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Updated: Aug 25, 2023


Article Published on: 22ND AUG 2023 |


Stalked is a book that partly deals with love, but also with people who have somehow ended up being obsessed with something they cannot control. The book also deals with the difficulties of being a black woman in a position of power and the jealousy it can bring if a black woman has married a wealthy white man. The family that the book is about consists of Gabriella and her husband Oliver, and their two children, Lea, who is five, and little Galvin, who is three. Gabriella is the CEO of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical company's Danish division, and her husband Oliver is a renowned shipping agent. At first, everything is harmonious, and we get an insight into how love blooms in an almost-perfect family. But one early morning, when the family is on their way to work, luck turns. A hit-and-run driver hits the protagonist Gabriella's car and nearly kills her and the children. Afterward, several disturbing events follow, and we find out that a crazy stalker is stalking and harassing Gabriella.

After the big introduction party where we get to know the different members of the tennis club, the book takes off. A few days later, Gabriella is confronted with a terrifying letter that has been placed on her car windshield, which is clearly racist and offensive. At first, Gabriella doesn't want to tell Oliver anything about the incident, but the security chief of the medical company persuades her to inform Oliver and the police about the incident. From there, the book becomes a regular thriller as the hunt for the stalker begins, while the family becomes more and more aware that something is seriously wrong and that there may be one or more people who want Gabriella dead. With STALKED, you are guaranteed excitement and drama until the last page, while at the same time, The book will surely give you something to think about."

The book is about love in two different ways. The love that we all can immediately recognize, which is about family. Love for parents, spouse, and children. This is the love that most people see as fundamental. On the other hand, the book's Willian is obsessed with unattainable love. His dreams have not been fulfilled, and the woman he loved has left him. Early on in the book, we meet a person who is disillusioned. I cannot reveal the name, but his problems start at an early age when he has to make a compromise with his parents to pursue his great interest.




The author, Michael Owino, has conducted extensive research throughout his life on the subjects that are present in his works. Through his connections and knowledge, he has managed to deliver vivid pictures of everything from the frontlines of World War II to the upper echelons of CEO life in companies. His knowledge of everything from crime has formed the foundation for his books. Hailing from Copenhagen, Danish author Michael Owino has a deep understanding of Scandinavian life in the Danish capital. But his travels around the globe, especially in Europe, and Asia have also given him a wealth of knowledge about art, design, and history. Moreover, his work and education in helping people with autism disorder have given him a unique perspective on the world.

The first trilogy, consisting of the books "Caught in Time", "The Attack on the Ferris Wheel", and "Milk" (released in 2022), has already been published in both Danish and English. "Milk" has already been shortlisted for the LitFest Award 2023.

Michael is now presenting his new ten-book series, "The Tennis Club", with the first book titled "Stalked". In this series, Michael writes about the challenges women face in the corporate world, including issues of sexism and racism. The book is written with Michael's signature blend of good humor and thrilling plotlines.

Through his dedicated efforts and extensive education in supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder, author Michael Owino has cultivated a truly unique and profound perspective on the world. His compassionate work within this field has not only enriched his understanding of human diversity and challenges but has also provided him with invaluable insights into the intricate nuances of communication, cognition, and societal dynamics. This distinct vantage point, coupled with his literary talents, empowers Owino to navigate diverse narratives and subjects with unparalleled depth and sensitivity, contributing to his exceptional ability to capture the multifaceted essence of the human experience in his writings.




Q: Can you tell us a little about your inspiration behind writing the book "Stalked" and what motivated you to explore the themes of obsession and love?

A. The inspiration behind "Stalked" stemmed from my fascination with the dark side of human nature. Exploring themes of obsession and love allowed me to delve into the complexities of human emotions and their potential for both beauty and destruction.

Q: "Stalked" addresses the challenges faced by a black woman in a position of power. Could you elaborate on how the protagonist's experiences in the book shed light on these difficulties?

A. The protagonist's experiences in "Stalked" shine a light on the unique challenges faced by black women in positions of power. It highlights the constant need to prove oneself, navigate stereotypes, and overcome systemic barriers while also dealing with the dangers of obsession. The story aims to foster empathy and spark conversations about these difficulties.

Q: How did you approach the portrayal of obsession in the book? Were there any specific research or personal experiences that influenced your depiction?

A. When portraying obsession in "Stalked," I drew upon a combination of research and personal experiences. I studied psychological profiles and interviewed individuals who had dealt with obsessive tendencies. These insights helped me create a realistic and gripping portrayal of obsession in the book.

Q: The book also delves into the complexities of interracial relationships, particularly a black woman marrying a wealthy white man. Can you discuss the significance of this dynamic and the issues it explores?

A. The dynamic of an interracial relationship, specifically a black woman marrying a wealthy white man, serves as a backdrop to explore societal issues such as prejudice, power dynamics, and cultural clashes. It delves into the complexities that arise when love crosses racial and socioeconomic boundaries, shedding light on the challenges faced by such couples.

Q: In "Stalked," the protagonist encounters jealousy from others due to her successful relationship. How did you navigate the exploration of jealousy and its impact on the characters?

A. Jealousy plays a significant role in "Stalked," affecting the characters and their relationships. Navigating this exploration involved delving into the psychological aspects of jealousy, its roots, and its destructive impact. It provided an opportunity to examine how envy and insecurity can strain both personal and professional connections.

Q. Were there any specific challenges or considerations you faced while writing about the experiences of a black woman navigating power, love, and societal expectations?

A. Writing about the experiences of a black woman navigating power, love, and societal expectations required careful consideration and empathy. It involved conducting extensive research, engaging in conversations with individuals who shared similar experiences, and examining the intersectionality of race and gender. The goal was to authentically represent these challenges and foster understanding.

Q. ."Stalked" touches on the theme of control. How did you explore the notion of control in the book, particularly when it comes to characters dealing with their obsessions?

A. In "Stalked," the notion of control is intricately woven into the narrative. Characters grapple with their obsessions, seeking to gain control over their desires and the objects of their affection. The story explores the fine line between love and possession, ultimately revealing the destructive consequences of unchecked control.

Q. Can you discuss the character development in "Stalked," especially how the protagonist evolves throughout the story, given the challenges she faces as a black woman in a position of power?

A. The protagonist's character development in "Stalked" is shaped by the challenges she faces as a black woman in a position of power. Throughout the story, she evolves from a confident and ambitious individual to someone grappling with the complexities of power dynamics, societal expectations, and personal sacrifices. Her journey reflects the resilience and strength required to navigate these obstacles.

Q. What message or takeaway do you hope readers will gather from reading "Stalked" in relation to the complexities of love and obsession?

A. The message I hope readers take away from "Stalked" is the recognition of the intricate complexities of love and obsession. The book explores how these intense emotions can both empower and destroy individuals, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, healthy boundaries, and empathy in relationships.

Q. Were there any specific real-life incidents or stories that influenced your writing of "Stalked," particularly regarding the experiences of black women in positions of power?

A. While no specific real-life incidents directly influenced "Stalked," I drew inspiration from stories and experiences shared by black women in positions of power. These narratives highlighted the unique challenges they face, such as the constant need to prove their worth, combat stereotypes, and navigate societal expectations. Incorporating these insights helped shape the authenticity of the book.

Q: How did you balance the themes of love and obsession in "Stalked"? Did you find any intersections or conflicts between these two elements while crafting the narrative?

A. Balancing the themes of love and obsession in "Stalked" was an intriguing challenge. While love can be a beautiful and transformative force, obsession can distort and destroy. The narrative explores the blurred boundaries between these two elements, delving into the conflictng emotions & actions they can inspire.

Q: Can you share any personal reflections or anecdotes related to the writing process of "Stalked"? Did anything surprise you or challenge your initial expectations?

A. The writing process for "Stalked" was both surprising and challenging. I discovered unexpected depths within the characters as their stories unfolded. The exploration of power, obsession, and the intersectional challenges faced by black women required continuous introspection and sensitivity to ensure the narrative remained authentic and thought-provoking.

Q. What kind of research or preparation did you undertake to authentically depict the challenges faced by a black woman in a position of power and the dynamics of interracial relationships?

A. To authentically depict the challenges faced by a black woman in a position of power and the dynamics of interracial relationships, extensive research was undertaken. This included studying personal accounts, conducting interviews, and engaging with relevant academic literature. The goal was to portray these experiences with respect, accuracy, and empathy.

Q: How important was it for you to explore the intersectionality of race and gender in "Stalked"? What do you hope this exploration adds to the overall narrative?

A. It was crucial for me to explore the intersectionality of race and gender in "Stalked." By intertwining these themes, the narrator highlights the unique challenges faced by black women in society. I hope this exploration deepens readers' understanding of the complex dynamics at play and fosters conversations surrounding equality, representation, and empowerment.

Q: What do you want readers to take away from "Stalked" when it comes to understanding the complexities and nuances of power, obsession, and the intersectional challenges faced by black women in society?

A. Stalked" aims to unravel the intricacies of power, obsession, and the intersectional challenges faced by black women. It invites readers to contemplate the complexities of love, empathy, and the destructive nature of unchecked desires. Through authentic portrayals and thought-provoking narratives, the book encourages discussions about societal expectations, systemic barriers, and the strength of the human spirit.

AUTHOR MICHAEL OWINO BOOK 'STALKED' is listed in "Page-Turners Unleashed: 11 Engrossing Books You Can't Put Down IN 2023" in the AUG 2023 issue of DE MODE.

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