a man who embraces his freedom and is a risk-taker at heart. His fiery, intuitive sensuality is irresistibly captivating with an underlying mystery that cannot be resisted. Succulent kumquat and green cactus are dusted with red pepper and crushed cedar wood for a seductive scent that lingers.

Givenchy Xeryus is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the transitional seasons, like fall and spring. The woody, fresh scent goes perfectly with those seasons, as they’re not too hot, nor too cold. Givenchy Xeryus has this mature vibe. This makes this fragrance work much better with older men. Not that you can’t pull this fragrance off when you’re in your thirties.

The top notes of Givenchy Xeryus are grapefruit and artemisia. The middle notes are cypress, guaiac wood, and Chinese cypriol. The base note is amber.


Transcending 'It' status to become an undeniable classic in the handbag stakes, Givenchy’s timeless Antigona tote is presented this season in black pebbled leather. Crafted by the French house's artisans in Italy, the tote features two round top handles, a detachable shoulder strap, a top zip closure, and a single internal zipped pocket. Accented with silver-tone hardware, this Antigona tote will add edge and elegance in equal measure to on and off-duty looks.


Recognized for a darkly romantic aesthetic, Givenchy has been a revered fashion house since 1952, with hallmark contemporary silhouettes and timeless leather accessories, as seen with this cream leather Medium Mystic bag. Featuring a round top handle, a snap button closure, an internal zipped pocket, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, a back slip pocket, a front flap closure, a main internal compartment, a debossed signature, and a double G magnetic closure with logo engraving.

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