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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

BY ANNE LEVANOVA | Fashion Section Senior Writer (DE MODE)

Thailand Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 ( show was beautifully organized on November 28 & 29, 2020 at one of the most beautiful venue in Bangkok, Varavela. Israeli Fashion Designer Brand, Shani Zimmerman opened the show at 11:00 am by her amazing Ready-To-Wear bridal collection, which was then followed by globally-recognized designer brands, such as Nina Nugroho, YEYE Manila by Ariel Yeye Pentaleon, Rian Fernandez, Aleshia Hongkong by Connie Ma & Rebecca Lam, Angela Madrideo, Daryl Maat, Mahnoor, Farjana x Somana, Team Pilipinas, Sher Khan Couture and MD. Ziaur x MD. Parvez from Bangladesh. The show was successfully closed by the incredible Nigerian designer brand Nazarene Amictus.

Scroll down below to explore the 33 best outfits that were spotted at the show by the lens of our amazing fashion runway photographers in Thailand, Azusa Uchida & John Stiles.

1. YEYE Manila (Philippines)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Ariel Yeye Pantaleon is a talented fashion designer from Philippines, primarily known for his prêt-a-porter collections and bridal gowns. He is among the designers in Philippines who garnered quick recognition for his talent.

Yeye showcased his new bridal collection "My Miel" at Thailand Fashion Week SS20 on Nov 29, 2019 at the luxurious venue "Varavela". His dresses had subtle transitional looks, feathers and beads, silvers and whites, as well as blushes and creams that thrilled and inspired the crowd & media at the runway of Thailand Fashion Week SS20. The shapes of dresses by Yeye remain simple in essence, but they are cherished for their complex construction. Apart from the designing bit of any dress, Yeye also focuses on the quality of materials invested in the clothes and also on the level of comfort his designs offer. Every season, his designs evolve and the patterns plus colors dramatically change.

Visit YEYE MANILA official page and order yourself an amazing outfit. CLICK HERE

2. Rian Fernandez (Philippines)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Rian is a celebrity fashion designer from Philippines. He pursued fashion design at LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore. He is known for his impeccable designs with stunning details, he uses soft silhouettes to flatter each client for a truly made to measure piece. With a keen eye for detail, Rian makes feminine and classical pieces that embrace tradition. A piece of his garment was exhibited in Music Through Your Veins in London, England.

In 2017, Rian designed the dress of Kriss Mincey for the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. He dressed Miss Cambodia, Somnang Alyna, for Miss Universe 2019 pageant. He showcased his latest bridal collection at Thailand Fashion Week 2019 SS20 that had a beautiful balance of proportions, intricate details and decribes the bride’s true character.

Visit RIAN FERNANDEZ official page and order yourself an amazing outfit. CLICK HERE

3. Shani Zimmerman (Tel Aviv, Israel)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Shani Zimmerman is a young fashion designer from the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv, Israel. She graduated in 2013 from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Her brand specializes in bridal gowns and evening wear.

Her latest bridal collection was highly praised by the crowd at Thailand Fashion Week 2019 SS20. Shani makes sure each wedding gown she makes fits as precisely as possible, something she likens to an art. Using a combination of superior craftsmanship and exquisite materials, textures, and layers, she designs classically stunning pieces that are dreamy and elegant as they are modern and sexy. Even so, Shani understands that not all brides prefer embellished pieces. In her recent collection, she demonstrates her ability to forego embellishments by instead focusing on special accents such as dramatic necklines and lace details. She has been creating elegantly romantic and sophisticated gowns to be flattering to every figure. From ready-to-wear dresses, elegant and high fashion details to bridal, contemporary classics and delicate lace, Shani adds an extra touch of romance on your big day.

Visit Shani Zimmerman official website and order yourself an amazing outfit. CLICK HERE

4. Aleshia by Connie & Rebecca (Hong Kong)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Aleshia is an opulent fashion brand based in Hong Kong, handled by Rebecca Lam & Connie Ma. The brand designs costume for feminine party, cocktail and also evening dresses, workwear & formal outfits.

Rebecca & Connie presented the latest collection of their brand "Aleshia" on the runway of Thailand Fashion Week 2019 SS20, The creations were bold and luxurious and very feminine. Every piece have an ethereal quality about them which makes it a brand of choice. Aleshia offers affordable and comfy fashionable clothes as well as some classic “workwear” that can be bought “off the rack” to be stocking your wardrobe.

Visit Aleshia official website and order yourself an amazing outfit. CLICK HERE

5. MD. Parvez & MD. Ziaur (Bangladesh)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Md. Parvez & Md. Ziaur showcased their SS20 collection "Meena" on the runway of Thailand Fashion Week on November 29, at Varavela, Bangkok.

6. Nina Nugroho (Indonesia)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Nina Nugroho is a modest fashion designer from Indonesia. She is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and also a public speaker. She has been in the fashion industry since 2010. She designed and produced her own Muslim Clothing Label named Saniyya. After 7 years of pursuing the world of Muslim fashion and publishing two books in the field of fashion, Nina finally found her own strengths & characteristics and how she could make the best contribution to Muslim women, especially in the fashion field. In 2016, Nina confirmed her commitment as a Muslim fashion designer by launching the NINA NUGROHO label. 

Nina recently showcased her new collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK SS20. Her modest designer pieces attracted great attention from the crowd and media at TFW. Her designs are inspired by the needs of active Muslim women, namely professional women and entrepreneurs who want to appear classy but still simple. Nina really understand their needs because she herself is an active Muslim woman. Nina always chooses materials that are very comfortable when worn but still impressively strong. She wants every active Muslim woman to look charming without excessive impression. Nina chooses a simple and elegant modern classic design style so that anyone who wears NINA NUGROHO clothing will always look classy. NINA NUGROHO clothing is a tribute to an active Muslim woman who always gives the best for her family, while at the same time making the best contribution in professional world.

Visit Nina Nugroho official website and order yourself an amazing outfit. CLICK HERE

6. Nazarene Amictus (Nigeria)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Nazarene Amictus is an unconventional luxury clothing brand based in Nigeria, influenced by clothing from early century BC. Iheanyi Njemanze is the designer behind this brand. The word Nazarene refers to a follower of Jesus, i.e. a Christian and Amictus is Latin word for fashion.

Iheanyi Presented the latest collection by Nazarene Amictus at Thailand Fashion Week SS20, on Nov 29. His designs were inspired by ancient scriptural texts and a modern expression of clothes in Ancient Rome.

Follow Nazarene Amictus on Instagram - @nazareneamictus

7. MAHNOOR (Bangladesh)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Mahnur graduated from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology. She is passionate about Fashion industry & worked for Marks & Spencer BDSO, experienced in fabric technology. Also, she was a finalist in SDC London International Design Competition & IYDE at Beijing, China.

Mahnur presented her new collection from her own fashion label "Mahnoor" at Thailand Fashion Week SS20. Her pieces were made of the traditional Indian fabric "Khadi", which were simpler and restrained while still looked elegant. Khadi has gained worldwide appreciation as it is handmade, durable, long lasting and organic in nature. With the growing awareness of sustainability, the demand for Khadi has increased. This fabric is so versatile that youngsters can wear it as top, shirts and dresses. It can also be worn in all seasons as it gives you warmth in winters and keeps you cool in summers. This is what makes it perfect as a daily wear.

Khadi will be a rare fabric which is both hand spun and hand woven. It will become a luxury as it would rarely be available in future as it is completely handmade. Mahnur taken on the fashion challenge to reinvent the humble fabric into high-fashion wear.

Follow MAHNOOR on Instagram - @tanima.mahnur

8. Angela Madrideo (Philippines)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Angela Madrideo, C.E.O & Founder, AM Collections (Philippines) presented her SS20 collection on the runway of Thailand Fashion Week 2019 on November 29, at Varavela, Bangkok. Her designs were colorful, overwhelming and gained huge attention from the audience. Her glamorous style of clothing and flamboyant styles created a cheerful environment at Thailand Fashion Week. The collection consisted prom dresses and each piece had a unique style and color. She specialized in designing elegant evening dresses, business wear for women's and luxurious short dresses. with a wow feeling. 

She comes with new exciting designs every month, go check out her amazing collection and order yourself a beautiful dress or a super-classy business outfit. Follow Angela Madrideo on Instagram. CLICK HERE

9. Team Pilipinas (Philippines)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Team Pilipinas presented their SS20 bridal collection on the prestigious runway of Thailand Fashion Week 2019 on November 29, at Varavela, Bangkok. Team Pilipinas was a team of 8 super-talented bridal fashion designers, they are Shiela C. YCO, Roberth Asaph Gallardo III, Jolaida Nicolai, Juvy Fantilinan, Aji Kamahalan, Mary Jane S. Magno, Jhay Layson & beautiful Anna Fuentes Ligaya.

Follow them on Instagram: Shiela C. YCO (CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW), Roberth Gallardo (CLICK HERE), Jolaida Nicolai (CLICK HERE), Juvy Fantilinan (CLICK HERE), Aji Kamahalan (CLICK HERE), Mary Jane (CLICK HERE), Jhay Layson (CLICK HERE), Anna Ligaya (CLICK HERE)

10. Farjana x Somana (Bangladesh)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida

Farjana & Somana are fashion graduates from BGMEA University, Bangladesh. They presented latest collection at Thailand Fashion Week which was inspired by the famine sketch of a series of drawings created by Bengali master artist Zainul Abedin in 1943, describing the miserable circumstances of the people during the Bengal famine of 1943. This distinctive sketch is part of a documented sequence showing the tragedy through the exhausted figures of the starving people. Farjana & Somana took a little initiative from the sketches inked with charcoal on a brown paper by Zainul Abedin to express all of those suffered people sceneries again with their own dark ink upon their dresses. According to Farjana & Somana, it's not only a sketch upon their dresses but also a reminder for paying kindness & sympathy for all the suffering, starving & miserable human beings in 2019 & upcoming decade.

11. Daryl Maat (Philippines)

© Thailand Fashion Week | Photo : Azusa Uchida & John Stiles

Daryl Maat painted the Thailand Fashion Week runway  with hues of pink, yellow and green Keeping things sophisticatedly classic. What truly struck the audience was how he remarkably designed his pieces with striking colors. It was his one of the best collection in quite a while. He incredibly played with daring silhouettes showing how he marvelously brought forth his masterful tailoring to the next level.

Follow Daryl Maat on Instagram @daryl.maat

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