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What They Want Us To Know: Messages of Hope, Meaning, and Unity from the Animal Kingdom is a simple yet profound book that decodes powerful messages of tolerance, acceptance, and unity from members of the animal kingdom. After speaking to over 1,000 different animals, author Shawndra McWhorter has translated the messages animals believe humans are ready to receive and integrate in order to bring a greater sense of joy, meaning, and peace back into their lives. Combining over twenty years of McWhorter’s knowledge as an internationally renowned telepathic animal communicator.

McWhorter’s inspiration for writing the book was to help readers enrich and expand their own lives by creating a more loving connection with themselves and animals. “My aim is to inspire readers to open themselves to find their higher selves and begin to treat ALL life with more compassion, tolerance, and kindness. This book can help each of us expand our capacity to give and receive love.”

The premise of the book is simple: to find unity and connection in all living beings. A culmination of McWhorter’s lifetime connection to animals, the book shares conversations with both wild and domestic animals including an Orca, Rattlesnake, Horse, Owl, Dog, and more. The book also teaches readers how to incorporate these messages into their daily lives in order to walk with more awareness and begin to see all life as worthy and valuable. “I’ve always thought that if humans would be more like animals, we’d have a much kinder and happier world,” says McWhorter. An enlightening and inspiring read, the book will help you look at animals not only with more respect and appreciation but also as teachers who have the wisdom to impart to help us become the best versions of ourselves. What They Want Us To Know was named a Finalist in the Animals/Pets category of the Book Excellence Awards. The awards competition is dedicated to recognizing both independent and traditionally published authors and publishers for excellence in writing, design, and overall market appeal in over 100 countries around the world. With inspirational insights and gentle, healing prose, What They Want Us To Know is the perfect pick-me-up to help you find a renewed sense of hope, joy, clarity, and freedom. Readers who want to learn how to be more compassionate, tolerant, and heart-centered, to animals and to each other, are encouraged to read this powerful book.




Shawndra McWhorter has been knowingly communicating telepathically with animals since 2001, and is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, working with humans and animals. Through her profound gift of communicating with animals, Shawndra translates messages that the animals want us to know and that many of us are ready to hear. The animals guided her to write this book on their behalf to assist humans in finding, among other things, more compassion and awareness in their lives. Shawndra just knew in her soul that these messages needed to be shared, and once she started translating for the animals, the book was written in a matter of weeks. Shawndra deeply believes in the messages the animals share and trusts that their words will reach those who are seeking more substance and connection in their lives.

Even as a child, Shawndra connected with the animal kingdom differently than most other humans, even other children. She was aware of their souls, their ability to feel and at some level, know what they needed. It was this lifelong connection outside of herself that has been present throughout her life and continued to strengthen and deepen. Decades ago, Shawndra was told by a Medicine Woman that she is a ‘Pathfinder’ – she helps people find their way, and animals play a crucial role in assisting others in finding their paths to deeper meaning.

Shawndra is a past president of the Washington State Animal Response Team and serves on the board of directors with Kindred Souls Foundation, both 501c3 nonprofit organizations, dedicated to helping animals. Shawndra began her disaster animal rescue work in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, and she deployed near New Orleans, LA, to help rescue and care for the animals left behind. She has deployed to Chile, Peru, and to several states in the United States, volunteering to help animals recover from disasters. Shawndra also volunteered with Wolf Haven International in Tenino, WA for eight years and is still active in promoting their mission. She is the owner of Sanskrit Healing, using her skills to help humans, animals, and the environment find balance.




Q: Please share with us the inspiration behind writing this book 'What They Want Us To Know: Messages of Hope, Unity, and Meaning from the Animal Kingdom' and delving into the world of animal communication and healing?

A. For years I’ve felt that humans are seeking a deeper connection to animals, and our own paths. After working with animals for so many years, they made it very clear that they would love to help us find those deeper connections and help us find the paths that answer our soul’s calling.

Q: With your extensive experience as an animal communicator and Reiki Master, what have been some of the most profound and heartwarming moments you've encountered while helping animals and their human companions?

A. An amazing session was with a cat that wouldn’t stop urinating on the chair of his human father. I connected with the cat, he told me ‘This is not about me – Dad needs help!’. He saw his doctor, and they found prostate cancer. Thankfully, it was caught early, he’s healthy, and the cat is only using the litter box.

Q: Your involvement with organizations like Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) and Kindred Souls Foundation showcases your dedication to animal welfare. How has this work influenced the messages and insights you share in your book?

A. Through these organizations and my interactions, I’ve learned how much humans will do to help animals – oftentimes more than they’ll do for themselves. This awareness inspired me to make the messages from the animals more easily accessible in the hopes that humans will love themselves and each other as much as they love animals.

Q: Disaster animal rescue work is undoubtedly emotionally challenging. Can you describe a particularly impactful experience during your deployments to help animals recover from natural disasters?

A. There was a dog who was terrified and wouldn’t allow anyone to get close. I know in my heart that telepathic communication and Reiki helped him trust me, and once he did, he then began to trust others. It made me cry with joy when I learned that he opened up and had been adopted!

Q: Your work with Wolf Haven International for nearly eight years is commendable. Can you tell us about your connection with the wolves and the importance of their conservation efforts?

A. This is so important because wolves are not just our apex predators, they’re our keystone predators – meaning they have the largest impact on the balance of our ecosystem. Being able to educate others on their importance, and also how we can all co-exist, is something I will always be grateful for.

Q: As the owner of Sanskrit Healing, you use your skills to help humans, animals, and the environment find balance. How do you see the interconnectedness between these elements and how they can positively impact each other?

A. So often, when I work with an animal, I learn that their issue is directly related to their human. And because humans have reached out to help their animals, they end up being healed as well. It’s such an incredible symbiotic relationship that often affects how they see and respect all life, including our environment.

Q. Winning an Emmy for your documentary is a significant achievement. How has your background in filmmaking influenced your writing style and storytelling in "What They Want Us To Know"?

A. Thank you! Whether in filmmaking, my tours at Wolf Haven, or my books, I take a balanced approach in presenting facts and sharing truths. When I’m passionate about something, the facts and my storytelling easily come across, and people tend to receive it well probably because I’m not trying to convince anyone, just simply sharing.

Q. Your approach of educating others to make mindful, ethical choices based on facts and data is admirable. How do you encourage readers to adopt a similar approach when it comes to their interactions with animals and the environment?

A. I love talking to skeptics and I encourage people to ask questions, then keep asking more. Keep digging for the deeper truths, trust that ‘knowing’ in your gut that tells you there’s more out there. Humans are just one of so many species on this planet, and I truly believe that we can all co-exist with much more balance.

Q: 'What They Want Us To Know' delves into messages from the animal kingdom. Could you share some examples of the unique and enlightening insights you've gained from your animal communication experiences?

A. The animals have taught me how worthy ALL humans are. We all have an important role in life and they can help us see the goodness in each other. Sometimes that goodness is buried deep, but it is there in all of us. Because of them, I’ve gained so much more compassion than I ever thought possible.

Q: Animal communication and healing might be unfamiliar concepts to some readers. How do you make these complex topics accessible and relatable to a broader audience in your writing?

A. I’m amazed at how much more aware people are of these concepts now, than when I began in 2000. Most people who have pets, already talk to them every day, which makes sharing with them the awareness of listening to what they have to say to us even easier to understand and accept.

Q. Animals are often regarded as our companions, but do you believe they have a deeper spiritual connection or purpose in our lives? If so, how can we foster a stronger bond with animals to understand this connection better?

A. Oh absolutely they do! When we can listen with our hearts, not our minds, we help bridge the gap that has been created. The animals really do want to strengthen these bonds, we need to reach out and invite them in, if you will. It may be a different way of connecting, but it can be profound.

Q. Your dog Norman's survival through the EF5 tornado must have been a powerful experience. How has this extraordinary event influenced your understanding of animals' resilience and adaptability?

A. I am so unbelievably impressed by what an animal can survive – whether it’s a disaster, abuse or neglect. They have an incredible ability to forgive, to trust again, and to never give up. They give me so much hope, and they inspire me to share that hope with others.

Q. Throughout your book, you emphasize messages of hope and unity from the animal kingdom. How do you believe these messages can help promote compassion and understanding among humans?

A. When we realize how simple it can be to give those qualities to animals, then we can begin to understand how simple it can be to give that to each other. I know that may sound naïve, but the animal kingdom tells me again and again, that it’s possible and I know that animals don’t lie. They must be right!

Q. As an author with a passion for helping animals and humans, what advice would you give to others who seek to contribute to animal welfare and make a positive impact in the world?

A. Do your best to not turn your back, or a blind eye, on difficult situations or conversations. Education is crucial in helping us each make educated choices that impact other species and our environment. Some of these topics are so challenging, it may seem like they’ll never be resolved. But we must try, we cannot give up!

Q: What advice would you give to others who seek to contribute to animal welfare and make a positive impact in the world?

A. Do your best to not turn your back, or a blind eye, on difficult situations or conversations.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects or subjects that you're excited to explore in your future work as an author?

A. I’m super excited about my next book which is all from the voice of a wolf I encountered at Wolf Haven. He has powerful messages to share, and some lighthearted ones as well. My book has also opened the door for me to share powerful individual Pathfinder Messages with people on how to find and navigate their paths.

AUTHOR SHAWNDRA MCWHORTER BOOK 'WHAT THEY WANT US TO KNOW' is listed in "Page-Turners Unleashed: 11 Engrossing Books You Can't Put Down IN 2023" in the AUG 2023 issue of DE MODE.

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