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Article Published on: 01 FEB 2023 |

The challenge for Mark has been, first of all, to see things as they are, be it a portrait, a city street, or a ball. In a word, he has tried to be objective. Not referring to the objectivity of a machine, but to that of a sensitive human being with his mysterious and personal criteria. The second challenge for Mark has been to impose order on the things he sees, to provide the visual context and the intellectual framework, which for him is the art of photography."


It was until 2 years ago that I was more interested in photography, I am a graduate in Graphic Design and I have more than 15 years working in the world of advertising, I worked for many years in various magazines in my country, it was there that I was filled with the concept of fashion, photography, editing, layout and many other qualities that I have today.

In 2018, I took my camera and started doing portraits, I realized that I had a passion for photography and I was awakening my interest every day, in a self-taught way, putting into practice each experience lived in each of my works as a designer, I had the pleasure of sharing with great photographers in Honduras, makeup artists, and models, so it was not so difficult to start in this world.

“Photography is not as easy as people sometimes think. When they ask you for a photo, they demand a lot of hurry, they think it's shooting and that's it. A good photo takes a lot of time, for me, it is like shooting a scene in a movie."

You become a photographer when you have overcome the concerns of learning and in your hands, the camera becomes an extension of yourself. Then creativity begins, it is there where I take advantage of my experience as a Graphic Designer, it is vital to know about color composition, and how to locate a subject in the scene.

Something that I have very clear is: Photography, like many careers, always has constant learning, which helps you grow as a professional and opens different fields within this profession.

Therefore, it will always be necessary to learn new things, meet other people with the same passion as you, and exchange tips, all this will always make you stay current and not die trying.

Passion is something that I try to cultivate every day, it will be one of the characteristics that will function as the engine of the rest. If we are not passionate about this world, we will not get very far. To achieve something great, something important you need to put in a lot of passion, and infinite enthusiasm, otherwise, you will end up throwing in the towel at the first disappointment, and, believe me, on this path you will find many.

Something that caused me frustration was the fact that I wanted to be like other photographers I know who are among the best, but I decided to be calm, this is very easy to say and very difficult to achieve, which does not mean that it is impossible. We can have our own style from the moment we shoot our first photo, but this is not usual either. We will find our own style by walking and choosing the paths that we like the most, where we feel most comfortable. Many times we will have to unlearn photography to find a unique style and shoot many times and many types of images until that own style reaches our greatest desire.

I keep learning to be better every day, I am motivated to try to be one of the best, I look for different alternatives, and I learn about topics related to photography, makeup, postures, fashion, and styling, each one of them is vital when shooting My field and the one I like the most is fashion photography, I try to specialize in this field while still experimenting in others such as landscape photography, product photography or sports photography, which are fields that I would like to navigate.

Infinitely thanks to the entire team at Revista DE MODE MAGAZINE, for choosing me to produce the photographs of fashion designer Alejandra Cervantes for her event at THAILAND FASHION WEEK.


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