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Article Published on: 28TH MAY 2024 |

From Copenhagen's Cobblestone Streets to Global Horizons: A Literary Odyssey of Curiosity and Compassion - Navigating the Intricacies of Life and Autism with Danish Author Michael Owino.

Embark on a riveting journey through the life of Danish author Michael Owino. From the enchanting streets of Copenhagen to global escapades across Europe and Asia, Owino's life is a tapestry of exploration. A wordsmith with a passion for unraveling the world's complexities, his adventures breathe life into his narratives. Beyond literary prowess, Owino's compassionate work in supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder adds depth, making him a literary alchemist crafting stories that resonate with the heart and soul. Join the voyage through his life – where curiosity meets compassion in a symphony of storytelling.


A Literary Alchemist Weaving - Realism and Compassion

In the realm of literature, few authors possess the breadth of knowledge and diverse experiences that Danish writer Michael Owino brings to the table. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Owino has not only delved into the intricacies of Scandinavian life but has also traversed the globe, immersing himself in the rich tapestry of history, art, and human dynamics.

Michael Owino's literary journey is a testament to his insatiable curiosity and dedication to understanding the world from various perspectives. His extensive research, spanning topics from the frontlines of World War II to the boardrooms of corporate giants, has paved the way for a collection of works that offer readers vivid glimpses into different facets of life. The first trilogy, comprised of "Caught in Time," "The Attack on the Ferris Wheel," and the acclaimed "Milk" (released in 2022), has already garnered attention in both Danish and English markets. "Milk" stands out, having earned a coveted spot on the shortlist for the LitFest Award 2023, a testament to Owino's ability to captivate and resonate with audiences on a global scale.

As Michael Owino embarks on his new literary venture, "The Tennis Club" series, with the debut book titled "Stalked," he takes on a socially relevant theme. The series sheds light on the challenges faced by women in the corporate world, addressing issues of sexism and racism with a distinctive blend of humor and gripping narrative.

Beyond his literary achievements, Owino's unique perspective is deeply rooted in his work and education in supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder. This aspect of his life not only reflects his compassion and dedication but also provides him with a profound understanding of human diversity, communication nuances, and societal dynamics. Owino's literary prowess is not just a product of his extensive research but also a result of his commitment to understanding and addressing real-world issues. His ability to seamlessly integrate his experiences in helping those with autism into his storytelling adds a layer of authenticity and depth to his truly unparalleled work.

In a world where literature often serves as a mirror to society, Michael Owino stands as a beacon, using his pen to navigate the complex landscapes of human experience. His dedication to exploring diverse narratives with sensitivity and depth sets him apart, making his contributions to the literary world both impactful and enduring. As readers anticipate the unfolding chapters of "The Tennis Club" series, one can only imagine the insightful and thought-provoking journey that Michael Owino has in store for us, a journey that promises to enrich our understanding of the world and the human spirit.


In the expansive landscape of contemporary literature, Danish author Michael Owino emerges as a literary voyager, navigating the realms of history, corporate intrigue, and societal challenges with a unique blend of insight and compassion. His career, marked by an insatiable curiosity and a dedication to diverse narratives, has unfolded as a tapestry of experiences, research, and a deep commitment to understanding and representing the complexities of the human experience.

Michael Owino's career has been defined by an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge. From the frontlines of World War II to the corridors of corporate power, Owino's writings draw from a vast reservoir of research. His exploration of crime, intricately woven into the fabric of his books, reflects a commitment to unraveling the human condition in all its facets.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Owino's understanding of Scandinavian life forms the cornerstone of his literary foundation. However, his literary lens extends far beyond national borders. Extensive travels across Europe and Asia have bestowed upon him a wealth of knowledge about art, design, and history, enriching his narratives with a global perspective that resonates with readers worldwide.

The first trilogy—comprising "Caught in Time," "The Attack on the Ferris Wheel," and the award-shortlisted "Milk" (2022)— serves as a testament to Owino's prowess as a storyteller. Published in both Danish and English, the trilogy has garnered acclaim for its ability to transport readers across time and space, offering a tapestry of stories that captivate and engage.

Undeterred by past triumphs, Michael Owino embarks on a new literary odyssey with the ten-book series, "The Tennis Club." The inaugural installment, "Stalked," delves into the challenges women face in the corporate world, addressing issues of sexism and racism. True to Owino's style, the book is infused with a signature blend of good humor and gripping plotlines, promising readers an immersive experience that transcends mere storytelling.

Beyond the realms of fiction, Owino's career takes on a distinctive hue through his work and education in supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder. This dedication has not only enriched his understanding of human diversity and challenges but has also provided him with invaluable insights into the nuances of communication, cognition, and societal dynamics. This compassionate perspective serves as a guiding force, infusing his literary endeavors with authenticity and depth.

Michael Owino's career is marked not just by the quantity of his literary output but by the quality of the narratives he weaves. His ability to navigate diverse subjects with unparalleled depth and sensitivity showcases a writer who is not content with merely telling stories but is committed to capturing the multifaceted essence of the human experience. As readers embark on the literary journey crafted by Michael Owino, they are not just consuming stories; they are immersing themselves in a world shaped by a writer whose career is a testament to the power of words to transcend boundaries, foster understanding, and illuminate the human soul.


In the realm of literature, behind every penned word, there lies a compelling motivation that propels an author's journey. For Danish wordsmith Michael Owino, the path to becoming an author is woven with threads of passion, exploration, and a commitment to understanding the multifaceted facets of the human experience.

A Lifelong Quest for Knowledge: Owino's insatiable curiosity has been the driving force behind his literary pursuits. From a young age, he embarked on a quest for knowledge, delving into subjects that spanned the historical landscapes of World War II to the intricate workings of corporate boardrooms. His motivation stems from a genuine desire to unravel the complexities of the world, transforming his inquisitiveness into narratives that captivate and educate.

Advocacy Through Art: Owino's motivation takes a poignant turn in his dedication to shedding light on issues that matter. Through his literature, he becomes an advocate for social justice, particularly in his latest series, "The Tennis Club." By addressing the challenges women face in the corporate world, including issues of sexism and racism, Owino's motivation transforms into a powerful force for change, using his words to spark conversations and foster understanding.

Owino's motivation, rooted in Copenhagen, transcends Scandinavia. His extensive travels across Europe and Asia serve as a wellspring of inspiration, infusing his works with a global perspective. Each journey broadens his horizons and fuels his desire to share diverse stories, resonating with readers worldwide by capturing the interconnected essence of our diverse world.


(has been nominated for 4 awards and won one book honor prize)

"Stalked" explores themes of love, obsession, and power dynamics through the lens of Gabriella, a black woman in a high-powered position, her husband Oliver, and their two children. Their seemingly perfect family life is shattered when Gabriella narrowly survives a hit-and-run accident, sparking a series of disturbing events that reveal she is being stalked by an unknown assailant. Amidst racial tensions and jealousy, Gabriella grapples with the challenges of her position while navigating the complexities of love and obsession. Meanwhile, a subplot follows Willian, whose unfulfilled dreams and obsession with unattainable love drive his actions. Early on, readers encounter a disillusioned character whose struggles stem from parental pressure to abandon his passions. As the hunt for the stalker intensifies, tensions rise, promising a thrilling journey filled with excitement and drama. Through its multifaceted characters and intricate plotlines, "Stalked" offers both entertainment and thought-provoking insights into the human condition.




In the heart of Copenhagen, investigator Tom Halvorsen's world is shattered when his partner Olina is gravely wounded in a shooting, likely orchestrated by powerful CEO Gustav Kräsens. Amidst personal turmoil including divorce and questioning his purpose, Tom rushes to the scene, only to find a deeper web of corruption and crime tied to Kräsens' illegal art dealings. As the story unfolds, it shifts to the perspective of Claire, Kräsens' formidable partner, revealing the extent of their influence in Mumbai's underworld. Interpol grants Tom and his team unprecedented access to India to unravel the complex web of foreign corruption. However, they soon realize that Indian officials are entangled in the same web, posing a dilemma: uphold the law and risk losing foreign investment or turn a blind eye to maintain stability. With high stakes and intricate intrigue, this historical drama delves into the collision of power, morality, and justice on a global scale.




In 1983, a car fire in a Northern German village results in a death and serious injury, sparking speculation of a personal vendetta or a cover-up of hidden traces. The incident's roots extend back four decades, when German soldiers were tasked with looting the Winter Palace in Leningrad during World War II, aiming to bolster Hitler's art collection. Amidst this backdrop, a museum inspector turned menial laborer becomes embroiled in cataloging stolen art for a new museum, harboring a secret plan for revenge. However, circumstances take a tragic turn. Seven decades later, jewels from the Russian Tsar's court resurface with a German company director, potentially linked to a vanished Danish art forger. As Danish police investigate, their German counterparts scramble to avert scandal. This book offers intricate details of wartime and post-war life, from soldiers enduring the Russian winter to ordinary Germans navigating a world shaped by conflict, inviting readers to ponder its complexities and implications.




The British seaside town Brighton, located in the south of England, was in 1979 targeted by a series of robberies mainly aimed against tourists. The crimes were committed by a group of young lads from the area. As the gang performs their heist one night, everything goes wrong. The city's main attraction, the Ferris wheel shut down, due a power outage, which is so extensive that the entire pier and the small amusement park where the Ferris wheel is, are in complete darkness. The situation has dire consequences and cost several of the guests at the pier their lives. After a few days of searching, the old police chief Vince and his people get on the trail of the gang. After they discover they're being chased, the flee to London leaving their old town, family and friends for good. In London, they meet a group of young street musicians with whom they team up to make new, grandiose plans, but the story again takes a very unexpected turn. The second part of the book sees a young professional agent named Tom, being the centre of a scandal involving art and jewellery stolen by the German elite. The Danish agent and his team, finds themselves immersed in something that's deeper than what's just seen on the surface. A tale of international fraud, scandalous conduct as well as assignations unfolds.



From Copenhagen's cobblestones to global narratives, Michael Owino's journey weaves curiosity and compassion. His tales, like "Milk" and "The Tennis Club," capture the human spectrum. Beyond accolades, his life inspires, navigating challenges with an open heart. In under 50 words, Owino's story becomes a beacon of resilience, urging exploration, empathy, and a celebration of human diversity.


Q: DE MODE's front cover spotlights your work and literary journey. How do you envision this exposure impacting your connection with readers and the broader literary world? What aspirations or expectations come with such prominent visibility?

A. DE MODE's front cover spotlights my literary work, where my ambition is to bring people together through suspenseful novels with serious undertones. This exposure serves as the key to an immersive world where my stories are not just narratives but an invitation to engage in mysteries and challenges.

Imagine stepping into a realm of intrigue, where my books act as guides through the labyrinth of suspense and thought-provoking themes. It's not just about spreading my message; it's about creating an intense and entertaining experience where readers immerse themselves in my books while feeling the pulse of excitement and community

I seek visibility because I believe my novels are not just stories but keys to experiencing the unexpected and delving into the depths of complex characters and plots. Are you ready to be part of this captivating journey through mysteries and serious challenges?

Q: Your extensive research has covered diverse topics, ranging from World War II to the corporate world. How do you select the subjects for your novels, and what fuels your passion for exploring such varied themes?

A. My selection of subjects for novels is guided by specific criteria, incorporating elements of curiosity, relevance, and the potential for intriguing alternatives. I'm drawn to topics that, in my perspective, haven't been thoroughly explored or have been approached from a one-sided view. For instance, in "Stalked," the exploration revolves around the question of whether love can triumph, avoiding a predictable narrative and delving into the complexity of relationships. In "Caught in Time," the storyline considers whether the course of history and the fate of its characters could have been altered.

These criteria stem from my belief that, as humans, we possess the capacity to overcome and resolve conflicts when fueled by determination. The narratives I choose are not only avenues for storytelling but also platforms for examining the uncharted territories of human experience and our potential to navigate challenges.

Q: "Milk" has been shortlisted for the LitFest Award 2023. What does this recognition mean to you, and how does it influence your approach to future writing projects?

A. Being shortlisted for the LitFest Award 2023 holds immense significance for me. It has heightened my commitment to providing readers with truly remarkable experiences. Achieving three nominations and an honorary award for both "Milk" and "Stalked" in the same year signals a clear acknowledgment, indicating that readers expect nothing but excellence.

This recognition has brought a heightened awareness of the expectations from my audience and it serves as a driving force to deliver work of the highest quality. As I work on the next two books in "The Tennis Club" series, the process takes longer than initially planned. However, this delay is intentional, as I am dedicated to ensuring that the quality of these upcoming novels surpasses expectations and offers readers an extraordinary literary journey.

Q: Hailing from Copenhagen, you possess a deep understanding of Scandinavian life. How has your cultural background influenced your storytelling, and have your travels around Europe and Asia added unique perspectives to your narratives?

A. Hailing from Copenhagen, my extensive travels around the world have significantly shaped my storytelling. In Denmark, where it's common for people to explore the world due to its smaller size, I started traveling at a young age and have visited every European country. This exposure has enriched my understanding of various cultures and landscapes.

Denmark, with its unique blend of all four seasons and a welfare model that provides a reasonable chance for all to navigate life, has greatly influenced my perspective. I deeply appreciate and celebrate Denmark's commitment to justice and the opportunities it offers for a comfortable existence. The country's fantastic qualities, combined with my global experiences, provide a rich backdrop for my narratives.

My first visit to India in the 90s was a transformative experience. The overwhelming explosion of colors, the enchanting music, and the captivating fragrances left an indelible impression. This encounter with the vibrant cultural tapestry of India has continued to resonate in my storytelling, infusing my work with the vividness and richness that I first encountered during that unforgettable journey.

Q: Your ten-book series, commencing with "Stalked," explores issues of sexism and racism in the corporate setting. Could you elaborate on the key messages you aim to convey and the impact you hope your series will have on readers?

A. In my ten-book series, beginning with "Stalked," a central message that I personally live by is to "try something new: seek to understand rather than to be understood." I firmly believe that this approach is the path forward. The series delves into issues of sexism and racism within the corporate setting, aiming to shed light on the importance of empathy, understanding, and breaking free from ingrained stereotypes.

Through compelling narratives, my goal is to encourage readers to question preconceived notions, challenge societal norms, and embrace diversity. By emphasizing the power of understanding, I hope the series sparks meaningful conversations and prompts readers to consider new perspectives. Ultimately, I aspire for my work to contribute to a positive impact, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic corporate environment.

Q: Your commitment to supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder is commendable. How has this work shaped your worldview and writing style, and do you perceive a connection between your experiences in this field and your literary pursuits?

A. A significant way, my work with individuals on the autism spectrum, along with those dealing with disturbances.

Brain injuries have profoundly shaped both my worldview and writing style. The often overlooked segments of society, including people with autism and the elderly facing isolation, are, to me, the heart and essence of humanity.

I consider these individuals, often seen as "eccentric" or "different," as the heart of humanity. I am confident that, a century from now, we will look back at how we currently treat people with disabilities and find it appalling. In the future, these individuals will be much more integrated into society, and societal structures will be adapted to cater to their needs to a far greater extent.

My experiences in this field have undoubtedly influenced my literary pursuits. Understanding the unique challenges and perspectives of these individuals has allowed me to infuse authenticity into the characters in my novels. It's not just about telling their stories but also advocating for a more inclusive and compassionate society that embraces the diversity and uniqueness of each individual, regardless of their abilities or differences.

Q: Beyond your novels, do you have other literary goals or projects in mind for the future, and what themes or subjects do you aspire to explore in your upcoming works?

A. Regarding my future literary goals and projects, my commitment is solely directed towards my books. Apart from my work with individuals within the autism spectrum, I devote all my time to serious writing and research. I also engage in fitness training at a gym three times a week, and a significant aspect of my disciplined routine involves consistently producing a substantial number of words each day. My journey into serious writing began in 2014, where I took a two years writing class, and learned the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to word production. This discipline has become ingrained in me, and I am fervent about delivering the best to my readers. Consequently, my dedication is exclusively towards serious writing and the development of these books.

Q: With your literary talents and unique perspective, how do you approach capturing the multifaceted essence of the human experience in your writings?

A. I approach writing with an extremely curious mindset and always strive to encompass the entirety of the people I write about. This approach extends not only to the fictional characters I create but also to the real individuals I encounter. My greatest strength as a writer lies in my perpetual dissatisfaction; I study people and subjects intensely, continually asking questions until there are no more unanswered queries. It is in this in-depth work that I am able to craft believable characters in my books. I don't settle until I've captured the entirety of the personality in a way that allows the reader to truly grasp the entire person, as if they were a real, existing individual.



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